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Head To Toe™ Detox Clay 9.7 pH

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Perry A - You may remember her as the founder of the original Living Clay and Living Clay Company, or perhaps as the author of Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature's Pathway to Healing. 

Perry A has teamed up with a new partner to bring us Head To Toe Clay, offering as per her usual, the purest, natural and high performance Calcium Bentonite Clay. Laboratory tested assuring it's quality, carries a 9.3 pH, assuring you quality and safety. 

      Article Written 4/14/22 by Perry A "Facts About Head to Toe Detox Clay"

  • Head To Toe Clay is a green Calcium Bentonite Clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of Clays
  • It is unique to other Calcium Bentonite Clays in that it swells 3 times making 3 times the product and a larger surface area to bind with more toxins.
  • It is referred to as a ‘living clay’ as it is capable of change through balancing, transforming, stimulating and the interactive exchanging of elements and energy.
  • From helping to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic germs and parasites to aiding with the rebuilding of healthy tissues and cells, clay is a ‘living’ pathway to a balanced healthy body.

Head To Toe - Detox Clay Powder  -  $7.00 Fixed Shipping 

Head To Toe is the premier dry clay powder for detoxing and deep cleansing. 

pH and Head To Toe: The pH of Head to Toe, just like LivingClay™ is 9.7, and thus internally and externally, it acts as an alkalizing agent for the body. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. Because of clay’s homeostatic abilities, it helps balance the body’s pH level. It naturally creates balance. Clay baths are increasingly popular for detoxing, cleansing the skin and balancing the bodies pH levels.

On a molecular level, Robert T. Marin, a mineralogist at MIT, points to Bentonite’s minute particle size that creates a large surface area in proportion to the volume used. “The greater the surface area, the greater its power to pick up positively charged particles of ions.” Mr. Marin stated that one gram of clay has a surface area of 800 square meters. That equates to about 8 football fields in size. Thus, the greater the surface area, the greater the power to pick up positive charged ions many times its own weight. Swelling clays of the right mineral composition have a great potential for absorption.

Ingredients: All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

Liquid:  1 part clay, 8 parts pure water - see instructions. 

For topical use in wet clay form for facials, feet, masks, and poultice, mix 1 part clay to 3 parts water in a covered non-metallic container, shake well or blend, and let stand until smooth.

For detox baths: sprinkle up to 2 cups of powder clay lightly over bath water and stir to dissolve. Soak for 15-20 minutes (many add sea salt as well). Note here - have found that if you let the tub stand after your bath for about 30 min, then allow water to drain, you will have much of the remaining clay left on bottom for the next time. Also, adding high grade epsom or sea salt as well as essential oils, will enhance this bath.

FREE DOWNLOAD: For instructions on how to use clay for passive detoxing see Living Clay Instructional Manual: How To Kickstart Your Day with Living Clay  by Perry A.

A Cleansing Clay Mask draws out skin’s impurities and excess oils, leaving it refreshed and purified. Because of its gentle and effective cleansing abilities, it’s perfect for removing make-up, and its softening benefits make it an ideal shaving cream.

Suggested Use: For facials, apply a thin layer to face and neck and allow to dry for a few minutes, a thicker layer will require drying time of 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

Head to Toe Detox Clay: 

  • It has a 9.7 pH.

  • It is the most non-gritty clay - milled to a 400 Screen Mesh making it a fine talc like texture

  • It is homeostatic and constantly striving for a state of balance 100% of the time

  • It has the power to attract and either absorb or stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements.

  • As a bacteria-destroying agent, it can render contaminated water innocuous.

  • It does remarkable work in restoring deficient organs and organ functions.

  • It is a catalyst rather than an agent in itself. 

  • It goes to the unhealthy spot.

  • It has the power to attract and either absorb or stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements.

  • As a bacteria-destroying agent, it can render contaminated water innocuous.






Following testimonies extracted from bentoiniteclayinfo and not intended as advice or treatment, simply how some people have used calcium bentonite clay successfully:


Achy Joints Improving

After one month, my skin feels luxurious and looks better than it has in at least a decade. My inflammation has calmed. And most importantly, I don’t ache every minute of every day. Yes, I’m still experiencing some autoimmune discomfort but I do feel better overall and I intend to keep on using the clay. I’ve suggested it to several friends and family members and they’ve all enjoyed it. Carol B.

Amazing Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis

I started thinking. "I wonder could this help me with my rheumatoid arthritis."  So I had my daughter cover my baby finger of my left hand and all the rest of my left hand with the clay.  I also had her cover my then swollen right knee with the clay.  What happened next brought me to tears.  Military doctors told me the deformity of my left baby finger due to rheumatoid arthritis was something I was just going to have to live with.  I was dealing with a couple of other ailments so I guess I sort of pushed it out of my consciousness for a little while.  I always believed that something could heal me I just hadn't found it yet.  All the Military doctors would do was make sure that I had my prescription for the maximum dose of Vicodin and recommend chemotherapy.  Well I never took the chemotherapy and they told me I had a maximum of 2 years and it has been 3 years since the diagnosis. 12 years ago I had a stroke and the Drs told me to go home and get my affairs in order.  Well I did get things in order, I got a computer and I started researching my condition.  I found several things that helped me.  Thank God for helping me to connect with people like you!  Do you know that my finger, the 1st joint in it has just about gone down?  I can already straighten it out!  Hallelujah!!!  That swelling in my right knee---gone after just three applications of the clay mask in Saran Wrap!  Now I'm taking a viral and bacterial cleanse at the beginning of each season.  I just wonder if I know I need to detox especially after taking that Vicodin and taking aspirin. - Michelle H.

Arthritic Finger

I just started to put clay on the one finger joint that may have arthritis (I say "may" only because I have not had confirmation by a doctor). It was getting larger, red, making my finger go crooked, painful when hit, and had started to get pain just by itself without getting hit or bumped. Before bed time I hydrated half a teaspoon of clay, wrapped it around the joint, taped plastic around it and removed it in the morning. The second night the redness had reduced, and that periodic pain had not returned. I had forgotten the next two nights. We'll see in about a month. I wish I had taken a picture before I started. - Beckyann  H.

Broken Toe

I have listened to the audio information on the 'About Clay' website. So very amazing. I love hearing your voice, and all the great things you have to teach about clay. I've received the shipment of clay, and am using the liquid to drink, and the hydrated clay on my little toe that I stubbed so hard at Christmas time, I think I broke it. I've been waiting for it heal. After 2 applications of the clay, I hardly know it's there. And it seems that even though I've only been drinking it for 3 days, I am feeling so good. Sleeping like a log, and feeling wonderful. Thank you for everything.  -Deb B.

Broken Toe on Crutches

I broke my big toe yesterday, but thought it was just sprained so I walked around on it all afternoon and iced it a bit. By evening I was in so much pain I couldn't walk and finally went to Urgent Care. They x-ray and confirmed the break.

I went home on crutches and with a post-op boot, am told it will take 4-6 weeks to heal. I slept with my foot elevated last night but woke up several times with throbbing pain, I even broke down and took a dose of a narcotic/ibuprofen for the first time in my life (I even had
three children without any painkillers!). The narcotic didn't help. This morning I finally had a second to apply hydrated clay. Within minutes the pain almost completely subsided. According to the fracture specialist, most of the pain is due to swelling and as the swelling goes down the throbbing pain will decrease. The difference the clay made was incredible. I'm just about ready to rinse the dried clay off and apply a second coat because I'm getting achy again, but just wanted to pass this along. Feeling grateful for clay right now- Jenna M.

Broken Wrist

I am 72 years old and fell and broke my wrist just above the joint.  The doctor put me in a splint. A week later I ran into Perry A~.  She showed me how to apply the clay paste thickly around my wrist and cover it with Saran Wrap and then wear the splint over that.  I changed it two to three times a day and left it on all night for three weeks. I also drank the liquid clay daily.  The first thing I noticed was it immediately reduced the swelling and pain. I went for my 4 week check up and after an x-ray the doctor said I could take the splint off and go back to doing anything I was doing before the break.  Remarkable healing time for an old codger.  Robert P. 

Broken Wrist Healed in Three Weeks Without a Cast

I am 55 years old and right-handed. I broke my left wrist when a horse fell with me. The break was at an angle just above the wrist joint. I live in a small town and they put a splint on it, suggesting I drive 70 miles to the nearest hospital and have a cast put on for eight weeks. Instead I went home, wrapped it in a thick clay poultice and left it on the first day and night. Then I did fresh poultices three times a day for four hours the first week, then went to a poultice one hour every third day. I also started drinking 2 ounces of liquid clay a day. The only pain pills I took were Ibuprofen and Tylenol. At 2½ weeks I was back riding horses, penning cattle and shifting tractor gears. At three weeks I helped trim a barrel horse’s hooves when he threw a shoe before a major barrel race. It is a little stiff, but the feeling in my little finger came back, and I am using it more each day thanks to a special clay and following my gut instinct. — Steve H.  

Chronic Pain Gone – I now have a life again

My story starts when I was introduced to the clay in February 2010.  I had been on numerous prescriptions due to a car accident and seen no relief for my chronic pain. I was so full of toxins and did not know it. Using the clay little bit at a time worked best for me. My husband thought I was completely nuts at this point. He was worried about me. What is she doing now? I had been on more prescribed meds or tried any gimmick going to help me with my situation.  So again another gimmick was worth a try for my pain was so chronic. The clay cleaned me out totally and the things that were in the toilet were totally scary. With Perry’s guidance I was able to come better educated on this clay and learn how it was helping.  I am now only on two meds once in a blue moon for migraines I get once in a blue moon as oppose to every day for the last 10 years. I have a life now since February I can see clearly now where I could not before.

My eyes were turning yellowish and I went to see my specialist in January he was concerned so he had me go back again in April. April my eyes improved no more yellowish and my site actually got better. He said keep doing what you are doing it works. He is from Egypt so I explained to him and he said AWESOME!! I see the difference.  He knows I have a strong faith with the Lord and I need to believe to see a difference.

From there I brush my teeth with clay, put it on cuts, my cats drink it in the water, I put it in my smoothies, coffee, food and wash with it.  I had to get a piece of steel removed from my foot a few weeks ago.  I went to the hospital two days later and at the emergency dept he asked me what happened to my foot so I explained and he said how come it’s so dirty.  I had immediately covered it with the clay. He was not impressed told me never put that on an open sore again.  He cleaned it up and froze my foot operate.  He said I think I got it all out.  If it starts hurting again come back.  I went home packed clay into hole and covered it going on with my life until about 3 days into this man it started to hurt again. So my husband applied pressure to it like a pimple and out popped a big ball of pus and clay relief instantly and it healed up great never having to go back to Dr.

I know the clay drew anything out of the incision. It really works for me and I only pray more people could get educated about this clay. My cats I rub it on their coats and they lick it off.  I put it in the food and water they drink. They are indoor cats and are our babies. They love the clay and they trust me to give it to them.  I am also doing the foot bath

Oh I have bowls movements on regular basis now and love going it’s so comfortable and I feel so wonderful after having gone. I feel so relaxed and clean after. I could go on and on how this clay has helped me get my life back and its better than before.  My husband loves it to. I m 54 years old and I can do things I did when I was 20. I was always a horse rider/ jock/ runner/ water ski and downhill I could not for years.  Today I piled a quart of wood onto my husband’s truck in the woods for the winter. Pretty good for a gal my age.  I will never give up.  Like my youth has been restored. Thanks to my new found friend Perry whom I love and have never met yet but someday I hope to meet. My mom died two years ago and I don’t have a mom figure for advice for some things and Perry has helped me in ways she does not even know. -Sari (Sharika)

Chronic Back Problems

To understand what clay has done for me and what it means to me; I feel it is important to give you a brief history of my ‘pre-clay’ history.

Although I did not have any life-threatening illnesses; I was always sick and on antibiotics of some kind. If there was a cold or anything going around, I would catch it. I also had a lot of sinus infections, headaches etc. and it seemed to be a never-ending cycle. I would get sick, get antibiotics from the doctor, get better and then a few months later, or sooner, would get sick again…

I ‘slipped my disc’ in high school and for 30+ years have battled it and tried just about everything I could (except surgery).  Although some of my ‘therapy’ has helped I still had problems with it ‘going out’ ; severe pain; and even unable to carry on with normal life functions; let alone play tennis or other forms of sports I might wish to participate in.

The only thing that seemed to get me back ‘straight’ and able to function were chiropractor visits; usually several; ice; back exercises and rest. I was literally ‘out of action’ for days at a time and usually two or three times each year! Most recent x-rays showed a long list; degenerative disc, old herniated disc, scoliosis, spurs, arthritis..etc.

In my search for a solution to my back problems and avoiding back surgery I did, and still do most of the following: back exercises, hot tub, inversion table, anti-gravity recliner, good back brace for tennis etc, heel lifts and various pain relievers, muscle relaxers, ointments and so forth. 

Then, almost accidentally or as an afterthought; I used some clay that Perry A~ had left with my mom. I was experiencing some really bad rashes on my ankle and forehead; usually flared up and associated with too much tennis. I had tried various expensive ointments, shots etc from the dermatologist , with little success. Both areas would itch like crazy, esp. after tennis, and I would scratch until they bled sometimes.

I tried putting clay on them and immediately noticed some relief in the itching and pain associated. To my amazement, within a few days and continual applications, the rashes started getting better, itched less and after continual usage of the clay for approximately 10 days they were gone!  I was so impressed that I started reading the book, ‘Living Clay’ by Perry A~ and after reading about the benefits of internal consumption; pain relief for sore muscles ; helping in promoting healing of broken bones etc… I decided to try clay baths, external applications of the clay on my back and eventually drinking the liquid clay.

The rest is history! I am a walking testimonial for clay and its benefits. I have not seen my chiropractor for 2 years now! Play tennis 4-5 times a week! I have not seen a Dr, taken any medication, etc. for 2 years! (When I do feel something coming on; stressed; have over done it etc. I up my clay dosage and it ‘kicks’ it). I feel better; have more energy and find more and more uses for the clay. I drink it, bathe in it and use it for external applications. It is great for insect bites; even spider bites, pain relief, burns, cuts, any skin problem, full body-detoxification and basically just about anything that ails you. I truly believe it is part of “God’s Pharmacy” provided to us to help us achieve and maintain health.  - Paul M.

Carpal Tunnel

I have tried the muscle rub and was amazed at the relief that it gave me for my carpal tunnel.  I have not had that amount of success with anything else I have used over the years. -  Donna J.

Disc Bulge

I have a disc bulge in my lower back and sacroilitis…One day I had spent five hours in the yard raking and mulching. When I came in I could barely move: sitting, standing and moving from either position were extremely painful. This is typical of my condition. I had the clay prepared, but hadn’t used any yet. I took two ounces and ten minutes later, the pain was GONE. I felt fine the rest of the evening. I was stiff when I woke up in the morning and took two more ounces. I had no pain the rest of the day. Typically pain like I had that evening would have lasted at least a week and may have even caused me to miss that following day of work. I am amazed at the power of this product. Thank you so much for what you do. - Dawn S.

Foot Pain

Severe pain on top of left foot and huge knot:  I don't know what was wrong with my foot. It just started hurting and having severe muscle cramps between my big toe and my ankle. This hurt for months.  I put my foot into a clay bath and honestly, the pain was so bad I almost didn't do the foot bath. But something told me not to stop. So I put the foot in there and the pain subsided. After the foot bath, I put on a clay poultice and left it overnight. The next morning all the pain was gone and has not returned, it's been a week now. I can tell it is not going to come back, the knot is gone, too. – Linda W.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Whenever I experience joint pain or muscle pain, I take a clay bath. It eases the pain tremendously every time. - Irene C.

Joints Pain Free, Bunion Smaller and Off Nexium in Three Weeks

I've been drinking the clay for three weeks now, and none of my joints hurt including a bunion, (that is smaller now). I carry myself differently not giving in to the pain and stiffness. Using muscles I haven't used well in years. This is so wonderful. I could tell a difference in my inflammation all over w/in 2-3 days, and it just gets better! Three weeks now. I haven't taken my Nexium since I started taking clay. My bunion is yet smaller, and the range of motion in and below that great toe is unbelievably improved. Also I have lost weight, enough that people ask me and others say I just have a glow! I think I can see better. Can't see living without this clay! — Chrysanne R.

Knee and Joint Pain

I have had knee pain for over 15 yrs, I am 40.  It's basically overuse and tendonitis.  I have had issues like this with tennis elbow (still have it a little but getting better now, I think it's the clay), Achilles tendonitis and carpal tunnel.  But my knees have been the hardest to deal with because I like to exercise.  And I have tried so many, many things to help me with some help, but I still have constant discomfort.  I am taking 6 ounces of liquid clay/day most days and put the mask on my knees 2x/day and let it dry 20 minutes and remove it.  I have had a 30% improvement so far, it's been about 10 days since I started doing this. - Heidi F.

Knot in Neck - No Movement

Just wanted to share my experience from today. I woke up with a horrible knot in my neck. The was pain shooting up into my head, and I couldn't move my head side to side or even up and down without crying (literally, and I am not much of a crier). I took lots of Ibuprofen and Tylenol and even a muscle relaxer out of desperation. All of that and the only thing it did was make me sleepy. I finally took a clay bath this evening and soaked for 45 min. up to my neck. While my neck is definitely not pain free, it is tolerable, and I can move my neck about 45 degrees now! Doesn't sound like much, but I couldn't move it this morning. This is amazing! I am going to pack it on and read a book now. Don't know how it worked and at this point I don't care LOL but I must say that the clay in the bath was very noticeably black. Love this stuff. — Leah G.

Neck Injury

I was in a car accident 20 years ago and every single day, I've experienced severe neck, shoulder and back pain. After just one clay pack on my neck, the pain is gone. I used clay packs on my shoulder and lower back once, and that pain is hugely reduced. I will continue to work on this. — Linda W.  

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 3 years now and few of my joints are in quite a bit of pain. I was told by one of my friends that Bentonite clay helps. I am on a diet where I take supplements like Calcium, magnesium, vitamin c, b, d etc. as recommended by a dietitian. 

I currently have issues in the following joints because of my RA -

My both wrists hurt pretty bad and had swelling. The range of motion on right wrist is also limited. Suffering with wrist problems for almost 1.5 years

I have swelling and pain in my right knee and have the issue for more than a year. It's hard to walk long distances or stand on my feet for long

My neck had some knots I believe and it hurts to turn it sideways or even up and down

Had pain and swelling in my right elbow joint for 3 months

August 5th - Used the clay poultice on my knee, neck and wrist joints and slept with it the whole night. Did not see much difference.

August 6th - Started drinking 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening. Also applied poultice on my wrists, elbow and knee joint. Elbow started to feel better. Noticed some mild rash on my right wrist.

August 7th - Started drinking 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces in the evening. Also applied poultice on my wrists and knee. Noticed some mild rash on my right wrist but my elblow pain is quite negligible and also started feeling less pain in my wrist and knee. Went biking for 30 minutes.

August 8th - Started drinking 6 ounces in the morning and 6 ounces in the evening. Was able to move my neck quite freely. Pain went down like 50% in my neck. My wrist also is feeling little bit better. Swelling and pain in my elbow is almost gone.

Overall I am feeling good and am pretty happy with the results that I am seeing in just 4 days. I intend to continue using it at least for a month. Thank you so much for your guidance and bring awareness of the many benefits of Bentonite clay. – Prathinka D

Ruptured Disc -Clay Saved from Surgery

I have a quick story that you might find useful, related by a naturopath friend of mine named Marian. A very athletic, active mountain climber friend of hers was injured during a fall while climbing. He was in his 30s and in great shape. He ruptured a few disks and was in enormous pain. The doctors wanted to operate to fuse his spine. Marian requested six weeks of her friend's time. Every day, she'd lay him on her massage table, put a clay poultice over his entire back from occiput to sacrum, and wrap him in plastic. I don't know how many poultices she did per day or what type of clay she used. At the end of six weeks, X-rays of her friend's spine were normal and he went back to mountain climbing.  It seems logical that clay can heal bones as well. - Nenah S.

