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World Health Ultra-1 and -2 Combo Kits (Standard or Large)

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BMW Ultra-1 and -2 Combo Kits

Standard Ultra-1 and -2 Combo Kit includes one 8 ounce Ultra-1 and one 8 ounce Ultra-2 bottle. Large combo kit comes in 16 ounce Ultra-1 and Ultra-2 sizes with two FREE Ultra-3 bottles.

Use Ultra-1 along with Ultra-2 to see if you have a virus.

"Calcium Ions are used as the main co-enzyme to adjust the pH of digesting foods as they enter the blood stream. The body has to have an abundance of Calcium ions. If you don't have them in your body, your body will rob Calcium from your bones to get the Calcium it needs. Calcium in its purest form has a pH of 12. Calcium as a carbonate has a much lower pH than elemental Calcium therefore, it does not work properly as a co-enzyme. This will explain why people can take Calcium Carbonate all day long while their bodies rob Calcium from their bone structure causing a condition known as Osteoporosis. Calcium Carbonate is black-board chalk, it's the scale that builds up on your shower wall, it gums up your swamp cooler, it does not mix with water, and tends to gum up your circulation system.. A person can have high sodium levels and never have high blood pressure if his Calcium levels are normal." Dr Rhett Bergeron MD

Follow the Ultra-2 bottle directions for fast results.

Can be used for symptoms of Epstein-Barr, Herpes, Cocsakie, Flu, and cold virus, etc., Generally 90% of the viruses are disabled right away, but the Molecula Silver protocol should be followed for the more serious viruses to reach all the survivors. Protocol for flu and cold would be to first drink 4 oz. of calcium*, followed exactly 5 minutes later with 4 oz of virum.