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World Health Sulfur Mini Mineral (8, 16 and 128 ounces)

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SMW Sulfur

Sulfur is required for the synthesis of proteins, including enzymes, insulin and collagen. Collagen is the main component of skin, hair and nails, and connective tissues. Sulfur is important in circulation, muscle function, control of inflammation, and detoxification. It increases energy, alertness, mental calmness and concentration. Sulfur is an antioxidant. It helps control stomach acidity, is essential in carbohydrate metabolism and tissue healing. It improves resistance to intestinal parasites and urinary tract infections. Sulfur may be useful for the following conditions: diabetes, migraines, back pain, skin disorders, ulcers, fatigue, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, circulatory problems, allergies, musculoskeletal disorders, and constipation.