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World Health Iron Mini Mineral (8, 16 and 128 ounces)

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SMW Iron

Fatigued? Tired? Are You Getting Enough Iron? Iron is called the “energy giver” because it is essential to our metabolism. Iron attracts Oxygen and is a basic building block of our blood. Together with Manganese and Copper, Iron maintains healthy blood chemistry, facilitates the transfer of Oxygen and helps with the removal of Carbon Dioxide. 

Iron deficiency is most common in women but can occur in men. Symptoms of an Iron deficiency include fatigue, sleepiness and a lack of energy. Protect yourself with our liquid ionic Iron supplement. Our liquid mineral supplements provide minerals in the form most readily assimilable by our body.

Iron helps support your body:

  • Efficient immune system function*
  • Red blood cell health*
  • Respiration health*
  • Enzymatic function throughout body*
  • Energy production*

Recommended Use: 1 Tablespoon Morning & Evening of Mini-mineral IRON (twice per day), Several applications of B-12 Liquid during the day to be absorbed in the mouth, 400-800 units of folic acid per day 30 days may be enough time to see the blood restored. *When using complex or colloidal elements it is estimated that the human biology will be able to breakdown and absorb 1%. Sometimes up to 5%. If the recommended dose is 2,000 mgs daily of a complex element, to derive the approximate need of a monoatomic, multiply by a 1% probable absorption to get the answer 2,000 X 1% = 20mg. When using a mono-atomic element that is close to, if not, 100% absorbable, the RDA may not apply.