Shoulder Therapy with Clay

My daughter introduced me to clay several months ago.  She gave me a starter set as a gift.  Earlier this year, I sprained my right shoulder.  I had to take physical therapy on the same shoulder a few years ago, so I was very concerned.  Melanie came over one evening when I was in terrible pain.  She prepared a clay compress, massaged my shoulder, applied the compress, and fixed me a cup of tea.  The pain decreased enough for me to sleep several hours that night.  After continuing the compresses for three or four days, I had achieved almost a full range of motion.  Unbelievable, compared to the weeks of therapy that it took to regain motion in my shoulder several years before. I just wanted to share my story and say "thank you". -Teddy J. -Artist

Stiff Neck Relief

I woke up with a horrible knot in my neck. The pain shooting up into my head and couldn't move my head side to side or even up and down without crying (literally and I am not much of a crier). I took lots of ibuprofen and Tylenol and even a muscle relaxer out of desperation. All of that and the only thing it did was make me sleepy. I finally took a clay bath this evening and soaked for 45 min. up to my neck. While my neck is definitely not pain free it is tolerable and I can move my neck about 45 degrees now! Doesn't sound like much but when I couldn't move it this morning this is amazing! I am going to pack it on and read a book now. Don't know how it worked and at this point I don't care LOL but I must say that the clay in the bath was very noticeably black. YAY CLAY!! Love this stuff. – Leah G.

Swollen Sore Joints

Last summer I had an undiagnosed swollen finger clue whether it was rheumatic or not...just sore and starting to appear to enlarge. If I pressed down into the knuckle on either side on an angle, I could find pain, and it was starting to ache without pressure. So I spooned some hydrated clay onto a cotton makeup remover circle and wrapped the joint top and bottom with two of these clay circles. I found that if I put clay right out the edges where they overlapped, they would sort of dry together and hold better. Then I went to sleep like this, fingers naturally clamped together on the sides to help hold this makeshift 'bandage' together. After 3 nights of this (nothing in the daytime), the ache was gone and I had to really put hard pressure on it to 'think' I found it. So I waited a couple of days (just got busy), then did it again, and that was that. It is now Feb. 7, 09, and just this mention of it made me check it again. I think I can feel something from one angle, but that's all. - Esther S.

Three Broken Ribs

I had an equine accident December 22nd, 2012 and broke 3 ribs when my 18 Hand Percheron Draft spooked after 3 deer sprung out of the brush. She swiftly spun around 180 degrees, the saddle went sideways and I was slammed down onto the dirt road. The doctor prescribed hydrocodone pain meds, but it only made me tired, mentally foggy, and it didn't relieve the local pain. I asked my husband to make a plaster of the clay and apply it to the left hemisphere of my rib cage, cover it with plastic wrap and then apply the heating pad, since it was chilly. I was immediately out of pain for a 4 hour time frame, whereas previously, I had been in relentless constant pain for days. Broken ribs are so painful that I couldn't sleep, stand or breath without being in pain, so having 95% relief from pain, even if it was only for 4 hours at a time, was a blessing. I only kept the clay on for 4 hours a day because I was sitting at the kitchen table with my head laying down and that's all I could stand sitting in one position for that length of time. I own a farm and don't have the luxury of sitting all day.  This clay is a wonderfully powerful topical analgesic like no other. It stopped the deep bodily pain and spasms I was experiencing and miraculously gave me relief, as well as accelerated healing. I love this clay and I would recommend it for not only broken ribs, but for many other things, such as venomous snake bite, which is another testimonial altogether. This clay should be a mainstay in everyone's medicine cabinet. Works well for rheumatoid arthritis and gout, as well, if used internally and externally. -Georgiana N.

Editor’s note:  Put a poultice on and cover it with Glad Press ‘n Seal next time. Cut a big square and put the clay mud on the sticky side. The dry border will gently stick to the skin and hold it in place. This way it can be worn to bed and under your clothes during the day.  If it starts hurting again it is time for a fresh poultice.


6 Year Old with ASD

I am a mother of an ASD 6 yr old beautiful boy. My son was non-verbal. Just started to talk a few months ago. We decided to try the clay bath, and soon after clay internally. Never in a million years, did I think I would actually give my 2 boys clay internally. Now there isn't a day that goes by that they don't. The clay baths are wonderful, but taking clay internally is another thing. We noticed improvements with his speech, more verbal and expressive. Another thing, we noticed was his BM's. Where as before, he used to have 1-2 BM's in a day, now he has 3 BM's. Yahoo!!!!! This is a dream come true! Funny what excites us. My son used to be constipated for years. I was so desperate, we used to give our son enemas in the past. Well there is allot to be said about clay. Healing, Health & Happiness. - Jenny S.

Amazing Clay Bath-Autism Experience

It was over a year ago that my brother-in-law, Bo, gave me some pre-mixed hydrated Bentonite Clay.  He explained that I could ingest it, bathe in it, wash my hair with it, give myself a facial, etc.  He went on and on about this product, exclaiming how great it was and how not only does he use it on himself, but that he uses it on his two little girls, my nieces, as well. 

Anyway, it wasn’t until a couple of months ago while researching Autism on the internet that I came upon uses of Bentonite Clay and its claim to draw heavy metals/toxins out of the body.  Since I still had the mixed clay that Bo left with me I thought that I’d attempt to put it in my nephew, Corbin’s, bath the next time I was over for a visit.  Corbin is six years old and he loves his baths. I soon had plans to babysit Corbin and decided that I would add the clay to his bath then. What transpires next is something that continues to bring tears to my eyes. 

I was warned that Corbin might not get into the tub if something seems unusual about the water. Prior to filling the tub with water I selected the Goldberg Variations for him to listen to while he played on the computer.  I already knew that Corbin reacted well to classical music and knew of its calming effect on him. I then filled the tub and added four fingered scoop of the hydrated clay that I rubbed together in my hands as I put my hands in the water. I was thrilled the water did not appear cloudy or suspect.   I kept the clay product near the tub in the event I could get away with adding more of it while he was bathing.

Soon Corbin is in the tub and begins to play with his “tub toys”.  The Goldberg Variations are playing in the background.  It wasn’t but a few minutes after entering the tub that Corbin stops playing and looks directly into my eyes.  He then resumes his play.  A few minutes later he looks at me again and then points upward towards some hand towels on a shelf.  He says “towel please”.  I am surprised by this because he usually doesn’t communicate like this.  I hand him the hand towel and he begins to play with it in the water.  While he is doing this I scoop up another handful of the clay mixture and begin rubbing my hands together and then slowly place my hands in the water to let the mixture dissipate again.  Corbin stops what he’s doing and watches my actions intently.  He then looks at me and sustains his gaze.  This is odd for him to look into my eyes and then to sustain it. 

I’m thinking “alright…I got away with adding the clay…terrific”!  Then Corbin starts to play again.  I ask if he’ll sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for me.   He does so perfectly.  My brother told me that he will sing to them sometimes, but I have never heard him sing. He then looks up at me and points to the clay and says “more please”.  This blew me away.  I then call my mother and ask her to come over to see what I am witnessing.  I had not been around Corbin for some time and wanted to know if this was now normal for him.  Since my mother spends much more time with him I knew that she could tell me if what I was seeing was normal or not.  She then experiences more of what I have been observing and tells me that he has never looked at her like this before.  She sees Corbin look into her eyes, sustain the look and say “Hi, Grandma”.  He does not look away.

When my brother and sister-in-law, Jack and Margie, arrive home we tell them of what we experienced.  They seem surprised and thrilled and promise to continue to use the clay mixture in Corbin’s bath.  A few weeks pass and I am over visiting again.  This time both parents are there while I am there.  I add clay mixture to his bath.  While Corbin is playing I add more clay mixture to his bath and both parents tell me that they have not been putting in as much clay mixture as I used. 

When Corbin is done with his bath and is in his “jammies” he sees a wrapped present and asks his mother if this gift is for him.  Margie replies “no Corbin this is for’s for my birthday”.  Corbin then picks up the gift and brings it to his mother and commences to sing Happy Birthday in its full version while never taking his eyes off his mother’s face.  I look at my brother wondering if this is normal and I see clearly that it is not as my brother’s eyes are welled up with tears.  I look over at Margie when Corbin is done singing and there are tears rolling down her face.  I look at Corbin’s older sister, Kelbie, then twelve, and her mouth is gaped open.  She immediately goes into the bathroom and begins to give herself a Bentonite Clay facial.  It was great!  It is at this time that I realize something has happened, something pretty powerful. 

I then left town for four months, but before leaving I left with Jack and Margie several different detoxifying products I’d read about on the internet. While I was away Jack and Margie put the recommended drops in Corbin’s juice and continued with the clay mixture baths, but soon the clay mixture was gone.  They continued with the juice additions.

Since arriving home a month ago my brother told me that nothing has worked as well as the clay mixture. I looked locally for the clay, but can find it only in small quantities.  I contacted Bo and asked him to hook me up with his source.  This weekend I will be in Austin where I will pick up a 50 lb. bucket of Bentonite Clay and the fun will begin again.  I cannot wait! 

We continue to try different things to help Corbin.  We know that diet is extremely important and the family continues to work on this as well.  This Bentonite Clay is a Godsend. -Terry N.

Autism - 2 1/2 Year Old Son

I have seen wonderful results with therapeutic clay on my 2 1/2 year old son. He suffers from autism. Ever since being on clay therapy he has become more calm, language has increased, more sociable, it has helped his bowel movements become more regular.  The clay also provides heavy metal detoxification (aluminum, lead, mercury). The therapeutic clay is just part of his biochemical treatment he is receiving in addition to vitamin supplements, acupuncture and homeopathy. I have tried other clays with my son but this is the one he loves. I have turned the clay baths into a game. I highly recommend this clay to other parents that are searching for a clay that will help their child heal from autism in addition to other therapies you are doing currently. - Catherine

Clay Baths for Autism

Alex is doing really good with the clay baths for his Autism.  I tried to introduce him to clay internally but it was a little too much detoxing and he got a rash (this could have been as a result of something else too but I decided to stop feeding him the clay for now).  He has improved tremendously with potty training and following verbal commands.  I sometimes do the clay like a body mask (1 part clay, 2 1/2 parts water) and apply it to his entire body for about 15 minutes and then he showers.  He actually asks for the clay at bath time sometimes!  He point to the jar and says "I want that thing".  I believe he can feel the difference.  We are doing a mask daily and since we started this, Alex is understanding the use of the potty (for #2) which had been such a challenge.  Maybe we will try feeding him clay soon at a much slower rate and see if he can tolerate it better. I think I went too fast last time. But I tell you, incorporating the use of clay to our daily protocol has been key to Alex's progress.  Even his Speech Therapist that had not seen him since mid Dec., told me last Monday that she had the best session with Alex ever.  So we will continue to use clay and see how it keeps helping Alex in this journey of recovering from autism. - Becky F.

Clay Baths Improves Communication for Autistic Child

I cannot say enough about living clay and how it has helped my son, Max.  He has autism and along with some behavioral and sensory issues, has trouble with communication. The first time I tried the clay bath I was afraid he wouldn’t go in since the water was cloudy, but he was fine. He relaxed and seemed to enjoy himself, which in itself was a benefit.  What I couldn’t believe was how much he talked that night.  I didn’t expect improvement so soon!

The talking keeps increasing, and his overall mood is better, too.  For months, he took a clay bath every day, and now he takes it once a week. Max has not regressed at all since cutting down the frequency of the baths—his language is continually improving.  However, on the nights he does take a clay bath he talks non-stop!  Everyone who knows us noticed that the sudden spurt of language started with the clay.  I think it really gave him the boost he needed to overcome his difficulties and really kick- started his communication skills.

It is amazing, though, whenever he has a bath he talks non stop.  You really notice it.  But he has been making consistent progress with speech.  It's so exciting!  For the first time, he actually is asking for things like toys...he never used to do that, and he's obsessed with the Cars movie.  It's just so great to see him acting like any other little kid.  I know that the clay really gave him a real boost, and just helped so much with the language.  He plays  more now with his brother!  I could watch

them play all day...
I also got to experience the benefits of the clay myself.  When I started developing pink eye, I made a clay rinse - just water and clay - and splashed it in my eyes.   The redness decreased immediately.  (My eyes burned a little, but it was not painful.) I used the rinse several times that day, and left my contacts out, to give my eyes a rest.  By the third day of using the rinse, my eye was fine!  Normally the only thing that gets rid of pink eye is an antibiotic ­ ­- I can’t believe how potent the clay is. 

We also use the clay for rashes, bug bites, and to brush our teeth.  After brushing with it, my teeth feel like they do after a dentist’s cleaning.  This stuff is really amazing.  It changed our lives more than we ever could have anticipated.

Your staff is incredibly helpful, willing to correspond with consumers and give advice.  They really care and they want people to benefit from the clay. Thanks so much. - Diana P.

Autism Progress

My family and I started taking 2 oz of clay twice a day (the detox dose) in Oct. of 2005. We also started our son on clay baths once daily for 2 weeks in the hopes that we would see some improvement in his autistic behavior. We noticed an improvement in him being able to process his thoughts and convey them.  His skin is clearer and his bowel movements are easier. His memory has improved and he falls asleep better. - Deborah W.

Clay Bath Tub Tips for Kids

I am a mom of 2 very feisty boys.  It's hard to get them to sit still even for a minute.  So you can imagine the trouble I have getting them to stay for 20 minutes in a clay detox tub bath.  After the first one or two baths the fun wears off and they just lose interest.  Well, what happens after those first few times when you want to continue the baths on a regular basis?  You have to get inventive!  I went to Wal-Mart and bought this 45 gallon plastic storage container for $15.  They love it.  It's like their own personal yard pool....and the 20 minutes goes by real fast.  Other advantages to doing the baths this way....

For those who are really pinching pennies (like us), this provides a way to use less water, thus using less clay.  In this bath I used 1 cup of dry clay to about 40 gallons of water.  I feel like the potency is probably about the same as being in a regular bathtub. The depth of the water is higher, so more of the body is submersed in the clay water.  Of course this would only work well for small children who can fit in the container easily.  Submersing the whole body was something that I had a hard time getting the boys to do in the regular tub.  They always wanted to sit up straight, leaving the whole top half of their body out of the water.

I use the lid that came with this container to cover up the clay water after the bath. I haven't used this method for very long and it's easy to see the outsides of the container bulging out from the weight of the water.  I imagine this will not hold for months and months.  I think what might work very well is a cattle watering trough.  They are plastic, round, sturdy tubs that are much more durable than this little container.  I just need to find one.....probably can get one at Tractor Supply Co. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this story about our adventures with clay.  Have a great day! Mother of two feisty boys - Hallie G. P.S.  For toddlers an ice chest works well – see below.



Bee Stings

My husband was stung by an unknown bee twice this summer. I made a clay mask and applied to the "red" area both times and within a few minutes the redness started disappearing and the pain went away. Within an hour or
so, you could not even see the bee sting. - Irene C.

Best Insect Bite Remedy

This is the best  remedy for any kind of insect bite!!!  My husband is shocked at how well this works. We apply a light coating to any kind of bite and in a few hours the area is less red and is starting to dry up! Just ordered another jar of Living Clay.  Thanks for such a great product!!! - Jane O.

Bug Bites

On my February 2004 missionary trip to New Hope Mission in Uganda, Africa, I took some clay for my sister to try.  While there I was stung by a vicious ant similar to our infamous Texas Fire ants.  I remembered reading about the benefits of using it on insect bites so I decided to give it a try.  Wow was I glad I did!  Within several seconds the burning and itch began to subside and within a minute was completely gone.  The next day there was no small pimple as usual with ant stings and after reapplying the clay the sting mark was gone the next day.  It also worked great to soothe the mosquito bites.  My mom and sister like using the clay because it really pulls out the toxins and helps their face feel and look better. - Michael M.

Bug Bites and Staph Infection

I have been using clay on my granddaughter's bug bite that turned into a staph infection requiring a trip to the ER. It looked MUCH better after the first application -- my son was completely skeptical -- but after 2 more applications he was starting to be convinced.  Jenny M.

Cat Bite

Anyone ever been bitten by a cat? They have something in their saliva that makes their bites one of the worst you can get. Many times you end up at the doctor's or emergency for antibiotics to say nothing about them being very painful. Last night I had to clean the ears of 5 kittens who had been exposed to ear mites. The one kitten fought me so much I had to have my husband help hold her and she went ballistic when I put the cleaner in her ear. I don't know if it was just fear or what but she started fighting and screaming. One of the grown cats thought we were hurting her and grabbed my lower leg and started biting. She got me about 4 or 5 times before I could get her off. After stopping the bleeding with dry clay I coated the whole area with hydrated clay and put plastic wrap and an elastic bandage around it for the night. This morning I got up and there was no swelling, no redness or any pain. - Mary Lee S.  

Centipede Bite

One morning, I pulled on a pair of shorts from somewhere deep in my closet. I felt a strange tickling sensation down by my groin. I looked down and saw a baby centipede crawling out of my shorts, and before I could knock it away, it bit me. Right in the area where all those lymph nodes are located. A centipede bite is sheer fire that begins to spread through your body, and it doesn't just stay in that localized area ... it spreads far and wide. And just like scorpions, the younger the centipede, the more powerful its venom. So, one look and I knew I was in trouble.

On my way to the bathroom cabinet, I could already feel the white fire spreading throughout my body. Then I'm into the cabinet, open the clay and put a nice little dab all around the two fang puncture marks on my body.

I first noticed the coolness of the clay as it touched my skin. Then, to my amazement, I began to feel the white fire retreating and immediately dissipating. Within 30 seconds, I could no longer feel the fire … now, all I felt was the cool of the clay doing its work. Within two minutes, I could hardly feel anything at all, and I waited a few more minutes just to be sure, but within five minutes after rinsing off the clay and looking down in that area, all I could see was the two puncture marks the centipede had left, and no red and no swelling and most importantly ... no pain. — Dylan H.

Dog Bite on Cheek – No Scar

Friend of a friend had daughter bitten by dog on her cheek that had become a hanging piece of meat. The father took her to a Dr. who panicked and did not know what to do, the father went back home, put clay onto it and went to another Dr., who said he had done the best thing he could have done and told him to go home. Not a scar left! This was in France, as no Dr. here in NZ would do that. –Corinne M.

Insect Bite Turns to MRSA Infection

I had a mosquito bite on the back of my right leg that I scratched and got infected with what the doctor claimed as a granular staph infection. Since it was granular the 2 bouts of antibiotics had no effect on the wound. It was still necropsying so I knew I needed to find something that would pull the infection out of the wound topically. The infection was now what I believe to be MRSA. I searched the internet and eventually came upon your website among others that described the healing powers of the living clays. I ordered the Bentonite clay and started applying a wet paste of the clay on the wound the first week of December in 2011. There was a noticeable change of the wound within 2 days. It was not as red and “angry” as it had been prior to the clay. I would mix the clay with distilled water and apply it directly over the wound and cover it with part of a collard green leaf (I found it worked better than cellophane wrap) and wrapped the area of my leg with an ace bandage. I would change the dressing 3 times a day for the first two weeks and then reduced it back to 2 times a day after that. By mid-January (approx. 7 weeks) the “infection” was cleared. The wound is still healing from the whole that it left in my leg, but at least the necropsying has stopped and the underlying tissue is healing. In all, it has taken about 3 months to get to this point. The clay was very soothing to the area of the wound. The pain associated with the infection was pretty bad and within 3 weeks the soreness had subsided. I know that it sounds like a long time but with the depth of the wound and the infection involved, it certainly was faster and less evasive than the alternative of various antibiotics and possible skin grafting that I was told was to be expected.

Both of my children who are in the medical field, one is a doctor of osteopathy and the other a nurse, along with the dermatologist I originally saw for the infection, wanted me to continue with the antibiotics. This would have involved months of this medication that obviously was not affecting the site at all but was upsetting everything else in my system. I knew that for me this was not an option. I know there are more organic ways of healing our organic bodies so that is why I went on the search.

I am glad to say that I won out on all levels! The wound is healing and I did not have to sacrifice my bank account and relative health to achieve this outcome. If you’re an outdoors person like me, this is a product that is a must for your “medicine cabinet”! Thank you Perry for spreading the word on such a wonderful, natural product! - Corinne M.

