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Fulvic Liquid Zeolites from Metamin Liquid Wholeness is derived from naturally occurring volcanic ash, which according to research as indicated below, developed a honeycomb like structure formed over millions of years. Zeolites have a natural negative or electrostatic charge which attracts and absorbs (acting like a cage trapping) pathogens or toxins, and heavy metals. Because of this electrical bonding, toxins are not released back into the body but discharged through natural elmination processes.*

Frontiers in Pharmacology* indicate that in many instances, zeolites have proven effective for detoxification from pollutants. Toxins may affect us in a myriad of negative ways, i.e., poor digestion, fatigue, leaky gut, decreased immunity, allergies, chemical sensitivities, headaches, skin issues, to name just a few. 

Further that Zeolites having a strong negative charge, have been shown to attract heavy metals with a high positive charge like lead, arsenic, mercury and certain organic toxins. There are many referenced documents on zeolites, the key is in its' water solubility so that it works effectively within the body.*  

  • Metamin Zeolites Liquid Wholeness provides daily support assisting the body's natural detoxification process.

Proprietary Blend: Natural Volcanic Zeolites, Natural Fulvic Acid, Potassium 


Information here is referenced and researched at Library of Medicine

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