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Magnesium, Liquid Ionic Angstrom Mineral

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MTM Magnesium

Magnesium is vital to the activity of many enzymes. It is required for the production of energy, protein synthesis, and muscle and nerve function. Magnesium plays a vital role in the proper use of calcium. It is a common deficiency in our diets.  

Magnesium is a natural calming supplement. Called the "anti-stress mineral", it aids in relaxing nerves, relieving daily tension, assisting digestion, and activating enzymes important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Magnesium is important in blood pressure regulation, muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve communication. It induces restful sleep, purifies and purges body tissues by combating impurities. Magnesium is stored in the bowel, nerves and ligaments. Magnesium supplements have been known to help with improving strength and positive mental outlook and maintaining contraction functions. Chlorophyll and green vegetables contain large amounts of magnesium. Other natural sources are nuts, whole grains, unpolished rice, wheat germ, green vegetables.


Metamin Minerals line of liquid minerals are manufactured in the U.S. and we believe they are among the most effective products in the world.

The products' effectiveness is distinguished by three unique characteristics of Metamin Absorbable liquid ionic angstrom minerals: Ionic angstrom sized mineral particles, Double reverse osmosis water, and Zero point technology. 

Employing a patent pending process that breaks down minerals into the smallest size ever achieved ensures maximum absorption of the minerals at the CELLULAR LEVEL in a PRE-DIGESTIVE STATE. This process and these unique factors ensure Metamin Minerals are in the right form, the right size and water soluble, plus a 98% rate of absorption. The minerals do not require digestion or enzyme activity. They are immediately active and available for absorption.

Angstrom Minerals are 99% bio-available. They are earth minerals transformed into crystals, which have been dissolved in a liquid, usually water and are in much smaller forms that powdered minerals.. Some people defeat the purpose of vitamins and minerals by adding chocolate flavor or other flavors. By adding all of the pretty colors and dyes and sugar to vitamin and mineral supplements, you are defeating the purpose. The body has to use those minerals to rid itself of all of the pollutants you just added. Be sure to drink pure water and take minerals in their purest form with out additives.

Metamin Minerals are ionic angstrom liquid minerals and they are delivered in accordance with FDA and GMP standards. 

The high potency and effectiveness of Metamin Minerals are Angstrom Minerals are attributed to the fact that they are in the right form, are the right size, are water soluble and 98% absorbable. They do not require digestion or enzyme activity. 

The human body is made up of minerals and they are angstrom in size and water soluble. The process used by Metamin Minerals to make them is a trade secret. Simulating the digestive system when making the minerals, ensures the body will absorb them because it sees them as predigested and organic. The minerals are absorbed in the mouth and upper digestive tract. The reason the absorption is so successful is because the particle size is angstrom in size, 1/250,000,000 of an inch.

The body uses what is needs and will discard the excess. It takes 1 million angstroms on a horizontal plane to cross the distance of one micron. Metamin Minerals are delivered from a state of the art manufacturing facility, committed to providing the best all natural, bio-available and absorbability, nutritional liquid minerals and formulations. 


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    Works great for me!

    Posted by DINA on Apr 6th 2019

    liquid is more digestible. no taste. Helps with my leg cramps and keeps me regular!