Jellyfish Sting

A few days ago, my husband went out snorkeling across the street. Within a few minutes he came running into the house, dripping wet and said, "I need your help!" I rushed in to see what was wrong. He had been stung by what appeared to be a long severed tentacle of a jellyfish all over his torso. We immediately began spreading the hydrated Clay over all the long red welts and noticed that the red streaks were already starting to blister up. He felt an instant cooling relief as the Clay was applied and the stinging began to subside. We placed plastic strips over all the clayed areas to keep it from drying. About half an hour later, we removed the plastic and rinsed the clay off, and there was not a mark left on his body! Once again... Our special clay to the rescue! – Dylan  & Clover

Jellyfish Sting #2

A friend I have introduced clay to called me yesterday about her trip to Florida. She was at a large gathering at the beach and several of the children were stung by jelly fish. Immediately some of the Mom's were trying shaving cream, vinegar etc. She waited until none of that worked and then dragged out the jar of hydrated clay she had taken on the trip. It stopped the sting immediately. Now they are all fans!! - Edith

Puss Caterpillar Bite

I got stung by a puss caterpillar yesterday. The stings an be vicious. But I did what I could to get the stingers out immediately and I kept clay on the wound. Today there is still a mark, but no pain, swelling, or burning, which is unusual. The Bentonite sucked all the poison out of the wound because I am better already. Benadryl can kiss my a$$, cause that stuff really did the job OVERNIGHT! - Robin

Spider Bite

It was an unbelievable experience.  Most thought I would be hospitalized when I shared it.  I was very frightened at what had happened to my body.  Early in the morning I noticed a small hot spot, maybe the size of a dime.  It was red and enflamed.  By mid afternoon, it had enlarged and continued to grow.  I placed ointments on it but the inflamed area continued to expand until it reached an area of about 4"X6" when I began to apply the Bentonite clay.  The growth slowed almost immediately and within a couple of days the redness and swelling began to diminish.  I applied the clay a couple of times a day for the next couple of weeks.  And miraculously the area totally healed--the swelling went down, the redness left.  Today, all I have is a tiny black dot where apparently the stinger or whatever permeated my skin still remains.  I would never have believed that clay could do such an incredible healing from an apparent spider bite. - Judith B.

Spider Bite on the Foot

The father of a good friend of mine got bitten on his foot by a spider which caused swelling and multi-discoloration on top of the foot. She applied a poultice of moist clay covered by a Band-Aid which she changed daily. Within 24 hours much of the swelling was gone and the discoloring began disappearing. In a week's time, there was no sign of him ever being bitten. - Judy

Spiders and Mosquitoes

Just wanted you to hear how the Clay helped me. I was bitten on the forearm by a spider during the night. I awoke with one area of my forearm swollen to three times the normal size. It was blazing hot and painful to the touch. Actually, I was a little freaked out by it. But I remembered reading in your book entitled "Living Clay" about insect bites. I immediately took some of my hydrated clay and put a huge amount of clay on the swollen area. After it had dried, I washed it off and took a look. Much better, but still swollen. I reapplied the clay and let it dry again. I repeated this process over the day and by 6:00 p.m., my forearm was back to its original size and the pain was completely gone.  No need for cortisone or any kind of anti-inflammatory medication. I hope your readers can benefit from this remedy. The mosquitoes here are extremely brutal this summer and the hydrated clay works just as well on these kind of bites. – Michael F.

Spider - Brown Recluse Bite

Right after I started using the clay my Macie was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I applied the hydrated clay almost immediately, but red streaks had started up her leg about 5 or 6 inches ...she was in pain, but the clay took that away.  I reapplied every two hrs. and within about 8 hrs. she was doing well was time for bed, so I reapplied the clay, wrapped it up for the night and sent her to bed ...the next day she was all better, no pain ...only a small 'cater' was left at the bite site.  Whenever the kids get bit by any insect, they now go get the clay.  :-)  My husband and I are and they are ...such believers!! - Debbie

Spider - Brown Recluse Bite #2

A friend of mine recently was bitten by a "Brown Recluse Spider". It was late in the evening so I immediately had her apply a very large glob of our calcium bentonite clay to the bite. She changed the poultice several times during the night. The next morning she went to the doctor and he squeezed the wound and a sack with the poison intact popped out of her arm. He was very surprised, and even though he did recommend antibiotics, she suffered no effects from this bite. Hooray for clay! It is always important to keep some hydrated clay close at hand for just such emergencies. - Carol

Spider - Brown Recluse Bite - Severe

I had a huge brown recluse bite on my inner left thigh that I had started using Activated Charcoal on. (What a mess that was!!) 

The clay started working immediately! I was into my second week of battling this bite, when I finally remembered that I had purchased some of your clay from the Power Hour months before, so I started using it, applying a thick paste of it to the wound (which at this point was about the size of a quarter) as soon as that dried, I would remove it, then reapply it again. I did this for over a week, but after just 1 day, the wound was noticeably better. Like I said above, the dead tissue was about the size of a quarter, but the whole area that was affected was about 6" in diameter, I knew that if I could not stop this toxin, this whole area was going to look like the quarter size spot. I continued doing this for 2 weeks, and now I can hardly tell there was EVER a bite there, very minimal scarring!!  By the way, that was not the only bite I received, a couple of weeks later, I had 4 bites on my left arm, (killed the little bugger this time!) I immediately applied the clay to these spots, they never progressed beyond little red bumps. I amazed family and friends when I told them how I cured these bites. I think they are now believers, too. It would not surprise me if you started getting customers from this area!!

I am ABSOLUTELY!! Satisfied with this clay.  WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT WITHOUT IT AGAIN!!  I also drink it everyday, since we are invaded with environmental toxins everyday!! - Lori F.

Spider Bite on the Foot
The father of a good friend of mine got bitten on his foot by a spider which caused swelling and multi-discoloration on top of the foot. She applied a poultice of moist clay covered by a Band-Aid which she changed daily. Within 24 hours much of the swelling was gone and the discoloring began disappearing. In a week's time, there was no sign of him ever being bitten. – Judy W.

Spiders and Mosquitoes

Just wanted you to hear how the Clay helped me. I was bitten on the forearm by a spider during the night. I awoke with one area of my forearm swollen to three times the normal size. It was blazing hot and painful to the touch. Actually, I was a little freaked out by it. But I remembered reading in your book entitled "Living Clay" about insect bites. I immediately took some of my hydrated clay and put a huge amount of clay on the swollen area. After it had dried, I washed it off and took a look. Much better, but still swollen. I reapplied the clay and let it dry again. I repeated this process over the day and by 6:00 p.m., my forearm was back to its original size and the pain was completely gone.  No need for cortisone or any kind of anti-inflammatory medication. I hope your readers can benefit from this remedy. The mosquitoes here are extremely brutal this summer and the hydrated clay works just as well on these kinds of bites. – Michael I.

Wasp Sting

It was astounding to get instant relief from a wasp sting one night.  I smeared some hydrated clay on the sting which was on my shin right where it meets the foot.  I washed it off before bed an hour later -- a bad idea -- because I awoke the next morning with swelling and what felt like a deep bruise.  After half a day of limping around I bought some plastic wrap and during my lunch break fashioned a poultice at the site with a tablespoon of the little bit of hydrated clay I carry with me.  Within minutes the pain went away and despite walking around on it the rest of the day, the swelling went down by that evening when I removed it all before taking a shower.  I had no further symptoms thereafter.  It was like I was never stung to begin with. - Stuart S.

Wet Clay Wraps and Fire Ants

I wanted to share with you a way that I found to keep the clay moist and go about your day without getting clay all over everything. I was bit by fire ants on both feet. This in the past has proven to be a very long ordeal for me with intolerable itching and swelling and eventually, from all the scratching, an infection. My discomfort level was 9 out of 10, from all the itching and swelling of my ankles. I sat on the tub with my feet in the tub. I applied wet Calcium Bentonite Clay on my feet and then took 2 pieces of 5' long cheesecloth, wet them, applied more wet CB Clay to the cheesecloth and wrapped it around my feet. It looked as if I was wrapping it as you would wrap a sprain. I of course covered all the areas that had been bitten. You can find this cheesecloth at the grocery store in a package. It is usually found in a section with kitchen utensils. It is for crafts and household uses. I believe you can also find it at fabric stores. After wrapping my feet and being sure I had enough wet clay in there, I wrapped them both with saran wrap. Then I put zip lock baggies over each foot. I then put my crocks on which were the widest and loosest fitting shoes I own. I walked around the house and outside for 6 hours with this wet clay on. After a while my feet squished around! However it was wonderful to have 6 hours with absolutely no itching. Then after I washed the CB Clay off, my discomfort level dropped to between 1 and 2 with no swelling or itching. It was only when the hem edge of my slacks hit my ankle that I felt a bit of irritation. I did nothing more to my ankles. I did not apply anything or reuse the clay. After about a week the discomfort level went to 0. I now have no discomfort at all and the bites are completely cleared up. I believe that the clay's benefits are more dramatic when the clay stays wet. When I give myself a CB Clay facial, now I think I will keep a spray bottle of filtered water on hand to spritz my face so it stays wet. Having these solutions to keep it wet makes the clay even more valuable. I have a family emergency kit put together in case of a national emergency. My clay is in that kit. - Maryellen L.


Cholesterol Lower

I recently had my cholesterol checked and it had dropped so significantly from the previous 2 year reading that the lady was astonished and she asked me what I had been doing. I told her that the only definite things that I had done in that 2 year period was the clay and psyllium husk powder. These test results were beneficial for me to see because it is a definite factual thing that tells me some good is being done inside the body. - Hallie G.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure
Before reading the book, Living Clay, my husband was told that he had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. His cholesterol was 290 and at its highest, his blood pressure was 148/90. The doctor told him that he should be on medication for both issues. He is a 39 year old, that exercises regularly and eats well. He is not over weight. He's never been one to believe in natural remedies. However, he decided to give living clay a try. We read the book and listened to the supplemental CD. He started using ideas from the book, and drinking living clay. Just 2 months later his cholesterol reading was down to 224. And in just 2 weeks his blood pressure dropped to 125/82. Now 2 months later, his blood pressure is now 115/71. He never once took any of the medication that was prescribed to him by the doctor. –Donna W.

Blood Pressure, Ganglion Cyst and Blood Work

I just wanted you to know that everything is going great. I have cut my BP med in half, with my doctor’s blessing. My ganglion cysts in my wrists have completely disappeared as well. Yesterday, I had blood work done at the doctors, and all my values are getting better, and I believe it is all due to the clay. I have not changed anything else! I'm very grateful for this product! – Tamara L.

Blood Pressure Improvement


I have been taking the clay for 3 weeks now, I find my blood pressure has return to normal. Been on the BP pills for over 2 years.  - Robert M.

Lower Blood Pressure and Thyroid Improvement

My husband and I have been drinking and using the clay topically for over 2 1/2 years. The health benefits have been subtle, consistent lower blood pressure, my hypothyroid medication has been cut in half, no chronic sinusitis, improvements in our digestion. We are in our mid 60's feeling well and strong. Thank you for such a great product. -Noreen T.



Burn on Finger

I just had to write you because I am so thankful for the work of the clay.  Last Thursday morning, I got a very severe burn on my finger which immediately blistered.  I was on my way to work so I quickly put a dollop of clay on the burn and covered it with a band-aid.  It immediately cooled down the pain.  I repeated this Thu. night, Fri. morning, Fri. night and on Saturday morning, the blister was gone.  The blister never broke.  It just seemed to collapse in and smooth out.  I can still slightly see where it was.  I've had burns before and I've never had it heal so fast or painlessly. This was just wonderful. – Linda

Boiling Water Burn

One morning, I was boiling a cup of water in the microwave for hot tea. I reached in to pull the cup out of the microwave and the sleeve of my bathrobe caught on the door, and over half of the boiling water poured over the top of my hand. It was extremely red and hurt very much. I thought to grab the already mixed clay from the jar and layered it over my hand in a wet, paste-like consistency and then wrapped it in gauze for 24 hours. After 12 hours, I sprayed some water on the gauze to keep the clay moist until morning. The next morning, I removed the gauze and to my amazement, the skin was silky smooth and had no signs of being burnt except a small amount of redness. I wrapped it again and left it on another couple hours, and when I removed it the second time, it looked and felt completely normal. — Barbara H.

Hot Pizza Bite –Clay to the Rescue

A few weeks ago, I had made a pizza for dinner. It smelled so good coming out of the oven! Even though I knew better, I cut a slice and took a big bite...and promptly burned the daylights out of my tongue and the roof of my mouth! I ran to the den where I keep some ready-mixed clay in a mason jar. I scooped out about two tablespoons of cool clay into my mouth and just held it there. About fifteen minutes later I chased it down with a glass of water...and the burning pain was gone! The pizza had cooled down in the mean time and I had a wonderful, pain-free dinner! What did we ever do before clay came along?! –Jamie C.

Hydrochloric Acid Burn to Hand

Worker’s had burned with Hydrochloric Acid. Doctors wanted to amputate part of his thumb and do a skin graft to the dark fleshy part between his thumb and forefinger.

He chose clay and soaked his hand in a thick clay mask for 13 hours the first time. Prior to the clay application he had intense severe burning pain and could not move his thumb.  The next morning the pain was greatly reduced and he could wiggle his thumb.  He kept doing poultices for 4 more days and the clay cleaned the wound and the dead skin started peeling off.  His is in no pain can move his thumb easily and new healthy pink skin is now present and no amputation or transplant needed. – Robert H.

During Healing

After 4 days of clay applications.

Completely healed. –Robert H.

Jalapeno Face Burn

I also have a story to report. The other night while washing my face I got Jalapeno Juice on my face and in my eye. It's a long story, but cliff notes are: my son eats peppers all the time and he used a face towel as a placemat while eating on the furniture and it ended up in the towel cabinet as a clean towel) I felt my eye burning, but thought I had soap in it and further wiped with the towel. My eye, my face, a lip, everywhere I dragged the towel across my face was on FIRE! At first, I had no idea what was going on, only that the water I was using to try to wash it off was making it worse! I have sensitive skin anyway. So I looked at the towel and saw the green juice on it. I grabbed my hydrated clay and used a q-tip to place it as close to my eye as possible and all along my face and lip. Within seconds the burning stopped and after several minutes the pain and burning was completely gone!  Needless to say, I love my clay!!!!! -  Justine F.

Melted Plastic Burn on Finger

I burned my finger picking up a knife that has fallen into the burner on the stove and the plastic handle melted on my finger. The pain was so intense and the plastic from the knife handle was embedded in my finger.  I immediately plunged my finger into wet clay and wow - pain, redness and the burn went away. The clay even lifted up the plastic that had adhered to my finger - from now on clay is my go to for burns thank you!!! –Jo-Ann E.

Motorcycle Burn

It was a typical 100-degree summer day in Texas as I straddled my motorcycle to ride to work for the day. I was in shorts, thinking more about my day of working outside than the brief ride on the bike. After parking, I went to dismount as I felt the stinging pain and literally heard the sizzle of my calf as it touched the red-hot tail pipe, resulting in a severe burn about 4 inches by 2 inches in size. Remembering a story I had heard about using clay for burns, I immediately applied a thick layer of hydrated clay over the area. The intense pain dissipated in a matter of seconds! I continued to apply fresh clay to the burn throughout the day and applied a clay poultice overnight. The next morning I was relieved to see only a slightly red area but not blistering and, after a full recovery, no scarring. What an incredible gift from Nature. — Kyle J.

Oven Burn

It was 6:30 p.m. on a Thursday evening.  I had burned my arm reaching in the oven and hitting the rack above the casserole. Instant burn pain.  You know the kind.  The constant painful sensation that doesn’t let up.  I knew I would have a blister on the back of my hand from this burn. Bummer. Well, I had heard about this green Bentonite clay and its healing powers and I had just received a sample made up in paste form.  Why not, I thought, as I spread an ample portion over my hand. The cool paste clay felt soothing and refreshing. In less than a minute the painful sensation was gone. Well I was somewhat impressed but still expected the blister and tenderness that would last for days.

Guess what… It didn’t happen.  No, I mean it. It didn’t blister and stay tender for days. You know how you do the dishes with your hands in warm water after having a burn and it feels really tender and starts hurting again? Well it didn’t happen. I just never blistered. Didn’t even leave a mark. Next I felt a mouth ulcer coming on.  I packed a glob of the clay over the spot and went to sleep. The spot felt smaller the next morning.  I put some more clay on and went about my business.  Want to guess what happened?  Well if you guess it was gone within 24 hours you are right. I was impressed. - Ashley A.

Oven Burn #2

I work in a cafeteria which means burns all the time. The greatest testimony I have is the day I picked up a pan that had just come out of a 550 degree oven. Every finger pad and thumb pad were on fire. I called my daughter 15 minutes away and told her to run to my house and get my bottle of hydrated clay (which was very cheap at the HFS) When she FINALLY made it there I coated every finger with the thick goo. Every couple hours I would pour that down the rubber gloves I put on. By that evening, you could hardly tell I had done a thing. The finger never blistered. Hydrated clay is a must in the kitchen!! – Edith

Pizza Mouth Burn

I am in the Air Force and in my current job as a staff member in DC, I travel normally 3 weeks out of 4 every month.  One day I was extremely late for the airport (not wanting to get stuck in the security checks), and as I passed a pizzeria heading for my gate, I darted in for a hot slice of pizza (very unusual as I strive to eat organic and healthy).  Not thinking (because my stomach was rumbling) I pulled it out of the box and bit into this VERY HOT slice of cheese pizza.  Needless to say, the hot cheese welded itself to the roof of my mouth and burned it terribly.  For the next 3 hours on the plane, I couldn't even drink water without it hurting and the pain seemed to be intensifying.  When I arrived at my location and checked into my room, I decided to get my bottle of clay out and drink some.  The results were unbelievable...the pain, soreness, throbbing was instantly gone...and never returned!!!  There is no other explanation for what happened except the living clay stopped the blistering and pain related to a burn and healed my mouth. - Dan R.

Severe Finger Burn

I was baking at the shop yesterday, had 9 trays of cookies, doing three trays in the oven at a time. I had taken 3 trays out of the 425 degree oven and was putting three more in. I mistakenly grabbed one of the hot trays and burned all five of my fingers on the right hand. I immediately ran them under cold water and plunged them into ice. I have three fingers with significant 2nd degree blisters. Standing there thinking, what I could do, I thought of the clay. I went and grabbed a jar of powder and made a thick pumice out of it. I covered all five fingers in clay. I could still feel the sting and every time, I just added more clay on top of it to block out the oxygen. I kept the clay on for 4 hours. When I got home, I took the clay off to see the damage. Three of the fingers have significant swelling and obvious blisters. The pain was gone. I protected it the rest of the night as not to create any more damage to the area. This morning, the swelling is down, the blisters are absorbed and the pain is gone. I am using my hand as if nothing ever happened. The clay is amazing and was my only option at the time of the accident. – Diane H.

Sun Burn

I got too much sun a couple weeks ago and got pretty pink, it was uncomfortable. So that night and for the next 2 days I took clay baths, used 2 cups and it helped immediately.  My pink turned tan in 3 days, no peeling at all. - Heidi F.

Sunburn-Severe Neck Blisters with Photos

First I would like to tell you that the inflamed sun blisters my son got in the Norwegian alps healed very fast! The worse is on his lower neck  - see the photo below.

He is also red in his face and front neck.... when this picture was taken he had Aloe Vera on (that is the white parts). Until now he has put clay on his forehead, quite thick with plastic wrap on it - not on the neck

Then he put clay poultices on for a couple of hours each evening for a week and now it looks really good. Thank you! - Gunilla A.

Three Fingers Burned from a Hot Grate

I burned 3 fingers picking up a very hot grate on my stove. We had just boiled some water and removed the teakettle, and I noticed it needed to be cleaned underneath the grate. I dropped the grate as soon as I picked it up and as it clattered to the floor I rushed to put globs of clay on each finger.  After about an hour, most of the clay had fallen off, and I had almost forgotten about the incident.  When I washed the remaining clay off my fingers, I found no sign of a burn. Advice: keep the clay "handy"!  - Mary Helen K.

Waffle Iron Burn

I burned the palm of my hand pretty badly. I was heating a waffle iron and placed my hand on top to see if it was hot, what a mistake that was!! My hand was on fire, so to speak. I iced it and then clayed it for a few hours. I covered it with clay before going to bed. The next day there was no evidence of a burn, no redness or blistering. It was like it never happened. I was amazed with the results!! - Patricia R.

COLON, BOWELS, STOMACH, ACID REFLUX  AND DIGESTION                                

20 Years of Acid Reflux Stopped With Clay

I have suffered 20 years with acid reflux. Nothing worked. Your book, Living Clay, and clay saved my life! Thank God! Life was nothing but pain, no sleep, no food, just burning and suffering. I am so blessed. You saved me and I love you. I wonder how many your knowledge has saved. I am living proof. I would tell everyone, believe, it works! In my case Mercury fillings from childhood had poisoned me. Clay removed this and helped with anemia. You are doing something wonderful. Never stop! – Lisa C.  

