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World Health Bone Support (16, 32 and 128 ounces)

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BMW Bone Support

Mini Mineral Formula: Calcium and magnesium with boron, cobalt, zinc & copper

Water soluble and approximately 1 million times smaller that Colloidal Silver.

"Most people believe that they are getting Calcium when they take Calcium Carbonate. They are not, because the body does not have the ability to break this compound down. Every product tested that was sold as Calcium on today's nutritional supplement market stated in the fine print that it is a carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is also known as chalk. Calcium Carbonate is inorganic and not soluble in water. Calcium Carbonate is not found naturally and will not dissolve in water for it is insoluble. Our blood is a water solution. We were totally amazed that even some instant oatmeal products were loaded with Calcium Carbonate." Dr. Rhett Bergeron, M.D.

Bone Support should be taken in the evening, Adults 1 T daily, best half in am, half at bedtime, Children 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. daily.

This is #3 top selling supplement. We believe it is the best answer to leg cramps and bone loss. All Mini-minerals are in the right form and right size for the body plus the body sees this Calcium/Magnesium product as organic. Virtually all similar minerals are in an inorganic form. - - This formula has twice the Magnesium as Calcium and you need only a small amount of mg's to do more than other formulas where 1000mg's are perhaps prescribed by doctors. Usually only ONE TABLESPOON PER DAY IS NEEDED unless there is bone loss. In this situation 3 tablespoons per day just before bed along with a natural Vitamin D3.

When you go into a Health Food Store or supplement store have you noticed the wide variety of Calcium supplements? Sometimes as many as ten different types of calcium may be available. The reason for all these types is that no one really seems to understand minerals or knows exactly what type the body really wants and needs. Most all of them are combined with something which makes the body not recognize it and much too high of milligrams are needed to try and fool the body into absorbing just a little of it. These compounds are typically man-made compounds. You notice they all seem to end with “ate”, ‘citrate’, picolinate, Gluconate, etc.

The body has to try to break these compounds down to get a little of the mineral to use. After years of study and testing by using all types of calcium and seeing what minerals are in the body and how much we really use each day it was obvious that no one had the perfect minerals so we decided to produce our own. Mini-minerals are not man-made however, we have learned how to grow the minerals in a crystalline form and then we just harvest them (see "Watch Crystals Grow" video).

We create the environment, God makes them grow and we just gather them.



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    Bone Density

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 24th 2018

    Been using this for years.. Have got my mom using it too. Keeps me from using 'pill's or products for osteoporosis and I believe it is keeping me stable on my bone loss.