Acid Reflux Disease

I was introduced to Calcium Bentonite Clay by my brother.  I was suffering from Acid Reflux Disease so bad that it caused me to have an automobile accident.  My chest hurt so much that I and the EMT's thought I was having a heart attack.  I was taken to the VA Hospital and hospitalized for 3 days.  It took me a month to recover from 2 broken ribs and muscle damage in my back.  My primary care physician at the VA Hospital put me on Ranitidene.  It didn't work so he doubled the dosage.  This still didn't work.  I asked my doctor about taking the clay because I had thrown up at least once a day 5 of the last 7 days.  The day before I started taking the clay I had thrown up 4 times.  I asked him about the clay he said he could not recommend it.  I even gave him some literature to read.  He said he would read the literature when he had time.  I have not had any symptoms of the acid reflux disease for 2 months.  I also use the soap to shower with wash my hair with and it is the softest, fullest and most manageable that it has ever been.  I even give myself a facial once a week.  My daughter-in-law uses the soap and does a facial 3 times a week and she had beautiful skin to begin with.  She also uses the Rejuvenation Cream.  She also uses the soap on my grandchildren and the Body Lotion on her baby. - Steve M.

Acid Reflux – Off Prilosec

I started eating clay to get rid of reflux and heartburn.  That took 4 months to get off Prilosec.  I kept on eating it because I kept feeling better and better.  One and 1/2 years later...yum, give me more cures what ails you, in its own time.  May take a while but you didn't get in your present shape over night. With my lymphatic drainage therapy and the clay I'm enjoying pill free and pain free golden years with strong hard finger nails (added bonus) as I am 57. - Jacq P.

Acid Reflux Testimonial from a Nurse

I just wanted you to know that you have helped yet another person in a most magnificent way! The liquid clay is second to none for helping people with any kind of digestive problems, but especially Acid Reflux, I am a nurse and have given it to several people with this problem and they all beg me for more. Thanks again. - Lori H.

Allergies & Sinuses

After one month, my skin feels luxurious and looks better than it has in at least a decade. My inflammation has calmed. My allergic rashes from food and environment have been reduced by at least 50%. My sinuses are clear and I’m breathing easily despite my allergy season kicking into high gear. - Carol B.

Best Product for Acid Reflux

I thought you would like to know how much I am impressed with this product and it's many benefits.  I suffer from occasional acid reflux and I keep a 16 oz. glass bottle filled with liquid living clay in my refrigerator for those occasional attacks.  Each and every time I have had an acid reflux attack and have ingested about 2 ounces or more of liquid living clay, the pain subsided in a relatively quick period of time.  I have had more success in treating acid reflux with this product than anything else I have tried and I plan to continue to use living clay for this problem.   

Also, I have excessively oily skin which tends to break out from time to time and living clay masks do an excellent job to improve the condition of my complexion. Thank you for providing such an amazing, multi-purpose product. – Marcia B.

Better Bowel Movements

After having major surgery (colorectal cancer), I had 20 bowel movements plus a day - it was horrible.  I have a tendency toward colitis anyway. I’m a teacher of small children so you can understand how that could impact my day! Well, I read about the clay and thought why not give it a try.  My stools bulked up and I now only have from 3-5 bowel movements which are so much bigger, better, and less painful - in fact they are not painful at all.  The clay and the directions that Perry A gave in her book has been a God send to me. I’ve been using the clay for about 6 months and I’m sure I will use it for the rest of my life. - Rene A.

Bowels Loose

My husband uses the clay and his loose bowels have corrected and he reports more volume as well. We're fans! - Andrea B.

Bowel Movements

I definitely have more bowel movements drinking 1 to 2 ounces of clay a day. - Heidi F.

Clay for Candida, Leaky Gut and Allergies

When I first did start on the clay, I was actually treating Candida - the clay took care of the leaky gut, and helped a lot with my allergies.  I have been able to take my allergy sublingual drops twice a week now instead of 7 days a week.  Because of my sensitive system I did have to limit my clay to one ounce twice a day.  Remember when I did the Candida dose in your book, it caused an outbreak of eczema.  Now, I am fine in that area too.  (Note from Perry A~: Diane was very sensitive and the normal Detox dose caused a Detox reaction of eczema trying to get rid of the toxins too fast. This is also a sign it is working.  So we cut back her amount and had many successes.) 

I have leaky gut - and I have been drinking living clay daily, since March of 2010. It has helped this condition, plus many more health issues that I had going on within my body. I have a very sensitive system, I had no problem with clay being added daily.

I had a blood test back in Oct. My body is now absorbing all of my supplements. Clay is a wonder and it did balance my PH. - Diane W.

Candida and Digestion

My digestion & fungal infection (Candida) continue to heal. I am still taking 12T total liquid living clay daily (3 - 4T doses), eating locally & seasonally, & following Body Ecology Diet (with a few exceptions). - Gennifer J.

Clay Enemas

I tried the clay water enema on yesterday. I think it was great effect to clean the bowel and a lot of bad stuff come out. Easier and more convenient than coffee enemas which I have used for enemas on a regular basis. Dr. B. Jensen say " clay water is very useful in absorbing toxic substance" I think it is true. I am very happy to finding one miracle naturopathy. - Sue W.

Clay Regulated My BM’s

I am a new user of clay. I was having problems going to the restroom #2 and a friend of mine introduced me to this product. I started taking it on Saturday 2x’s a day liquid, by Monday I went to the restroom and every day since. –Gina G.

Clean Colon in 4-5 Days Showed on CT Scan 

I have an individual in the office who was having problems sleeping and went to the medical community for help.  After giving her a complete physical and finding nothing "out of sorts", they decided MRI (from the top of her head to mid-chest) to see if it would show anything.  Well it did...but it was not associated with what they were looking for...!  They found an enlarged lymph node next to her heart by the aorta.  She was told they wanted to check it out in another two weeks...well needless to say she was terrified...!!! 

She came and talked to me and I immediately told her to order some of the Living Clay powder which she did!  Linda mailed her some over night to hold her over until her order arrived.  I instructed her how to use it...she bathed in it and drank it for about 4 or 5 days before she was scheduled for her CT (from the bottom of the head to lower abdomen). 

The doctor wanted the same radiologist who read the MRI to read the CT and had to wait a few days before calling her with the results.  The Doctor started out saying they now thought it was just an inflamed lymph node because it was smaller from when they first had seen it in the MRI.  Then the doctor asked if she had been taking Pepto Bismal...curious at to what initiated the friend said no...Why do you ask?  The doctor said the CT showed the entire intestinal track was lined with something like Pepto Bismal...!!!  My friend then said she had been drinking calcium bentonite clay!  The doctor said she had heard about it, what it was and to keep taking it because it is good for you...!!!  Now you can come to your own conclusion but personally, knowing what I know...seeing what I have seen...I personally feel the clay immediately started to reverse the problem with the lymph node...and I think the doctor did as well but since she is a mainstream doctor, and a military one too...I feel she couldn't give the real reason as to what had occurred with my friends health...!!!! - Dan R.

Cleansing Black Gunk and Weight Loss 

Every week I go for colonics and drink my clay every day...anywhere from 8 -12 ounces with a lot of water through the day. I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE JULY. (Received September 30th) Well, on Tuesday, black stuff came out. I have been vegetarian 30 years , have fasted on lemon juice and honey for 10 days, take epsom salts for 30 years... and never have had this happen...this is the old carbon stuff. I am sure this will go on for awhile. I am 51 years old have always been chunky,  never thin and my belly and bloat are now going away. My work IS  in the Holistic field, Medical Massage Therapist, Certified Herbalist and Aroma Therapist and gluten free and vegetarian and never have I had results like this. I work with a colonist and will be massaging at her business. It is giving back to others and help them achieve good health. Your wealth is your health. - Sharon W.

Colon Polyp Disappears

I started using the clay about 6 months after my wife, Linda.  Of course seeing what it was doing for Linda was proof enough for me (I guess one would say I am a bit skeptical and half to see results).  I lost my father to cancer and then my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and beat it after having surgery.  Her doctor said her children should be checked out no matter what our ages so 3 years ago I went in for the dreaded colonoscopy and I had a polyp they said could turn to cancer so they said to come back in three years (this year).  I recently had my second colonoscopy and I was clean...!!!  I completely attribute this to the living clay but some might think otherwise! - Dan R.

Colonics and Clay Cleanse

I am writing to let you know how the clay has changed my life and also the lives of my clients. I have been a colon hydro therapist for 6 years now. I started by drinking the clay myself several days before my "spring cleansing"   followed by my usual psyllium husk regimen I went in for my cleanse --and what came out was amazing. Ropes of muciod plaque. Now whenever my clients are preparing for their cleanse I make sure they drink the clay. Everyone including myself actually just stays drinking the clay. I am now up to 3 ounce 3 times per day and I have never looked or felt better. I would recommend this product to any colon therapist that wants the best for their clients. It’s the safest and most effective way to eliminate that old toxic waste. Just doing a colonic is not always enough!! - Vanessa G.

Crohn's Disease

The clays I've had the best luck with for my Crohn's thus far are any type safe for internal use that SWELL. Now I wouldn't say this to any crohnnies out there who have stricturing in their gut, as the potential for a partial or total blockage is high. These clays work for me as I no longer have any stricturing after a surgery 8 years ago that removed a foot of strictured small intestine & cecum. Currently, I've had problems confined to the large intestine that respond quite well to clays. I believe they do a great job to remove all the excess water, mucus, and bacteria in the gut. I'm thrilled to have found a natural product that helps to control some of the difficult symptoms of this disease.  - Mike Y.


I started taking your clay internally a little over 2 months ago. I used 1 teaspoonful, in water, with a little lemon juice, once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. I did this for approximately 2 weeks to see how I would react to it, there were no negative results. Then I increased the amount to 1 rounded tablespoon in water with the lemon juice and this is what I am currently doing. Since I started taking it, I immediately noticed an increase in energy. After a few weeks I noticed  that I was less conscious of my whole digestive tract, in other words, I was experiencing less gas and any kind of gastric problems (indigestion, etc.). Foods seem to digest easier and quicker, without hardly any noticing. I plan on using the clay as a permanent part of my daily health program, along with eating right, supplements when necessary, and enough water and exercise. –Tom M.

Digestive Problems

My boyfriend, age 50, has had digestive problems for about 30 years. He has tried EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING doctors and all kinds of health practitioners recommended, including all kinds of diets for extended periods of time. The clay worked!!!! He sipped on it throughout the day for about 1 week. Sometimes he mixes it with a green drink to make a "creamy cocktail." Halleluja! - Alexsandra B.

Gas and Bloating

My family and I started taking 2 oz of clay twice a day( the detox dose) in Oct. of 2005. We also started our son on clay baths once daily for 2 weeks in the hopes that we would see some improvement in his autistic behavior.

I've been suffering with a severe gas problem for over 10 years. My stomach would get very bloated and I would also have pockets of gas throughout other areas of my body.  My husband could push in my back, legs, arms, neck, head and feet and I would belch. I would also belch if I gave my husband a back rub.  I would be bloated whether or not I ate. I was often so tired and week from the gas that I could do no more than lay on the floor. My bowel movements were quite irregular. I had dark spots on my face and my feet were dry and rough. That about covers the bad news.  Now for the good news.  After taking the clay for a month I noticed little white rice like specks in my stools. After some research I found out they were parasite larva which I'm told are expelled after you expel the parasites themselves. I continued to see the larva for 4 months until they disappeared. The gas and bloating problem is practically non existent and as of this time my bowel movements have improved to 3 per day. The dark spots on my face have gone away and my husband says my feet are as soft as cotton.

We had a Reverse Osmosis water filter system. We found that it makes the water acidic. In our case Ph 4.0. We found that by putting 1/8 tsp. clay powder into 1 qt. water that it raised the Ph to 8.0. Alkaline water is much better for your health. I put the hydrated clay on a cyst that appeared under my arm while I was fasting and it disappeared that evening. It also acted as a deodorant. After brushing my teeth with it they are 2 shades whiter. My mother has been taking clay for 3 months and it is improving her blood pressure and blood sugar levels. My mother, mother in-law and I have all seen improvement in our hair and we all lost weight. As for our son we noticed an improvement in him being able to process his thoughts and convey them.  His skin is clearer and his bowel movements are easier. His memory has improved and he falls asleep better. My husband was always very healthy but he does complain that his hair and nails grow to fast now. I think his hair is getting a lot darker because it was starting to gray. - Deborah & Quintin W.

Gastric Distress from Ulcer

I just read the book on clay cures by Perry A., even read it to my husband, who has frequent episodes of gastric distress from an ulcer. We decided to give clay a try, the next time he had a problem, I gave 2 oz. to him. His problem resolved within moments, to our great relief. Then, a few nights ago, I ate more greasy food than I should have.  I had my gall bladder removed several years, and the doctor told me to go easy on fried foods.  It's not usually a problem, since I eat very little fried foods.  When I overdo the greasy foods (which has only happened a few times!) I can hardly move for the horrible abdominal pain.  Well, after the success with my husband, as soon as I began to feel discomfort in my lower abdominal region, I decided to try a swig of the clay solution, too, and very shortly, no more discomfort! - Jo Ann A.

Heartburn/Acid Indigestion

I’m very skeptical about new products, but I’m quickly becoming a believer in Living Clay.  I’ve suffered with heartburn and indigestion for years and years, and have been using Prevacid as needed – usually 2-3 times a week.  Last week, I ran out of my Prevacid, and had a nasty case of heartburn late at night.  My wife brought me some of her liquid clay. I tried it, and almost instantly the heartburn was gone.  I’m a believer in results, and this stuff gets results. - Phillip E.

Heartburn Gone Since Clay

My husband is taking the clay and no longer has heart burn, plus, his hair and skin is not as greasy... he was skeptical at first.. now he is a believer, and loves his clay too. - Diane W.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I was recently turned on to living clay by a co-worker who swore by it.  Of course, I was skeptical; and, of course, I thought she was loony!  However, I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and the only hope that the doctor offered was to take Imodium to stop the diarrhea and then take fiber (amount unknown of course) to help bind.  Needless to say, this was an unending cycle that was not working; plus I dislike taking any medicine unless absolutely necessary.  Knowing I had nothing to lose since my co-worker hadn’t died yet from drinking clay J, I tried it.  And the rest as they say is history.  The IBS is under control – not cured, mind you – but under control; I don’t have that constant “sick” feeling w/severe gas pains, and I haven’t had to take Imodium since regularly drinking clay.  Truly is great stuff and the best part is that it’s natural. - Vivian B.

Master Cleanse with Clay

I have done the Master Cleanse, taken oregano, colloidal silver and a variety of other things over the last few years, but something was still lacking. While I wasn’t sick, I just didn’t feel alive. Just dragging along from day to day. I can’t believe how much better I feel after only 3 days. Nothing has changed in my life, other than adding clay to my diet.  - Debbie B.

Multiple Cleansing Benefits

I had suffered from so many different things from high blood pressure to high blood sugar to obesity and lupus-like symptoms. I was always tired and felt like I was dying. Chronic pains in my feet and joints, headaches and I caught every cold and flu it seemed. I also had rough skin on my feet and lived with yeast infections monthly. I had hot flashes and would feel dizzy and had ear ringing. Not to mention acne at 42. I couldn't sleep well and I had sleep apnea. I also had constant gas. Plus I was obese. I started off by not drinking or cooking with fluoridated water as I found out how deadly it really is. It took a lot of symptoms away. The gout, the pain in the joints, and I slept a little better and my blood pressure went down some. Then I came across your page about clay. I bought some powdered clay and I drank it in 16 oz. water on empty stomach once a day. The first dose I have to admit cleaned out my intestines so well green plaque came out. Yuk. I was shocked that was in me. I had no idea it could work so well so fast. Within about an hour I started feeling like I did when I was younger. Later that day I noticed my eye whites were so white and I never seen it that way ever. Unless I used eye drops. Well I started taking Epsom salt, clay half cup each and one tablespoon baking soda baths. I would soak for half an hour three times a week. My rough skin cleared up and after a month I noticed I no longer slept fitfully and I stayed asleep with no more snoring. My blood pressure is now normal. I am overweight but not obese now. Borderline. The weight fell off of me so fast my skin from my stomach touches my thighs. However I didn't diet or restrict my food intake. I no longer suffer from gas unless I eat beans and the acne is gone completely. No more hot flashes I still get colds but I use my clark zapper that I made myself and within twenty minutes my cold symptoms are gone. I took thirty drops of black walnut hull tincture once a day with 8 oz. water for one week then once a week after that and I no longer have high blood sugar. It is normal now. All the other symptoms disappeared other than occasional pains when it turns cold or rains. I also now use it on my scalp as I always had dandruff and sores on my scalp. No more. When I use the clay as a mask my skin gets so much tighter its like I lost years off my face immediately. It stays tight and smooth and I don't see the little crow’s feet anymore at all. I continue on the baths three days a week and the internal daily. – Lisa C.


Agent Orange and Other Problems

I am a gulf war veteran.  I was activated January, 1991 and had to leave three small children ( my oldest was only five).  Although I was not deployed to the war zone, I was inoculated with a whole array of vaccines along with everyone else.  I spent most of my deployment in England, from where we launched our cargo planes loaded with supplies for the troops in Iraq.

Toward the end of my mobilization, I came down with a serious kidney infection, and when I was demobilized I continued to feel sickly.  I was chronically tired, but could never get a restful night's sleep.  I had a dull headache all the time, my gums were sore and bleeding, and my joints ached.  After my demobilization, I felt as if I had aged fifty years!

I began to pay close attention to my diet, eating as much fresh vegetables and fruits.....getting organic as much as possible.  I began supplementing my diet with CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle extract, vitamin c, a good probiotic, and just as much "good stuff" as I could get into my body.  These things seemed to help somewhat, but I just couldn't seem to get total and consistent relief from the symptoms I was experiencing.

About two years ago, I accidentally came across the WARL radio station in Providence and there was a lady talking about "real health".  After that day, I tuned in regularly.  Anyway, I began using oregano products, coconut oil, essential oils, flax lignin and some other items which again improved my condition.

Then, one day the radio show had this guest on who was talking about eating dirt every day!  I thought "what!?"  As I listened to this man describe the many curing abilities of this miraculous "dirt", I made a decision that I was going to get some, as I still was battling bleeding gums, canker sores, and pains in the back of my neck and knee joints.

I started taking one teaspoon of clay with purified water first thing in the morning and before bed.  I continued this regimen for about the next nine months, until one day this summer, I went to the beach with my husband and several of our friends for a diving adventure.  After diving, we girls went into the ladies room to change and wash the salt and sand off.  And as we were washing and chatting in front of the mirrors, one of the ladies looked at me, her eyes with the look of amazement, and she said to me "you have the best skin I've ever seen!"  I didn't know what to say except, "Thanks, what a kind thing to say."  Then I looked in the mirror and noticed that a liver spot I’d had on my left cheek since my last pregnancy which was in 1989, about the size of a quarter, which had started to raise at one point, was completely gone!  My complexion really was even-toned and radiant!  I hadn’t even noticed until that lovely comment was made!

What I really noticed, however, since eating clay every day and using only clay and sea salt as a dentifrice, is a complete clearing of my gum problems, the lack of joint and neck pain, no headaches, and I sleep like a baby!  The chronic fatigue I'd lived with for so long had disappeared completely!

I'm so thankful for this God-sent substance for those of us who can now use this to heal ourselves and to purify ourselves of the many toxins we ingest knowingly and unknowingly.  I do believe this "miracle dirt" could be the key to curing Gulf War Illness and to restoring our many sick veterans (about 260,000) back to health. - Donna D.

9/11 Clay Bath Detox

Want to give an update on the clay baths in regards to detoxing my husband from 9/11 toxins. We are amazed at how the clay baths are working! We know they're working merely by the fact that there is less and less black sediment appearing in the bottom of the tub with each bath :) We're using 2 clay baths a week. It also makes us feel so much cleaner and softer than we ever have before. – Georgene F.

Clay Baths and Masks for Vertigo
I am 56 years old, and usually am never sick, and have never had vertigo before. We eat organic and filter our water. I normally do take daily clay, but had slipped this week before this happened due to family visiting. I had not detoxed with a clay bath in 2 weeks so it really hit me.

I would guess it would be based on what was actually causing your vertigo. I had not had any allergies, colds, or inner ear issues. No swimming, etc. However, the filters in our reverse osmosis water system had stopped functioning. Our water filter people had told us the water was safe to drink (basically we were drinking the city water we are supplied which is poisoned water), but we now know not to do this again. So we think it was just a buildup of toxins. The weather was hot, and we were drinking a lot of the poisoned water thinking the filters were just slow but working.

I was too sick to do a detox bath right away--though I knew that would help immensely. I just could not get it ready. So I did drink a dose of clay in some juice. Then I put a clay mask on my face, neck and feet. I left this on for about an hour. This helped enough that I was then able to mix up the clay (2 cups of dry clay), and take a detox bath for 15-20 minutes. That evening I did another clay mask on my face only.

I then did another clay bath a few days later. I think being more aggressive with the baths and masks (face and feet) would really see quicker results, possibly a bath a day or more a day. But I did get immediate relief from the vertigo, enough after the mask that I was able to ready the bath. And the bath was a big help. No more dizziness just more feeling weak. We thank God for this clay every day! We keep the Clay book handy for ready use and reference. - Patty E.

Clay Bath Detox – Free of Metals

I’m a little excited, I got my hair analysis back and I am toxin free. I have NO toxins; no lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium and so on. Here is a plug for clay, not that it needs it, but it does work.  I was so excited that I want to tell everyone that it does work. I don’t know when I started and was not faithful. But still the only thing I attribute it to is the clay. I ate the clay both ways, liquid and hydrated. I also took baths quite often in clay; love how it relaxes me and helps me sleep. I did brush my teeth with it too and still do some but not always. As to how often I will tell you I was on and off all the time. It was not an everyday thing mostly because it had to be right in front of me to remember it. LOL. The results of the toxin free was bonus knowledge for me. And the only thing I can attribute it to is the clay as I did nothing else to clear up toxins. And by the way my pH was great too. I also was not lacking in enzymes. I too must tell you that I am delving into RIGHT eating. I am 90% raw food and 10% cooked food eater. So I am sure these things added to my results except for the toxin free result. – Jean P.

Clay Bath Detox Results

The clay has been working so well for me that I can hardly believe the results I have gotten and quickly, too. The first clay bath I took almost did me in. I must have been very toxic. I was tired and lethargic for about 3 days after, sleeping a lot and feeling exhausted. After I recovered, I felt better than I have in a very long time. I knew this could happen and was not dismayed in the least that it did, in fact, I was thrilled because I knew something good would come of it. A side benefit to all of this claying of my body is that my skin is so soft and smooth, it’s never looked healthier and I feel so much better. – Linda W.

Clay Bath Results in 6 Year old with 95 Percentile Heavy Metals

My boy, Noah, is 6, and regressed after his MMR. Sadly, I had a flu shot during pregnancy (convinced by my OB) and Noah had all his vaccines and the MMR was the last straw for him. The heavy metals (a slew of them) in his body measure in the 95th-100th percentile. Although many have stated clay has mercury in it, I have done my research and know your clay is pure- also there is a gentleman with a wealth of knowledge on the Yahoo CK2 group (Steve I think is his name) that promotes the clay as well. Noah has "toxic encephalopathy" and we have been using the clay to detox for quite some time. Sadly, on his birthday this year, Feb 3, he had brain and orbital surgery to remove abscesses that quite frankly came out of the blue - some say it is similar to what a progressive sinus infection can do but he had no symptoms of such - got a headache, was admitted for swelling around the eye and a few days later a second CT scan (at my insistence) revealed an intracranial epidural abscess (a deadly condition) in addition to the orbital one (around the eye). He was rushed to Johns Hopkins for immediate surgery....I am still suffering the trauma of it is Noah. His Traumatic Stress Disorder has returned to it's heightened state (began a year ago when he was abused in a pre-school program) and he is severely anxious.

Anyway, we have a phenomenal physician/pediatrician who is also a DAN doc and says Noah is not autistic although you would have thought so at 14 months when he "slipped away" and we have been healing him bio medically since then. He's made tremendous progress - all but his lack of speech. He was chelating with TD-DMSA with awesome results along with your awesome clay. Because the hospitals didn't "approve" of many of his meds and because he was/is so fragile, he is not using the DMSA right now, just the clay baths which show immediate results! He is happier, eye contact improves, relatedness and engagement are increased...on and on....he is a very sick little man bio-medically and I thank God clay is there  to help him. - Mary Ann M.

Detox, Cleanse and pH Balance

As a Nutritional Microscopist, I have the unique perspective of seeing how any & all changes to me & my clients affect us on a cellular level. I can go into numerous reasons why that is the most important indicator of anything related to one’s health but I will save that for another time.

Suffice it to say, I can look at the blood after fasting & see a disorganization of cells. After the individual takes a supplement or food, I can look again to see what kind of changes have occurred.  The type of change is the ultimate indicator of the positive or negative impact on the body.

I say that to say this, every cell in our bodies is created by our red blood cells & the health of our red blood cells determines the health of every cell & thus our entire body. If I have a client that comes to me with a diagnosis from an oncologist saying that he has intestinal cancer for instance, I know that it only takes about 2 weeks to turn over every cell in the intestines. If we go about fixing this problem from the typical American stand point of poor nutrition, radiation & acidic drugs then it will take months for a chance of “curing” the cancer, with no guarantee of success or that it won’t come back. I, on the other hand, would have the client use clay to cleanse, alkalize & heal the bowels & the entire body & use chlorophyll or plant blood to build new healthy cells. In 2 weeks every cell could be regenerated as a brand new healthy cell and the cancer could be virtually gone. Of course, this is a simplified example of a more in depth situation. However, it shows the basic point that clay & chlorophyll, assuming that we are dealing with the best quality products for the best results, are crucial to any & all health concerns no matter how big or small.

Health comes from four main protocols.  First, cleansing & detoxifying the bowels & other filter/elimination organs of the body.  Second, providing the body the proper nutrients to do its job of building new healthy cells & meeting the needs of the body to heal itself & perform all the other functions of life.  Third, super hydrating the body with electron saturated water.  Fourth, getting regular exercise to help deal with stress, increase oxygen levels & remove waste. You can’t do it on part of the equation, you need all these components. Quality is just as important as the how of the equation. That is why I only use the very finest calcium Bentonite clay.-Jason F.

Detox Success Measured by Iridology

I am pleased to say that the clay has really been cleaning things up for me. Let me explain a bit. I have been awakened to the holistic way and natural remedies for 6 1/2 years now. With some health issues which has held up some of the progress, I have been cleansing (Colon) off and on as issues would permit change in diet etc. Each time I would cleanse I would see change in the eye, (iridology) but it would only get so clean. My naturopath would check periodically and I also as I have taken every study course he had to offer, iridology being one of them. Any way I have only been taking clay since Jan. and I just had a eye check with him and I told him I had been detoxing. When he looked at the eye pictures he could see how clean and clear they are. My iris' now look better than ever, he said. “I guess you have! Keep doing what you are doing.”  I said I will.

I have been taking 1-2 ounces of the liquid clay premix daily and 2 clay baths a week using 2 cups of Living Clay per bath and soaking a good 20 minutes.  I am detoxing this way for heavy metals. I had (mercury) amalgams.  I still have about half way to go. My sleep has improved too! I don't seem to wake up for long periods of time very much anymore.  I look forward to see how I could finish my healing process maybe quicker with this toxic burden being straightened out. I thank God for his guidance to clay and other great helps and products etc. along the way. - Virginia C.

Hairstylist Gets Relief from Chemical Exposure

I would like to tell you that I go to an herbalist that does muscle testing on me.  As a hairstylist I am around chemicals all the time.  Before I started drinking clay I tested very poorly for solvent toxins and since I have started drinking and wearing clay I have almost none left in my system.  I start off in the morning with my clay and end my day with my clay, I love it. - Sharon G.

Heavenly Clay Bath

OH.......MY GOD!  I just did my first clay bath and it was SO GREAT!!!  I feel like a million bucks!  I also used the Lavender soap and body cream.....also SO GREAT!  I feel like how Cleopatra must have felt....HA!  I love your products and your Southern generosity. I'll be a customer for life. I'll tell ya' one thing I noticed since I did the clay bath last evening: my skin has a pleasant warmness to it, and I sweated like I only sweat when I drum, after the bath. It just felt SO good. My bathroom smells like the lavender soap you gave me, and I got a new batch of essential oils today. I think I'm going to write a book and entitle it: "I died and went to the bathroom (pun intended)....don't call, don 't write". I....have a confession......I have become a natural product WHORE. I've even eschewed Jimmy Choo's and Dooney and Bourke for just about any natural product I can get my hands on. That's what I wish I could get a career doing: testing and writing about natural products. Then I could spend most of my time in one of my most favorite bathroom. It's almost like Holy ground to me. You would have laughed your arse off if you could have been the fly on the wall when I was taking my clay bath. You would have thought I was rolling around in pure, liquid gold itself! But I know a good thing when I'm WALLOWING in it, and as far as I'm IS liquid gold and nothing less. I was so looking forward to that clay! I whipped out my thick and thirsty, 100% organic robe and slippers, de-chlorinated the bath water first, lit a candle, had a cold bottle of water with a twist of lime in there with me and got the water as hot as I could take it. Added the clay and IN I went......for 20 minutes of GLORY. Life.....can really suck. a whole lot better!!!  HA! – Lizabeth E.

Heavy Metal Detoxing

I wanted to relay some information on my experience with a journey to remove heavy metals from my body. Some background is necessary to understand my health status. 10 years ago I suffered from a major health crisis and was diagnosed with microscopic ulcerative colitis, I had lost 25 pounds and weighed 97 pounds. The treatment prescribed was steroids. My mom had heard of a homeopathic practitioner in our area and I decided to go to see her, before starting the traditional medical treatment. It took 3 years; but, subsequent colonoscopies have never picked up the colitis and traditional doctors have said that there must have been a mistake in my original diagnosis. Since then, I have made homeopathy my official and first line of action for illness. My practitioner has always told me that I had a huge toxic burden to my body, and the many strategies that I have tried, have never impacted the high metal levels. One day in Sept 08, my practitioner told me that if I could not get my toxic levels down that I would most assuredly develop cancer at some point. She suggested a sauna treatment which is costly and time consuming. So I left the office disheartened that no matter what I tried, I could not impact those levels.

That same day, I went to a new health food store, and while standing in line, I noticed a magazine with an article about detoxing. It mentioned several books and Perry's book, Living Clay and talked about how one could detoxify the body with the use of clay. I went home read the article and ordered Perry's book. Next, I ordered the clay and began taking it at the end of Sept. 08. I have taken clay baths about one time per week and have taken clay internally daily since Sept. My recent hair analysis shows that I have had significant reductions in my heavy metals. I went from the 80th percentile in total toxic representation to the 64th percentile. This is after 5 months on the clay. Even my homeopathic practitioner was stunned as she has never seen my levels go anywhere but up. Clay was not my only treatment, I combine it with eating almost all organic fruits and vegetables. I also eat over 50% raw. Additionally, I take several supplements to assist with detoxing.

This long story is to tell people that detoxing can be done without huge expense. I have the data and testing to prove that clay is an amazing product to use in the detoxification process and seems to help everything else I was doing. I'm so thankful I found clay! – Justine F.

High Mercury Detoxing

My chronic inflammation is greatly reduced and I no longer feel like I am on the brink of madness. I started having problems about 4 years ago when I was in the navy, during a period of low vitamin d/ high mercury exposure through corroding amalgam fillings, numerous vaccinations, and consumption of lots of sushi. I started taking high dose vitamin D (8000 IU per day) a few months ago which seemed to help my thyroid some, but wasn't addressing the bigger problem of mental dysfunction and hyperactive immune system. I had a lot of the symptoms of mercury toxicity, inability to concentrate, severe mood swings, shooting pains anywhere in the body, pins and needles sensations, creepy crawly feelings, chronic fatigue, delusional thinking, mild hallucinations. Also, attempting chelation through Alpha Lipoic Acid and naturopathic formulations from my doctor made the symptoms a lot worse, which is another reason I think I have mercury in my system. After my first clay bath I had a  lot of shooting pains, twitching muscles, and creepy crawlies, which would indicate mobilization of mercury. I've done 4 clay baths now and the symptoms are greatly reduced. My chronic inflammation is less severe now too. No, I haven't done a test, but from what I've read most tests are not good at detecting mercury, and all the symptoms consistently point to mercury. - Aaron E.

Removing Heavy Metals

I wanted to relay some information on my experience with a journey to remove heavy metals from my body. Some background is necessary to understand my health status. 10 years ago I suffered from a major health crisis and was diagnosed with microscopic ulcerative colitis, I had lost 25 pounds and weighed 97 pounds. The treatment prescribed was steroids. My mom had heard of a homeopathic practitioner in our area and I decided to go to see her, before starting the traditional medical treatment. It took 3 years; but, subsequent colonoscopies have never picked up the colitis and traditional doctors have said that there must have been a mistake in my original diagnosis. Since then, I have made homeopathy my official and first line of action for illness. My practitioner has always told me that I had a huge toxic burden to my body, and the many strategies that I have tried, have never impacted the high metal levels. One day in Sept 08, my practitioner told me that if I could not get my toxic levels down that I would most assuredly develop cancer at some point. She suggested a sauna treatment which is costly and time consuming. So I left the office disheartened that no matter what I tried, I could not impact those levels.

That same day, I went to a new health food store, and while standing in line, I noticed a magazine with an article about detoxing. It mentioned several books and Perry's book, Living Clay and talked about how one could detoxify the body with the use of clay. I went home read the article and ordered Perry's book. Next, I ordered the clay and began taking it at the end of Sept. 08. I have taken clay baths about one time per week and have taken clay internally daily since Sept. My recent hair analysis shows that I have had significant reductions in my heavy metals. I went from the 80th percentile in total toxic representation to the 64th percentile. This is after 5 months on the clay. Even my
homeopathic practitioner was stunned as she has never seen my levels go anywhere but up. Clay was not my only treatment, I combine it with eating almost all organic fruits and vegetables. I also eat over 50% raw. Additionally, I take several supplements to assist with detoxing.

This long story is to tell people that detoxing can be done without huge expense. I have the data and testing to prove that clay is an amazing product to use in the detoxification process and seems to help everything else I was doing. I'm so thankful I found clay! - Justine

Soft Skin

Since I started clay baths my skin is so soft and smooth people remark on it. One time a friend touched my arm to get my attention in a restaurant and embarrassed me with oohs and aahs and loud exclamations of how touching my skin was like touching satin or velvet. We had several people come by the table to see if they could have a "touch test" for themselves. No beet had anything on me. - Mary Lee. S.

Toxin Free Hair Analysis

I am a little excited, I got my hair analysis back and I am toxin free. I have NO toxins like lead, mercury, cadmium and so on. I started with clay baths to help me with a pinched nerve and did it ever help. So I did a lot of baths and still doI ate the clay both ways liquid and hydrated. I also took baths quite often in clay. Love how it relaxes me and helps me sleep. I did brush my teeth with it too and still do some but not always. As to how often I will tell you I was on and off all the time. It was not an every day thing mostly because it had to be right in front of me to remember it. LOL I got the hair analysis because I am trying to do some hormone balancing. I still have hot flashes even after 7 years of menopause. The results of the toxin free test was a bonus knowledge for me. And the only thing I can attribute it too is the clay as I did nothing else to clear up toxins. And by the way my PH was great too. And something else he did for me was too test my saliva in the morning right after I had drank some lemon juice. If it went up to 8 it meant that my enzymes were doing a great job. I was not lacking in enzymes. I too must tell you that I am (recently in last 6 years) delving into RIGHT eating. I am 90% raw food and 10% cooked food eater. So I am sure these things added to my results except for the toxin free result. I don't believe one needs to take any medicine when there is so much out there naturally to help. I am not on any medication and am 55 years young. I hope this helps. - Jean P.

Toxic Load Decreased

Just wanted to share an interesting experience I had today. I have seen a homeopathic practitioner for 10 years now. Today, I shared the fact that I was using clay internally daily and taking clay baths. She showed me some clay tablets she prescribes for parasites. I feel so comfortable with the fact that she approved my clay use since I have trusted her for some years now. Additionally, she noticed the spots on my hands and told me how my liver was being detoxed. What a great confirmation! I also had a hair analysis re-done and hope to share the good news that my toxic load has decreased in several weeks. - Justine F.



An 82 year old lady was resignedly waiting for her cataract to ‘ripen’ before undergoing surgery. Then she agreed to try application of clay poultices. It has been a year since it last bothered her. This improvement had been witnessed by her oculist. - From The Healing Clay by Michael Abehsera

Clay for Vision, Birthmark and Skin Care

I am 67 years old and began taking clay orally on December 1 year 2010. The amount I used was full rounded teaspoon of brown clay from a local store, in half glass of water upon awaking in the morning and at 7:00 p.m. after eating a light meal at evening (usually I don't eat after that at night). I did it for 60 days. While doing that I noticed being less tired, more energetic, more joyfulness, and much more strength while dancing (I dance once in a week for one hour folk dancing), while swimming 1 Km every day at morning and when walking. About this time I was introduced to Living Clay from a friend and began using it. Seeing the benefits of taking clay orally I decided to try it for curing a birthmark on my face, so after 100 days I began using it on my face.  In the morning I drank one full teaspoon of clay twice a day. I soaked the clay in water for 24 hours before drinking it. I also began using the clay on my face twice a day in the morning and in the evening. About 3 weeks ago, after having many remarks on how my face was looking younger and that the birth mark was much improved, I decided to put the clay also on my eyes for about 30 minutes, so in the morning I put the clay on my face and one eye for half and hour then washed my face then put again on face and other eye for 30 minutes. I noticed after 3 weeks that I did not need glasses to read newspaper and lately I stopped using glasses when in front of computer screen or when reading books and newspapers. Another important thing, before using clay on my face I used to get my face cleaned every two weeks by a special women who cleaned it thoroughly to remove black heads that I had on my face, When these spots were removed each time a white matter was coming from under it. About 2 weeks after using the clay on my face, the woman who came to clean my face was astonished to note that my face was clean and didn't need treatment any more.

My wife also had a very good experience with using clay. She had dermabrasion on her face.  About year after that Wounds (scarring) arose on her face. The scarring was so ugly that she couldn't go out of the home because she felt uneasy to meet people who constantly asked about what happened to her. She began medical treatments including antibiotics and additional special pills to fight the wounds. It took two months of treatments until the wounds were cured. About a year later the wounds appeared again. Now being familiar with the clay power I suggested she use clay. She didn't believe that the clay would help but as she felt she must do something to heal the wounds she began the clay treatment. About a week after the start of using clay the wounds were healed. Now she does not miss any day to spread clay on her face, and she advocates using it to everybody!!

My 80 year old brother who is also reading the newspaper with aide of eye glasses has begun using clay over his face and eyes to fight a cataract. About week later as he was reading the newspaper when he also noticed that he does not need his glasses any more.  These experiences have quickly spread to other brothers and now clay is a family thing. - David G.

Itching Eyes

When I get allergies my eyes itch like crazy and water.  I have tried eye wash and over the counter products and even a cream my eye doctor recommended, but nothing works like clay.  I close one eye tightly and cover the entire eye with the topical creamy Living Clay paste for 15 minute periods and wash it off.  Then I do the other eye the same way. The irritation is gone and the watery itching stops.  15-20 minutes to relief. Thank you for BentoniteClay. - Mary T.

Pinkeye Cleared in One Day

I started developing pink eye a few days ago--my eyes were red and oozy (sorry to gross anyone out...I won't get too graphic!).  I made myself a clay rinse for my eyes, just water and clay, and splashed in my eyes several times.  I couldn't believe, the redness decreased immediately, and more ooze started to come out every time I rinsed.  It was like all the yucky stuff was pulled out at once, my eyes burned a little, but not bad, I could tell I was getting better.  The next day my eyes were fine. I didn't have to go to the doctor for a dumb eye exam to get the medicine.  The clay is amazing.  Absolutely amazing--it saved me so much money. – Diana P.

Sinus Poultices

I put some small poultices on the sinuses under my eyes with the Press and Seal overnight. This was to detox the sinuses.  I was amazed that the side effect was that this procedure made me look younger the next morning.  I’ll take all the help I can get at 70. – Bobbie A.

Sinus Tip

"I wanted to let you know I found during all that 'bad air' we were having, I had dry nose and even nose bleeds at times which added to head and sinus congestion. I swabbed a small layer of liquid clay in the very end/inside of my nose and it helped a ton!!!! I did that throughout the day. The dry nose stopped the nose bleeds stopped and my ears are even tons better. Now I do that probably a couple times a day morning and at bedtime. I haven't read that idea in the book or the website so thought I'd pass it along. I use it now in this way as a least I feel like it is giving me a little extra protection from the elements. -C. C.

Sinus Headaches

Throughout the last 8 years I have been bothered with major sinus problems. These include constant congestion and weekly bouts with sinus, pressure and headaches. The daily use of clay has helped tremendously with these and my condition continues to improve. The headaches have almost entirely been eliminated at this point. Also my health, overall has improved, my immune system seems stronger as I have not had a cold or the flu this winter.

I plan on using the clay as a permanent part of my daily health program, along with eating right, supplements when necessary, and enough water and exercise. Thank-you for providing the information and safe, pure clay. I will be using it PERMANENTLY. - Tom M.


I had a sty in my eye last week, for the first time in I don't know how many years, I had some kind of cold, and I think it caused the sty too. I decided to try to draw it out a little with the clay, which I am also taking internally. I cleaned my eye very carefully, and used coconut oil for moisturizing, and then patted on a little clay paste, keeping below my lower lash line, and slept with that on. I did it for a few nights, and I think it really did reduce the irritation. - Mary Beth


Clay Cure All

Hey all I started using clay in March of '08 mainly because I have been "sick" for about 7 years and no real reason could be found. As I was researching I discovered all sorts of nasty things like mercury, toxicity, yeast and parasites. I must say the clay has given me back my energy, my zest for life and oh yeah I have lost some weight. Also I noticed I don't have to dye my hair as much not nearly as grey. So I would recommend the clay for everyone. Spider veins in my legs are diminishing and the huge varicose one down the back of my leg is getting smaller so..... drink up, it is all good!!! - Debbie R.

Clay Is A Must For My Family

I have been using clay for my family and I for about 6 months now. My goal is to always have some in the house for daily use. I have kids so I like to make sure they take it daily since sometimes our eating habits aren't always the best, being on a budget and all. I find the clay in important part of our lives now. Removing harmful toxins, bacteria, parasites from the body is a must. - Crystal S.

Croupy Cough

My Mom is in a nursing home, and has had a very bad cough, she is unable to bring the mucus up on her own, and so she has to be suctioned. Well today when I went to see my Mom I immediately applied the hydrated clay to her chest and throat area and kept it on for approximately 45 minutes, well you will not believe what happened during that time, she began coughing, but the wonderful part is that she started bringing up the mucus on her own, I was so excited I had tears of joy. - Carla C.

Enlarged Lymph Node Shrinks

Recently, I had another chance to see what the clay has accomplished in another person’s life. I have an individual in the office who was having problems sleeping and went to the medical community for help.  After giving her a complete physical and finding nothing "out of sorts", they decided MRI (from the top of her head to mid-chest) to see if it would show anything.  Well it did...but it was not associated with what they were looking for...!  They found an enlarged lymph node next to her heart by the aorta.  She was told they wanted to check it out in another two weeks...well needless to say she was terrified...!!!  She came and talked to me and I immediately told her to order some of the Living Clay powder which she did!  Linda mailed her some over night to hold her over until her order arrived.  I instructed her how to use it...she bathed in it and drank it for about 4 or 5 days before she was scheduled for her CT (from the bottom of the head to lower abdomen).  The doctor wanted the same radiologist who read the MRI to read the CT and had to wait a few days before calling her with the results.  The Doctor started out saying they now thought it was just an inflamed lymph node because it was smaller from when they first had seen it in the MRI.  Then the doctor asked if she had been taking Pepto Bismal...curious at to what initiated the friend said no...why do you ask?  The doctor said the CT showed the entire intestinal track was lined with something like Pepto Bismal...!!!  My friend then said she had been drinking calcium bentonite clay!  The doctor said she had heard about it, what it was and to keep taking it because it is good for you...!!!  Now you can come to your own conclusion but personally, knowing what I know...seeing what I have seen...I personally feel the clay immediately started to reverse the problem with the lymph node...and I think the doctor did as well but since she is a mainstream doctor, and a military one too...I feel she couldn't give the real reason as to what had occurred with my friends health...!!!! - Dan R.

Feeling Fabulous on Clay

I have been consuming Calcium Bentonite Clay for about three months. It is fabulous and it makes me feel fabulous. I have done a detox with the clay and have my two boys taking the clay nightly. One has ADD and I have seen a remarkable difference in focus since he has started the clay. Thank goodness we found you. - Diane H.

General Health

I love this clay so much! I first heard about bentonite clay on a radio show. The 2 hour interview was absolutely fascinating and the clay is superb. I eat it twice daily & apply it externally as well. I feel more energized, my eye whites are clearer and my digestive system is running so much better.  My sons love what it has done for their acne. I have also tried it (very successfully) on my younger sons dandruff problem. I added some hydrated clay to his shampoo and the dandruff is gone. I think there are almost unlimited possibilities for using this clay. - Louise J.

Hangover and General use

I am using clay for many things. Mainly for metal detox as a drink, but also for ph balance, maintenance, skin care, pet detox, and foot soaks to draw out toxins. It seems like it snaps me right out of a hangover too. - Shane M.

Hangover from Wine Gone with Clay

Hi! I don't recommend anyone make a habit of this, but I went to a party on Saturday, and decided to have a little more wine than I knew was going to be good for me, and just pay the price. But, when I got home, I took some clay before I went to bed, along with a good amount of water. When I woke up the next morning, I was better than I expected to be, and took some more clay, and felt pretty darn good all day!  - M.B. Dawson

Hangover Remedy

I hate to admit this but one day I had a terrible hangover.  I took some clay and went to work. By the time I got there 30 minutes later I felt fine. No hangover at all. - Linda R.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

My son, Lani, was just home from Bates College, for a few days, to heal from Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  I gave him the clay to consume internally, morning and at bedtime, to apply to the itchy rashes (all over his body), and to soak in a warm tub.  He had a miraculous turnaround in just 3 days. He was cleared by the school nurse this afternoon, so is back practicing with the football team.  His rashes and the itching responded to the clay immediately.  He has also used the clay to clear up his acne with great success.  We have a sample of your clay face and body scrub, which we like, so have ordered some for myself, my 21-year-old daughter, Jamie, and for my son, Lani.  Thank you for such great and useful products! - Deb E.

Highly Allergic and Sensitive

I wanted to say thank you very, very much for supplying this kind of product.  I'm one of those people that is allergic to everything- including corn, and finding detoxifying and healing methods, or cleaning supplies that work as well as your products, is really difficult! I drink the liquid clay every day, and my severe reactions to perfumes seem be highly diminished. I also drink a dose right after any exposure.  My constantly toxic system feels really soothed. –Nikki F.

Hormones, Heavy Bleeding and Loss of Libido

Regarding my hormones: I was experiencing heavy bleedings and loss of libido for many months. I tried the medical route but didn't help, then I tried TCM and helped a bit but I was still not happy. One day I heard Paul Chek talking about clay and then I found you.  I started taking clay and in 2 to 3 months slowly the bleeding became normal and the libido came back. My body felt a lot stronger, healthier and younger. I also had many healing crisis that lasted few weeks at the time but I didn't stop taking clay although I reduced intake somewhat.  Maria T.

Hot Flashes

I continue to be so grateful for you and your products. Newest elation centers on the elimination of 95% of my hot flash misery – the night sweats are gone and but for a gentle reminder that I am still progressing through the menopausal stage of my "youth," I feel like a brand new person. I can't tell you the misery of feeling droplets roll down my upper torso has caused me since the age of 48 (I am now 54), and all I had to do was include one heaping teaspoon of your clay powder daily in my tea. If I go without your clay just one day, the hot flashes remind me of my deficiency, and without hesitation, I am back on the clay product! - Diane Z.

Memory Recall & Focus

I’d  like to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Living Clay. I’m new to clay – received it last week Tuesday, and began my internal regimen that evening, with 2 ounces twice a day. After six days, I’m already feeling some amazing results: more focused, better constitution, better memory/recall, sleep better, more patient and a continuous feeling of being ‘balanced’ ….. and, I also truly believe it is doing some internal healing to my finger nails – I’ve have ridges on them for many years (since I stopped wearing acrylic nails some 8 years ago) but I do believe they are finally going away!

I’m going to be 59 years old next week and I just can’t wait to try all the different ways clay can be used!!  (smile)

I’ve tried so many things over the years, and truly am amazed at the results I am experiencing with clay. I took my first clay bath this evening. I feel so relaxed, I can hardly keep my eyes open to type this note to you (grin). I will probably have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. Even opening the box when it arrived was a very sacred feeling for me! I felt a peace and connectedness to Mother Earth that I had not ever felt before! – Linda P.

Mental Clarity

Hello, my name is Chelsea. I'm in the 11th grade and I'll be 17 next month. I started using clay and I am now about 6 days in, drinking 2 oz in the afternoon and 2 oz in the evening. I've already noticed a huge improvement in my hardest class, Algebra 2. I'm terrible at math so the equations look like Chinese lettering to me! It takes me 4x slower than everyone else to pick up on it to be able to do the problems myself. But now after the clay, I understood new things right in one day. My concentration and motivation in school has increased as well. I have been "using the restroom" daily, haha. 

I always had a foggy feeling. I described it as "a fog coating my brain, that needs to be washed off". And I've already noticed a huge improvement. – Chelsea

Mental Clarity with Algebra

I want to share with you what happened this morning... I just started my 17 year old daughter and myself on the clay this past Saturday internally, as a mask and a bath. .. She called me from school this morning to tell me that when she went to algebra class, she did some of the problems like she always knew them...(the ones she previously did not understand or had no clue how to do) she said, mom it seemed like I always knew them! Lol. Sharon S.

Migraine Relief and Energy with First Dose
Well I have to tell you.... I took my first clay last night at 10 pm....drank water thru the night....each time I woke 6am I woke up with a horrific USUAL....and at about 45minutes later went to the bathroom (the clay is working WOW ) and my migraine was instantly GONE!! 7am I’m putting on my makeup and now at 7:13am I’m emailing you with so much energy IM SOLD!!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS CLAY!!!!!! OMG I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS!!!! THANKYOU - Christie B.

Mole, Weight Loss, Energy and Complexion

Just thought I would update you on my progress....well doing colonics, eating vegetarian for 30 years  and doing the clay since June of 09.( Received testimonial 12-1-09) . I have lost a lot of bloat I think is inflammation. On my face a mole on my chin for over 30 years fell off and others are lighting up. I have lost 10 pounds...feeling great.  My skin is younger looking...and my eyes are clearer.  What can I say?  Go clay! As a Massage Therapist in NY...PEOPLE DO NOT GET IT! In my healing work it has changed my ability to help others. Transmitting  energy is stronger, also my intuition is stronger. This is for the rest of my life. I am 51 and half.  Blessings. - Sharon W.

Mood Swings No More

I had been dealing with some serious mood swings where I was agitated quite easily.  One moment I was up, the next moment down and just feeling a little out of sorts.  Nothing serious.  My doc and I did talk about some premenopausal issues that I may be facing and I was not too keen on wanting to try any doc prescribed meds. Since using the clay, I have noticed such a change in my attitude.  Nothing seems to bother me as much any more.  There is a "calm" that has come upon me.  I don't know any other way to describe it other than saying that it is sort of a "la la la" type of attitude.  I shared this with a friend of mine who drinks clay as well.  She knew exactly what I was speaking of and shared that she had been depressed for a wee bit and noticed that after using the clay that it perked her up.  It's just the strangest and most amazing thing. I get a tickle out of this new attitude.  What do you think could account for this affect that I KNOW the clay has had on me?  Not that I have taken any drugs before, but it feels like a wonderful "natural" drug effect.  Do you know what I mean? - Cynthia J.

Nasty Cold

There has been a nasty cold virus going around my husband had it for a month and people I work with at least  2 weeks. I have been taking the clay, I came  down with the cold on Friday by Sunday it was gone. I know it was clay cause that’s the only thing I have been doing different. I am so happy for the clay. - Linda R.

Novocain Reaction

I don't have too many "WOW" moments with the natural things I use but this one kind of blew me away. I had a filling replaced last Friday. The Novocain was given in the cheek, near a nerve bundle so I felt it in my tongue and down my neck and throat.  It was hard to swallow. When the numbness wore off, I felt like I had a very bad sore throat on the opposite side and it was then difficult to swallow because of it. I felt very yucky and could not wait to get home and go to sleep. This is not like me at all. I keep a jar of clay hydrated 1:3 so it's like pudding. I took 4 or 5 teaspoons, one at a time and let each one sit in my mouth before swallowing. I was amazed that within a few minutes the throat pain was totally gone. I did not expect this quick relief. I still felt yucky for 3-4 more hours but at bedtime I felt back to my old self. My cheek hurt a bit so I put a drop of Thieves essential oil blend on the injection site and also brushed my teeth with clay.  Though the dentist said I would have discomfort for a few days, I was great with lots of energy the whole weekend. - Laurie W.

On Clay Off All Meds

I want to tell you the story of how I became a lover of Bentonite Clay. One day after I had recovered from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my small bowel, and had returned to work at my small vintage clothing store, two women entered--mother and daughter. This day, these two angels entered my shop, we hit it off immediately, and I opened up to her and told her of my upcoming CT scan to see if my cancer had spread. That scan was the next week and I confided that I was concerned, but felt sure I would be okay.

The next day, these two lovely people returned with a large amount of  Bentonite clay. The daughter had burned a CD for me, explaining this clay and its many benefits. They instructed me to take a bath after my scan to help remove some of the radiation and toxins from my system. I did that, my scan was clean. Thank God! And, although I had no funds then to purchase the clay, they had been so generous to give me a good deal, and I used the clay once a week in a bath. It gave me a feeling of well being and energized me.

I began walking a lot, with my new energy, and although I never saw these two people again, the clay has become a "tonic" for good health for me. I have mixed it into a mud and put it on my scar from my surgery and over the last 4 months, I have seen it almost disappear! I use the clay on my swollen arthritic knees when my body was adjusting to my new exercise schedule. By morning, swelling is gone! My knees feel great and ready to go again. I use it on my swollen gums, diabetic side effects my dentist said, I use it on my face for enlarged pours, and I am looking younger than ever (if I do say so myself)! I use it on a patch of psoriasis on my scalp, and it is reduced and nearly gone.

Four months after receiving the gift of clay, I have purchased it myself, (with my new found energy and attitude, my financial picture and my business also improved to a much better picture), and I continue my weekly baths with it, I have lost 40 pounds, I am free of diabetes, no longer taking pain medications, and am off all med's in fact. My doctor saw me last week and said I look more like 37 than 57 years old! He said he was amazed at how the body can repair and rejuvenate itself even though he has practiced medicine for over 40 years! The clay in large part is responsible for the new me! Thank you for what you do and for helping me though a rough patch with such a miraculous product! - Linda W.

PMS and Allergies Improve

My 28 year old daughter who is in graduate school is using the Living Clay scrub, face cream and of course drinking the clay.  PMS symptoms are minimal (she always suffered terribly with them).  She has lived her life with allergies.  She now has very few if any symptoms of these. - C. Murray

Pregnancy and Regularity

I got my daughter started on your clay 5 weeks ago, while we were all in Anaheim, California together. We were there for a produce convention that we attend every year - but this year it was in California -- so we invited both of our children, their spouses and our 4 yr old grandson, to join us. We all stayed at a very nice hotel, and had meals together - and the kids got a kick out of attending the produce show (plus the hotel was next door to Disneyland!)

I noticed our son-in-law adding some powdered stuff to his water at breakfast -- my daughter told me that they were having a little trouble going to the bathroom.  I immediately thought of the clay I had in our room! I made sure they got a supply and immediately started taking it. I then gave the powered clay that I had brought with me to my daughter to take home with her. As soon as we got home -- I mailed my daughter a package with some dry clay -- and your book and the CD's I have of yours. She ordered 8 lbs of clay within a week :>)

During this get-together my daughter and I talked about the fact that she & her husband were trying to have a 2nd child.  Last year she had a miscarriage. Her doctor was getting ready to put her on a drug that helps females eggs drop -- so they can get fertilized. My daughter had not taken this drug yet -- but the doctor was getting ready to start her on it. She just found out that she is pregnant!!! She swears she is pregnant because I gave her that clay - and that caused her egg to drop. So.....that is why I thought if she has a boy --- they should name him Clay!

Our daughter lives in southern California but - she has 3 chickens and 2 dogs -- and they get clay now too. She gives her son clay in his Apple Juice (just like you said you do on your CD) Needless to say -- they are all very regular now -- and will be taking your clay for the rest of their lives.

I can't seem to go anywhere -- and not have a little conversation about your clay. Yesterday I was dropping off some of my husband's shirts at the cleaners -- and one of the girls that works there asked me about the clay I've told her about before. (her mother is in a battle with cancer) Well, she and the seamstress that also works there are each getting a bottle of liquid clay and some hydrated clay from me today when I pick up the laundry! (I am also going to let them borrow your book and the CD's) I gave them the web site yesterday -- after a 20 minute conversation about your clay.

Thank you for all your wonderful work -- and your wonderful CLAY! - Linda  G. 

Quality of Life Benefits

I too have told many people about Bentonite clay and gave it to my sister for her birthday. It definitely does not stay in the gut. You can see it when you have a bowel movement. The benefits I have had, I'm sure have extended my life. Three of which are, it's regulated my body temperature, I used to be really hot and couldn't take the heat. Now, I don't have any problem with heat. The second is, I don't have to urinate as often as I did before. Now, when I go, I go a lot, and then don't have to go again for a while, and I drink a lot of water. The third is my skin seems to have a lovely tone, and is smoother. I'm so happy! It's making me younger. I am going to take it for the rest of my life. Thank you Bentonite Clay!!!! - Susan M.

Results for a Variety of Ailments – Back Problems, Sleep Issues, Dog Bite, Teeth, Skin and Nail Improvements

1) I was bitten on Sat night by a dog in the back crease of my knee. It busted 2 blood vessels and the dog has some pretty serious medical problems. I was very concerned about staph and blood clots. Started clay pack on Sunday afternoon. Happy to report that the bruise is almost down to going away. Wish I had taken pictures so you could see the progress.

2) I have been in 2 major car wrecks and have suffered severe back problems especially at night tossing in the bed and sleep apnea. I woke up Monday morning with no back pain and well rested. Did not wake myself up snoring. Same thing Tues and today, slept better than I can ever remember and more energy.

3) My girls BEG for the clay baths and I put a little clay in everything they eat to get it all through the day. My oldest and I have NEVER been early breakfast eaters but yesterday and this morning we BOTH have been hungry for breakfast. What a change! And both of us have been night owls not able to go to sleep, hers is autism and mine thyroid. The past 2 nights she begged to go to bed. WOW

4) My youngest has the blood disorder and does not process proteins, it effects her entire body. We are seeing changes in skin around her nails, feet, and teeth. We are brushing teeth 3x's a day with clay and a tiny bit of the tooth paste the doctor recommended. Am seeing a difference in her teeth and some spots are going away. She is feeling a lot better and not so tired all the time. We have just been overwhelmed by what we are seeing.

5) The doctor wanted us to take Nutritional Yeast Flakes with lots of vitamins, mineral and amino acids. We started them a month ago but did not see much of a change until we started the clay. I think the clay is changing our bodies so it is able to use the nutrition like it is supposed to. Will let you know what the outcome is at our next doctor appt.
6) Also we home school our girls and am seeing a change in attention, awareness, etc. What a blessing!

Please let me know what you think, being so new to clay I am stunned. I have been reading all I can on the clay. God bless, Karen J.

Sickly No More

Growing up, every year I would get sick.  The flu, a cold etc.  I haven't been sick it over 2 years now...not even a common cold!!  I look back now at what I'm doing differently now and one major thing I have added is the clay!  I have always been healthy...I eat a strict diet and exercise regularly but if I'm around anyone that is sick, I would almost always catch it.  My skin looks better, and my bowels work great again too and I have read that taking clay regularly actually helps soak up bacteria, fungi, and viruses!  This might be a contributor as to why I haven’t been sick?? The flu season here in Canada can be pretty nasty...especially this time of year. – Kevin A.

So Easy To Take Clay

I have to laugh when I think about how my clay usage has changed over the past year. In the beginning, I carefully measured out my liquid clay by the tablespoon, and I would mix it gingerly with some type of juice. Now, I just take the original bottle that I keep my liquid clay in and I drink from it straight from bottle to mouth. No mixing with juices and no piddling around. Well, I guess you could say it's measured in "gulps" now. 

Keep eating your clay.....on an empty stomach....on a full stomach....any way you can. It's a good thing. - H. Gage

Sound Sleep and Balanced System

I met Perry in Austin and became fast friends and I invited her to be on my New Pathway To Healing radio show. Since that show and listening to the all of the healing properties of the clay, I ordered the gallon container and have not missed one day of drinking it twice a day! It has balanced my system beautifully. I sleep through the night soundly which had been a problem for me before. People comment on how soft and wonderful my skin looks all the time. – Petey S.

Swelling Lymph Glands

About 3 months ago I noticed swelling in my armpits. My wife thought this could possibly be a reaction to something in my diet, but it is always hard to track down the source. We normally take at least 2 clay baths a week to maintain our health, as well as drinking the clay daily.  I started in ingesting the clay twice daily rather than once a day. I increased the clay baths to once daily, and we began applying a clay pack to my armpits at night. I used the Glad Press and Seal to hold the clay in place during the night. This worked very well! Within about 5 days the swelling went away, and so far, it has not reappeared.  I feel the clay stimulated the lymphatic system and addressed the toxic overload. Yea for Clay! - Chuck R.

Tasty Clay

I was thinking about doing a clay fast. The moment I tasted clay for the first time this spring, I instinctually felt that it was supposed to be consumed by us, I felt that it was part of my own body. I used Yurba Prima, but it is rather expensive. Ever since then, I have been researching this phenomenon and trying to find a good supply of tasty clay and that's when I found a green Bentonite clay, and I am extremely happy, because I found the best tasty clay that I had been looking for, right off the start! I do believe this is probably the tastiest substance, because the particles have developed a relationship between each other and work together in unison. I believe that whatever clay tastes the best to us, is what heals us the best. This is how the higher spirit takes care of our needs. I drink about as much as I feel like drinking every day, perhaps diluting a spoon-full in a cup of distilled water, or I make it into a creamy paste and I lick it or chew it and eat it - it is delicious. I find the taste is like a subtle creamy, slightly-oily, sweet thing... nothing I can really compare to other tastes. It is what happens when you have been eating only toxic foods in your life and you try a completely toxicity-free substance and it tastes nothing like you've ever tasted before. Indeed you experience a MUCH better and superior taste sensation than ever before. - Tsetsi

Top 10 Benefits from Bentonite Clay

I've been drinking clay since Feb. '09 and I feel better (internally) than I have felt in years. It has done amazing things to my body, and I'm still seeing new things as time goes by.
What it's done for me....
1. Increased energy (one of the first things you notice)
2. Better quality skin
3. Complete disappearance of any and all acne
4. Softer skin
5. More even skin tone (especially noticeable on face)
6. My oily hair and oily skin has completely disappeared
7. I feel like ALL of my organs are cleaner and much more able to extract out nutrients from food
8. A healthier, cleaner colon (that's for sure)
9. Less chance of sunburn on your face (if you are regularly putting a clay mask on your face like I often do at bedtime) - Hallie G.

Under Arm Cleanse

Once a week I put a glob of hydrated clay under my arms for about 30 minutes before I shower to keep the lymph nodes healthy. I feel so clean and purified after doing the underarm clay treatment. I have to tell you I even had cystic breasts that are all clear now, so the clay may have also helped with that condition as well. - Gladys M.


Baldness from Chemo

In August of 1999, three weeks short of my nineteenth birthday, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. During my first round of chemotherapy, my thick dark brown hair fell out as a side effect often found with chemotherapy patients. Over the course of my treatments, my hair would often grow back between rounds of chemotherapy in usual ways, such as blonde and light brown. At the end of my cancer treatment, I underwent a bone marrow transplant that left me bald once again. Before I continue, I would like to say that I am blessed and proud to say that I am cancer free, and that beating cancer will not be the biggest accomplishment in my life. Still, as a young man in his early twenties, my self-image still plays a role in my confidence and over the last four years, since the transplant, my hair has yet to return to its original dark thickness. A year after the transplant, my hair began to grow back in light thin peach fuzz on the sides but nothing on the top. My doctors stated that perhaps like my father I was going bald and it just happened to occur at the same time as my treatment. As the weeks and months continued, my hair began to thicken in certain areas at times, but at an extremely slow rate. I began to shave my head because in my opinion, if I didn’t it appeared more like I was losing my hair rather then the fact it was growing back.

Extremely frustrated at the rate of hair growth I was experiencing, early this past summer I questioned if my hair would ever return. A trip to the oncologist lead to a blood test which revealed that all my hormonal levels associated with balding men were normal. Baffled for an explanation, I was referred to a famous dermatologist in Manhattan who specialized in hair loss. His “diagnosis” was that I was going bald and he recommended some oral and topical medications to keep the little hair I had. I didn’t agree with his diagnosis and it didn’t make sense to believe that I was balding when every few months I was getting a few new hairs here and there.

Last August I was exposed to this amazing clay from a friend who recommended that I give it a try for my scalp. I began using the clay in September and in the last three months the results are INCREDIBLE! Less than one month into using the clay topically once a day people began to notice the increase of hair. The rate of dark thick hair growth is compounding each week. I now have a date at which I expect a full head of hair that is less than a year thanks to this amazing clay where six months ago I began to doubt if that would ever be possible again. With my most recent order, I now plan to ingest the clay as well for the benefit of my health and my hair. - Michael I.

Hair Re-growth

Yes, I believe much in the detoxing power of calcium Bentonite clay ...have used it for the re-growth of my hair, from all the chemicals used at the salon, etc.  I was totally amazed at how quickly it worked and to say the least ...very much pleased.  I started out putting the clay mixed with apple cider vinegar not water, as a face mask and loved the results, but someone wrote a post on the group and said something once about being a 'clay-head' and so then I put the same mixture on my scalp twice a week for 20 at a time, and within about 4-5 weeks, I started seeing new growth.  I really was a 'clay head' ...<smiling>  ...oh, and yes, I did place plastic wrap. - Debbie B.

Replacement for Hair Products

I have fine thin hair that packs to my head and it gets very oily by the end of the day . I have used sooo many products to give my hair body and wasted sooo much money. Then a friend said to wash your hair in the Cleansing Clay Mask. Well, I had tried crazier things so I said, "Why not?" Boy am I glad I did. I now have hair with body and no oil and it isn't packed to my head. I am a 28 year old guy and love that now I have a mane. All I do is wet my hair and massage in some hydrated clay, wash with it and dry and I now have great hair. Works for me and no more expensive shampoos, hair waxes, foams and sprays, etc., and so much easier.

- Alex F.


Abscessed Tooth

What a miracle! I had an abscessed tooth and was beginning to get the toxins spread into my throat and my ears. I called my sister-in-law to see what she thought I should do. I can't take antibiotics they always seem to cause me problems and was not prepared to deal with that again. She had just purchased the clay in powder form and ran some over to me to try. Within two hours after applying a paste to my abscess it had drawn the infection out. I continued to apply the paste that night and the next day to fully heal the tooth and I was infection free. Since the clay worked so well on my tooth I decided to use it for a mask on my face and wow what a difference it made in my skin. Needless to say I am in the process of purchasing my own clay. - Laura G.

Abscessed Tooth & Swollen Jaw 

Clay triumphs again!!!!!!! I met with my friend to give him the 4 pound tub of clay to take on the plane and could not believe the difference in his face. The red, hot, angry swelling was completely gone and he said he had no pain in the tooth and only a slight pain right where the jaw hinges which was probably from him clenching his jaw from the pain. The amazing thing is he was not able to use the clay that much as he had to work. He was only able to apply the hydrated on the outside for an hour once during the day but then did apply it and leave it on all night. He also packed the tooth with dry clay and took some internally several times. I told him...... "Do not stop using it even though it seems to be better." So he will keep up the hydrated on his face and neck plus dry around the tooth and drinking liquid 2 x's daily till he gets back a week from today. Now he's all excited about clay and wants me to print out almost everything off the aboutclay website for him. Looks like you've got another believer. And he was amazed when he saw my leg were the cat had literally chewed it up. I would have a hard time proving anything happened as there's not even much in the way of scabbing. - Mary Lee S.

Acidic Cold Sore

The other night I woke up at 3:17 AM and started thinking about all I needed to do for a busy month ahead. When I do that I create an acid condition in my body a sore rises up on my bottom lip area. It's very painful and can burst and be very uncomfortable to deal with while I'm working. I had gotten up during the night and used my regular remedy of Blue Green Marin Algae but it didn't work this time.

BUT... I remembered my little jar of Clay Mask and the next morning layered a thick amount on the sore. I left it on during the hour drive I had to my job that Saturday and by the time I drove up the sore had completely disappeared and two days later has not raised up again! This clay has just saved me 2 weeks of embarrassment and irritation! I will always keep a container of this clay on hand for the rest of my life!!! - Becky A.

Bad Breath

My 7 year old daughter had bad breath for very long time, after giving her clay for 2 weeks it went away and never came back. God knows what was in her stomach!! 
Maria T.

Biting Lip

I frequently bite the inside of my lip, accidently, while I'm chewing (same spot, at least once a week)...boy does that hurt. I put a pinch of clay between my lip and gum...kind of like chewing tobacco ;)...and just let it disappear. The tissue starts healing immediately. Denise K.

Bleeding Gums

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. (I know that I need to start taking large amounts of Vitamin C as this is a major symptom of lack of C) But I thought I'd try packing my teeth with clay at night as an experiment first. As experiments go--this was a winner! The first morning after packing dry clay on my gum line at night, the bleeding was less than half. The second morning, barely pink and the third morning -- no bleeding at all. And my gums look healthier in color. So, guess I'll be taking C AND packing my teeth/gums every night. - Renee G.

Bone Infection

Have just been to my new Dentist. My LAST Dentist did a root canal filling Christmas before last. Last November most of it fell out and I went to a new Dentist. The tooth was refilled. From that time on I have had chronic ear earache, an abscess on the tooth, (which I cured, only to infect again). Am now on my 15th dose of antibiotics. Today the tooth was opened up and the whole story is complete. Previous dentist only filled two of the three roots on the tooth. Hence I now have a massive bone infection that will take up to twelve months to get rid of. The clay has done a miraculous job. Previous infection took six weeks to get the swelling down. It is only four days and most of the swelling has gone. I am applying a topical compress three times a day. Took your advice and didn't over-do it, also my dogs are receiving the benefit of this wonderful detox product. I am feeling almost back into the land of the living, was soooo spaced out last Monday, and miserable. – Carol B.

Clay for Teeth and Gums 

I read that the clay can eventually rebuild, strengthen, and improve our teeth as well as our gums. Well my gums were tremendously improved within a day or so and have stayed that way ever since I have used the use the clay and brush with it. I just love brushing with it and knowing I can swallow it and there are no chemicals. I used to floss more than brush while trying to avoid the fluoride in toothpaste. I would rinse and brush with fluoride free mouthwash and floss but only brush my teeth with toothpaste about once every week or two. Now I brush with my dry clay power around three times a day and my teeth feel so great!!! Amazingly, I have noticed only after two weeks that the enamel has considerably hardened on my teeth which will help prevent cavities in the long run. I am shocked and delighted that the clay can do that so soon. I will never worry about toothpaste again. All I want is my clay before my food after my food and during food. I like to nibble all day and now I can do that and also take care of my teeth in and around eating. No poisons or pestering taste to endure. – Shirly A.

Clay on Cavities

The most impressive thing that happened to me with the clay dealt with my mouth. Over the past several years, in spite of meticulously brushing and flossing my teeth, I have had an acidic PH in my mouth and many cavities. Prior to beginning the clay, I had been diagnosed with 5 more cavities after only 6 months. I had 3 of them taken care of and then I made an appointment to have the remaining 2 taken care of. At the time of the first appointment, I had just begun to use the clay powder to brush my teeth (prior to bedtime) and tongue and then after I would rinse, I would put more clay powder on my brush and brush it all over my teeth and around the gum line and let it remain there. Because of various circumstances, it was another month till I was able to go back to the dentist for my appointment. When I went in, the dentist and the hygienist were both confused as they looked for the two cavities they were supposed to fill. They could not find them. I know that they were previously there because they had used the metal pick and I had felt where they poked into the holes. I told the dentist about the clay and he said that the area must have re-mineralized. They were both excited about it and they took down the information for the websites and I recommended Perry A~’s book to them. I will definitely continue on tooth brushing with the clay as I enjoy stronger, healthier teeth which are also whiter looking. Thank you for pointing out all the good uses of this product. - Donna J.

Clay Tooth Paste Dental Care

I tell everyone that calls and says "what do you use?" about the clay. many have bought and tried it and they call back and say they love it too. I don't use regular toothpaste anymore. I use stuff from the health food stores with no Fluoride when I don't use the clay mixture. When I use the clay mixture, I put the Miracle 2 gel on my brush, like a "paste," then I dip my brush in the powder clay, then I put 2 drops of Miracle 2 soap, 2 drops of Oil of Propolis, and 2 drops of Oil of Peppermint. I tried using myrrh, but that stuff is a little strong. That is the best stuff there is! My teeth feel so clean and stay that way all day! I would love to use it every day! I actually got the idea because I bought a toothpaste by Burt's Bees, and they had clay in it. I thought, I can do that! We had a dentist on our show that said you should not use over the counter toothpastes at all. He said you should just simply use soap. Interesting!!! Thanks again. – Debbie W.

Clay Whitening Toothpaste 

For the toothpaste I just mix 2 teaspoons of clay with 3 teaspoons of water, add a couple drops of Oil of Oregano (kills bacteria and virus). I keep it in a small glass container with a glass lid, and cut a plastic knife to fit inside the dish (the knife is used to scoop the paste on to my toothbrush). This stays near the sink-I do not refrigerate it. It has gotten my teeth whiter. They are actually whiter than my bridge, and the Dentist did a teeth cleaning before the bridge work! Blessings. – Becky H.

Cold Sore

I have been doing a detox and got a cold sore. After applying the clay twice, the pain was gone in a couple hours and it only took two days to completely clear. Even with Abreva it takes a couple days, and it leaves the area red for a week. Not this time! Love my clay. – Marelin T.

Cold Sores

“My husband has been plagued for many years with cold sores. He has found that putting clay on a threatening cold sore begins to dry it up overnight, becoming less active and diminishing irritation. Thanks!” -Laura G.

Deep Gum Pockets Shrink

Have been using clay to brush my teeth and haven't in my entire life been told such a great report. The dentist told me your gums look beautiful, everything looks great! I have periodontal disease and used to have deep pockets. I'm so excited! – Nora Z.

Fever Blister 

Just wanted to tell everyone I am very new in the clay family. But I got a fever blister on my lip like in the corner which was really sore and yucky looking, I decide to try the clay....I wet my lip with water got a little dry clay and stuck it on the blister at night before bed did that 3 nights and now I am looking for the blister......thought that was very fast it dried it can see where it used to be, very faint. – Violet W.

Gum Disease Disappearing with Clay 

We use clay in our green smoothies EVERY morning... in the tub for a nice, soothing, detoxifying soak weekly and I use it to brush my teeth... the gum disease is going away and my teeth are revitalizing! It's also getting rid of bacteria in my mouth and internal parasites as well. I was absolutely plagued for nearly 3 years by a monstrous skin rash all over my body... Living Clay has been a VITAL part of my detoxification and rejuvenation program! It's the BEST thing I've used in 65 years!! I LOVE recommending it to others because of what the clay has done for me! - Jan J.

Healthy Teeth and Bone Density 

When I moved to a new town I kept putting off finding a new dentist. Finally my teeth begin to feel unclean and I made an appointment. It was then I realized I had not been to the dentist in 4 years. I dreaded going. The good news is I had been brushing my teeth with a calcium Bentonite clay all this time. I merely put a glob of the hydrated clay ion my tooth brush and tipped it off with a little store bought toothpaste for a better flavor. I noticed my teeth felt smoother can clean and were much less yellow. About twice a month I would pack my gums with the dry powder and sleep with it in all night. . When I got my check up and cleaning I was astounded at the good report. No cavities and he said I should keep my teeth until I am 102 years old because of the bone density. He also said my gums were healthy and I had no loose pocket. Did I mention I am 71 years young and have all my teeth. I attribute this good report to using clay. - Mary T.

Mercury from Amalgams Lowered

I recently decided to get the amalgam fillings in my teeth removed to reduce the overall toxicity of my body because I was testing high for mercury. I felt sicker than I've ever been after the procedure and thankfully was led to the concept of using clay to detoxify. I started taking daily baths and foot soaks and drinking liquid clay internally and immediately felt much better. -Audrey W.

Mercury Levels Drop

My mercury levels from my old amalgam fillings I had removed has dropped considerably!! All with your clay. - Kevin A.

Mouth Ulcer

I felt a mouth ulcer coming on. I packed a glob of the clay over the spot and went to sleep. The spot felt smaller the next morning. I put some more clay on and went about my business. Want to guess what happened? Well if you guess it was gone within 24 hours you are right. - Ashley A.

Periodontal Disease 

I had periodontal disease with several #8 pockets a year ago. In Oct. of 2011 I started brushing with the dry Living Clay twice a day and at night packing those areas with the clay. At my last dental check-up I now have #4 pockets and healthy gums. He also said my teeth were very nice and white!! So happy with this clay. – Cindy P.

TMJ Blocked Jaw-Worn Menicus

I had a blocked jaw and a bit of pain, meaning that I could not open it totally, for 3 months, when I decided to consult. The dentist-surgeon said the meniscus was worn and he wanted me to have a mould in my jaw at night and if not efficient to operate, but close to the facial nerve and if he touched it I would have half of my face paralyzed...
I was scared, went home and put a little square poultice onto my meniscus every night. After 2 days, I had no pain anymore (never big pain) and after 5 days I could open my mouth normally. Really, after that I should have gone to have an x-ray to see what happened to my meniscus????

Years later a physiologist told me could have been a muscle and the clay could have helped to relax it and I presume there is always this possibility that they could not see that with x-ray, but as my meniscus was worn, now 30 years later would be in pretty bad state, if the clay had not helped to reform it! –Corrine M.

Tooth Ache Testimonial

I awoke during the night with a severe tooth ache with a shooting pain from the back of my jaw around to my chin. Not having anything for a tooth ache I grabbed my Living Clay Book and there was the solution. I packed the tooth in powder clay and the radical pain subsided almost immediately. I also applied hydrated clay to the outside of my jaw. I could feel the drawing pulsation. I went back to sleep. The next morning I only felt a slight twinge when I ate and applied pressure to the tooth. I continued the clay powder and the hydrated applications for two days and nights. 

Normally this would have meant being on antibiotics and having a root canal and a crown. Clay gave me a much faster solution and saved me thousands of dollars. Jane G. 

Tooth Infection

Eighteen months ago I had a trip to Spain. A week before leaving I was flossing, under a bridge. The floss went all the way cross. A tooth had decayed all the way across. Of course I would not cancel or postpone the trip. I started packing my tooth every night with clay. When I got back from the trip and went to see the Dentist, he wanted to know what I had been doing, since I had no infection. The tooth was decayed to the bone.
If a tooth hurts, it has an infection, either large or small, get to the dentist. -Eunice Y.

Tooth Pain after Surgery

My mom had some teeth pulled in preparation for dentures and she ran out of a pain gel the Dr. had given her, but still had a lot of discomfort. I suggested she pack her sore gums with clay and it worked like a champ! She did it 3 times a day and all healed nicely and the pain was significantly improved. - Justine F.

Tooth Paste Recipe

I have been mixing 3 drops of tea tree and 6 drops of peppermint to 2oz. of clay, very yummy. I am sure other combos will work but I think it is a great mix. My teeth and my gums just feel so clean, and I am sure that my teeth are better off for it. – Sharon H.

Tooth Tartar

Just wanted to say that the clay has been great for removing tartar. Normally when I go to the dentist they have to scrape away at my teeth for a long time to remove the tartar that I get from drinking a lot of herbal teas throughout the day, everyday. I haven't been to the dentist in over a year, so it was pretty bad 6 months ago, but since I started drinking the clay and brushing with clay I don't have any tartar!!!! And I didn't have to scrub or scrape! -Nancy F.

Whiter Teeth Healthier Gums

My teeth and gums have never been better and so beautiful. I used to bleach them which I don't think is a very good thing anyway but now I don't have to because I too brush with the clay. AND my last visit to the dentist, they couldn't believe how nice my teeth were doing. My teeth always feel like I just went for a major cleaning after I brush with the clay. They feel as smooth as a glass surface. - Susan M.

Whiter Teeth

I had the sweetest complement this past week. I was having my teeth cleaned and the dental hygienist asked me if I had been using a "whitener for my teeth"...I thought to my self...great! How am I gonna explain this one!? LOL!! I very bravely, sighed, smiled and calmly said "no, I haven't!"...prepared to leave it at that. But NO... she told me my teeth were a lot whiter than last time I had been there and she just wondered what I was doing? "OK, time to fess up, even if i DO sound crazy" I was thinking to myself..."no, I use clay...calcium Bentonite clay." I was waiting for her to drop to the floor laughing, but that didn't happen...not at all! She was fascinated...comes to find out, she has a lot of the same beliefs that I do and is on a learning mission herself for a healthier lifestyle as well! I gave her the clay web site plus talked about some of the other holistic things that have made such a big difference in my life in the last 7 was WONDERFUL! I just LOVE sharing what clay has done for me and this was the perfect opportunity, but I didn't even HAVE to mention it, in fact she kind of had to drag it out of me...I know ...shame on me, but this is another "medical professional" and I just KNEW what was coming....LOL!! That'll teach me! And "YES" by the teeth are about 2 shades lighter than they had been before, and I drink coffee daily...and they are still a really pretty white! I LOVE my clay!!! - Carol S.

Yellow Teeth 

I have had a real problem with very yellow teeth. This is in part because my teeth are naturally not a bright white, but also because I refuse to put flouride in my mouth, and I go through phases where I drink a lot of herbal tea. I keep my toothbrush soaking in H2O2 and have tried several kinds of homemade concoctions - usually baking soda-based. None had any impact on my yellow teeth. The other day I mixed some dry clay with some baking soda, added a wee bit of H2O2, vegetable glycerine, stevia power, and essential oil of peppermint. The only real difference was the clay. After 3 days I noticed that my teeth were several shades whiter. I was so happy. I'm still using it and expecting even better results as time goes by. - Chloie L. 


Parasites & Clay

Well, it's like this. I was channel surfing the other night and stopped on Discovery Channel. Which had a guy talking on the usefulness of ridding parasites from your body using clay. He showed how those organisms cling to the human body and cause all kinds of problems. He had a jar of what they looked like and said that parasites will cling to the clay and then it will pass thru your system. Then you should feel better. He said you need to drink (I think) a teaspoon a day. He also mentioned that the Native American Indians used clay. I am a firm believer in the old folk cures. And I am tired of being the guinea pig on "well maybe it’s this or that crap." I want to feel better again.

My autoimmune system is messed up from surgery last year (gall bladder). And have chronic fatigue and the fibromyalgia. With time on my hands I do a lot of research. I had read where your body could be a small apartment complex for those parasites. And I want to detox my body inside and out.

That's when I saw the show and said what the heck. Then I did my search on the internet and found your site. You had a lot of information and it didn't read like the others did of the miracle "snake oil
cure". So, let's see where this new adventure takes me. Besides my dog eats dirt and grass and has more common sense than the "professionals" I went to see about my illness. - Karen A. 

Parasites in Stool

My neighbor is an older woman and was not feeling well. Her doctor told her it was "just old age" because he couldn't find anything specific causing her symptoms. I told her to try the clay and see if she started feeling better. About 2 weeks after she started taking it she called me all upset and angry one night to tell me that the "dirt" I had given her must have had worm eggs in it because she had just gone to the bathroom and passed gobs of worms. I told her it wasn’t the clay that had worms. It was her. - Mary Lee S.

Parasite - Liver Fluke Removal 

I have been having some pain in my upper stomach all the way down to the pelvis area (clearly my gastro system). What is interesting is that, like you said, the liquid clay will remove parasites. Well... after several days of 2 oz 2x day and lots of distilled water with lemon, I have had at least 4 bowel movements containing clearly visible organisms that appear to be Liver Fluke parasites. After that my pain went away. - Carla S.

Parasites in Pets - See PETS

Parasite - Tape Worm in Liver 

In March 2012 I went to my doctor not feeling well. He got the results of my blood work and sent me to the hospital for further testing. In the hospital they ran more blood work, x-rays, ultra sounds, MRI, scans and colonoscopies. They told me I had tested positive for Echinococcus, a large tapeworm in my liver, (I was #11 in Canada to ever have this) and they had pictures of it, 4 cysts in my liver, the small one was 7 1/2 inches and the large one was 10 inches.

The Dr's plan was to hospitalize me and address the parasite in my liver first with high doses of antibiotics and vitamin K for my liver then to get special medication to be able to biopsy my liver to figure out how to treat the parasite. Two weeks of IV and then they had to transfer me to a larger center with a liver specialist 5 hours away. 

The antibiotic treatment now completed, a friend got me the clay and I started to drink it without telling the Dr's while in the hospital. I worked my way up to drinking 1 cup of the mixture 3 times a day. After two weeks of drinking the clay in the hospital they had acquired the special pills I had to take. The pills would coat my system with a film so that if eggs escaped from the parasite into my body I would not die from anaphylactic shock. They took me for a scan to see the location of the parasite and the cysts on the liver. All the cysts on the liver were gone and only a bit of scar tissue the size of the finger nail on your pinky finger remained. The parasite was no longer there either. They concluded the blood test and pictures for the parasite were now incorrect and could not explain how the liver healed itself that quickly. They biopsied the liver and the test results came back negative for a parasite and negative for infection. - Marg. L.


My son had ringworm...I know, yuck right. I had never experienced any problems like this before. I had no clue what to do. But I did remember Perry telling us at my clay party that clay extracts the negative out of I thought, hey I'll try it, see what happens for a few days...and maybe avoid a doctor bill. Do you know within 4 days of putting the hydrated clay on the ringworm was all dried up and flaking off. That’s right, the clay totally got rid of the ringworm and no doctor bill. I am totally addicted now. I even drink it now. I cook with it all the my kids get the benefits of clay too. - Melissa H. 


"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."
"Help me be the person my pets think I am."

Animals in the Wild Seek Clay when in Toxic Overload

 The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article on clay eating and detoxification (Timothy and Duquette 1991). Among the many examples listed by the authors, the following are some of the more striking evidence for body purification through the use of clay. When the Pomo Indians of California consumed clay with traditional bitter and toxic types of acorns, the clay absorbed the poisons and eliminated the bitterness. The Indians were able to survive on a staple food that, without clay, would have posed a serious potential threat to their health. In an experiment performed under laboratory conditions, rats voluntarily ate clay in response to gastrointestinal problems induced by poisoning. Further examples cited chimpanzees who ate clay after ingesting plant foods loaded with toxins. The article concluded that clays could adsorb dietary toxins, bacterial toxins associated with gastrointestinal disturbance, hydrogen ions in acidosis, or metabolic toxins such as steroidal metabolites associated with pregnancy. All these conditions result in a host of common symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea – in short, symptoms of toxic overload.

In addition most of us have seen videos or heard reports of animals in the wild seeking clay for their own healing. The McCaws of Peru that eat poison berries and then go to Bentonite Cliffs to eat the clay to Detox from the poison. Elephants who make a pilgrimage to sacred clay deposits for detoxing and numerous other stories of animals in the wild who have found Clay Wallows where that they can roll in and eat the healing clay for healing.

 The following pet testimonials were eagerly shared by happy pet owners who were able to assist their domestic pets in healing with Calcium Bentonite Clay. Thanks for caring and sharing. Perry A~


15 year old Cat Loves Clay

My cat goes straight for the clay part of the last meal of the day. I just started doing it about a month ago, figured it wouldn't hurt him as he was 15 in August. He really does love the clay and really does eat the food with clay on it first! It surprised me! And I do use the hydrated clay. He will also lick the clay paste off my finger willingly. I use 1 tsp of the hydrated clay and just pour it in the last of the canned food. I have watched as I do put the clay in different sides of the bowl, etc, and he always eats the clay part first. They know what is good for them! - Gail

Abscess on Cat’s Spine

Doctors as well as vets do not seem to know anything other than what they are programmed with, they get stuck in a box with no windows, and given a script of life to follow, or else. On a Thursday evening I noticed a lump on my cats spine-found a large area of puss. I cut the hair away and applied hydrated clay and Press'n Seal. The next morning I re-dressed the wound with new clay-the puss was reduced greatly, even started to solidify. Took the cat to the vet that evening for an antibiotic shot, just to be on the safe side, I did not get all the clay off but good enough for the vet to look at the wound. Vet wanted to put in a stint (for drainage-did that before, it took a long time to drain and heal. I said no to the stint, too expensive for an unemployed person. The vet told me NOT to use the clay anymore. Of course I did not listen, I knew better. I placed new clay after vet visit. Replaced Saturday Morning-wow, no puss, only an empty hole. Replaced Saturday evening. I Forgot Sunday morning, by evening it hardened so I had to add water and wait for it to re-hydrate. Monday morning it was completely healed. Blessings. - Becky H.

Cat Detox

Even our cats detox with the clay. I put some in water in a dish and they sip at it during the day. One cat even puts her paw in the water and licks it when we fill up the tub for a detox soak. I must admit she is smarter than some of my family who just don't get what is going on. -Patty E.

Cat Eating Cat Litter Stopped When Offered Clay

We had a customer come in whose elderly cat was eating her clay cat litter. We recommended she start her on clay water as she was probably trying to detox from something. He bought the clay and added it to her water. She loved it and stopped eating her litter with all the other nasty stuff in it.- Diane H.

Cat with Cysts

I have an elderly cat, Big Guy, who has been my companion for over twelve years. I rescued him as a tiny kitten. He's in good health except for a large cyst on top of his head near his ear. The vet won't remove it, as he doesn't want to do surgery on a cat his age if not absolutely necessary. Occasionally, I notice that Big Guy has been scratching the cyst, and it has bled a bit. This really worried me, so I started putting a dab of the hydrated clay on it when he was quiet or asleep and didn't realize what I was doing! If he knew, he would promptly lick his paw and remove the stuff, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt his insides either! I notice that when I use this clay on the cyst, it gets smaller, the sore places dry up and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. So I'm going to keep using it on him as long as the cyst is there. We'll see if it disappears. That would be something! - Lia Marie

Cat Fight Healing

I had been using this clay for only a few weeks when one of my cats came in from outside with a 1/2'' hole in its front leg, where its dew claw and pad had been ripped out from being in a cat fight.  I rinsed the wound, packed it with hydrated clay and wrapped it with gauze.  Next day, I removed the gauze but the clay had dried so I left it alone.  The cat licked the clay off over a few days and the wound underneath was pink and healthy. I put fresh hydrated clay on it several times.  I was amazed and know that I saved at least $100.00 on a vet visit.  I was sold!   Thanks for a great product and for your supportive presence among clay users.  You're a blessing. - Jeanette S.

Cat Fight Wounds

A friend’s cat got into a fight with another cat.  She used the hydrated clay on the wounds and all healed without a trace of the fight.  Cat wounds generally get very infected and require medical attention and treatment.....not this cat! – Katie M.

Cat’s Tumors Gone

Hello!  This summer I participated in one of your teleseminars and submitted a question about whether the clay could heal the large (cancerous-looking) bleeding tumor on my cat’s tail. When the vet shaved it, it looked like a rotten potato attached to his tail –much bigger than his actual tail, so it could not be removed - so the only thing they could offer was amputation.  Well I did not want to do that unless it meant life or death and there were absolutely no other options, so I started using the clay in the meantime just to stop the messy bleeding. 

Well, long story short, my cat cooperated well with me applying the clay and it really helped stop the bleeding.  However, in time an oozing hole developed where the bleeding used to be.  I kept that hole packed with clay, and within an incredibly short time the entire huge tumor had just melted away.  The hole is gone now, there is just a tiny bump left that I can feel at this point.  I continue to apply the clay and will do so until there is no hint anything left but his beautiful tail.  Although my cat was never sick from this, he was acting rather old and depressed, but now he has the energy of a kitten again. 

I gave a co-worker a small jar of clay for the same purpose as her cat also had a VERY large tumor on its neck. When I checked back last week, she said her cat’s tumor had completely dissolved and was in fact also completely gone!  For both these cats, the vets had no treatments other than risky or disfiguring surgery with no guarantees.  I am so glad that I had already purchased the clay for some other reason I can’t even remember. I plan to start using it more diligently to improve my health and also the more difficult to treat problem my other cat has with sinus infection and gum irritation.  Thanks so much for helping spread the miracle.  We are ALL so very grateful!!! - Brenda H.

Cat’s Weepy Eyes Cleared Up

Just wanted to report that I’ve been giving my 3 oldest kitties hydrated clay mixed in with their food. One of them is a Persian, who has always had "weepy eyes". And I’ve just taken note of the fact that her weepy eye thing has cleared up and is gone !!! She had it all of her life. But the clay got it. –Jan D.

Clay Eliminated need for RX Worming Meds for Critters

Just wanted to input what I’ve been doing for my critters. One week out of each month, I give my dog and my kitties clay water to drink. First of all I mix the 3 to 1 hydrated clay, and then I add about 2 tablespoons of that to their water bowl -- which is an old "mixing bowl" from my kitchen. They all love it and chug it right down. The clay drinking water probably wouldn't help with the skin rashes and issues as quickly as applying the clay topically -- but it sure helps their "innards". And it totally eliminates the need for Rx worming meds. I also want to start giving it to my HORSES. I have not done that yet. But the horses would truly benefit from the clay too, and I would not have to worm them with the worming meds. And I know the minerals in the clay would help them. –Janet M.

Constipated, Vomiting 11 Year Old Cat

I did as you suggested, and simply increased the amount of hydrated clay I mixed in my 11 year old cat's canned food. Tremendous difference! Big nicely formed 'tootsie  rolls' two days in a row, and no more vomit. The the clay was all it took. Her energy is way up. A wild 'bush bunny' racing around the house! Thanks! - Modini

Smart Cats on Clay

i mix powdered clay into canned cat food and add water till it is all a cream pasty texture (got one senior girl kitty with few teeth). The days I put the clay in their food- the food disappears in record time. Some days when I skip the clay the cats sit there and give me queer looks- like MOM- it's missing something. Or they turn up their nose and ignore it. One day particular I remember they snubbed the non- clay food. I gave in and re-mixed it with the clay- then they dug into it and it was gone less than an hour later when I checked the bowl. They seem to know when it is in the mix or not. My two granny cats get more active after eating the food with the clay. I have 4 house cats that all dine out of the same bowl. - Karen S.


58 lb. German Shepherd Rescue Dog Rescued with Clay

I wanted to give you an update on my rescue dog, Kylie, since she has been using the clay.  As I mentioned before; she had been abused and was scared of everything when we first got her.  She was a very tall German Shepherd who only weighed 58 lbs. I hand coddled her trying to get weight on her but she had serious stomach issues.  She was throwing up yellow bile in the mornings and would go into extreme dysentery.  We got her up to about 69 pounds, which was not nearly enough weight for her size.  We were at the Vet very often and she was on antibiotics for 3 months at a time, on several occasions.  She got a yeast infection on the top of her paws a couple of times and they were red and swollen and the hair was coming off.  I had her on antifungal medication the last time for over a month and it was not working.  Our Vet bill has been over $2000 trying to remedy her problems

The man I buy the organic dog good from told his wife about it, as she is really into natural healing products and she was so kind to come with him to see what her problem was.  She brought me a sample of the Bentonite Calcium Clay and I applied it to her feet and within a few days there was a great improvement and within 2 weeks it was completely healed.  I started giving her the clay internally, I got a large size syringe from the drug store that would hold 15cc or 3 tablespoons at t time and started giving it to her morning and night.  Within a few day the throwing up had stopped.  Within the last 6 weeks she has had 2 more dysentery attacks but we were able to get it under control with the clay and the acidophilus.  She is now digesting her food and I took her over to the Vets office and weighed her yesterday and she was 77.2.  I am going to wait a couple of weeks to make sure the dysentery problem is over and I am going to make an appointment to go in and talk to the Vet about the Clay. - Juniece S.

Bee Sting Remedy

I've used Detox Clay Powder mixed with a little water to create a paste on my dog's tummy when she got a bee sting, and it made her feel a lot better due to decreasing the swelling and drawing out the toxins .Thank you for your help. - Melissa M.

Chloe’s Enlarged Liver

I wanted to tell you about a success story I've had with my sweet friend Chloe (a dog). She was developing an enlarged liver and her liver enzymes were elevated. In the mornings, she would hunch over and move stiffly and her belly was always hard. I researched and changed foods, but she received only minor relief from this. I began giving her the hydrated clay through a syringe every night. After three days, her painful movements decreased and she was more playful. Now her belly is soft and we can palpate without her crying out in pain. One of the most interesting things is that every night before I go to bed I get my clay ready and she comes and waits by me licking her lips. Now I just I dip in and give her a spoonful which she willingly licks off every bit...I think she knows it makes her feel better and she looks forward to having it. I'm so glad that the clay is helping her!  - Justine  F.

Clay Eliminated need for Rx Worming Meds for Critters

Just wanted to input what I’ve been doing for my critters. One week out of each month, I give my dog and my kitties Clay Water to drink. First of all I mix the 3 to 1 hydrated clay, and then I add about 2 tablespoons of that to their water bowl -- which is an old "mixing bowl" from my kitchen. They all love it and chug it right down. The clay drinking water probably wouldn't help with the skin rashes and issues as quickly as applying the clay topically -- but it sure helps their "innards". And it totally eliminates the need for Rx worming meds. I also want to start giving it to my HORSES. I have not done that yet. But the horses would truly benefit from the clay too, and I would not have to worm them with the worming meds. And I know the minerals in the clay would help them. - Jan D.

Cutting into the Quick of Dog’s Toenail

I was trimming one of my dogs nails yesterday. NOT one of his favorite things. When trimming one of the back nails he pulled away suddenly and I ended up cutting the quick. He's a big dog there was a lot of bleeding. I was able to put some dry clay on it by hand, but he was till "fretting" and just licked it off and continued to bleed.
What I ended up doing was putting about an inch of clay in a small container and put his foot in it. I made him stand with his foot in the dry clay for about 5 minutes.  As soon as he had his foot in the clay he calmed down, the bleeding stopped and no longer was he obsessed with licking the area. - Debbie B,

Doberman With Cancer Growth Between Eyes

Bodhi a 1 year old Doberman had a cancerous growth between his eyes.  We applied hydrated clay to the spot for a month and the red scaly lump went away but was bald. Also fed him a TBSP of hydrated clay in the morning and evening meals The vet said that the hair would never grow back but the cancer would.  We continued to put clay on the bald spot and in a month the hair all grew back. Bodhi is now 2 1/2 and cancer free and looking good! – Adriene O.

Dog Bite – Puncture Wound

Gabbi was playing with another dog and the dog big her foot and left a large canine tooth hole. After applying the hydrated clay the wound healed in a few days and no infection.  All the hair grew back and you cannot tell that she was injured. – Katie M.

Dog Bitten by Brown Recluse – Photos
Ping was bitten by a brown recluse Oct. 6. Here is a 13 day progression of our experience with it. Hopefully Ping's experience can help other pups. – 
Sunny M.

Dog Detoxified from Paralyzing Plant Poison  

My bother’s dog was having this terrible problem with his back legs and could hardly get up and when he did his back legs were practically paralyzed. After going to the vet and taking antibiotics and then off to a special vet hospital, they did more blood tests and he had gotten a condition which was from coming in contact with a certain plant which was paralyzing his hind legs. My husband told my brother about this living clay he had and that we should try it in his dog food. Well, after a few days, he was starting to walk a little better and after and few weeks the dog was totally fine. What a miracle. The poison from the plant had left his body! Thank you again for this amazing clay! - Carol N.

Dogs Tested on Desire for Clay

I'm visiting family this week. I ended up being the one to feed the 3 dogs this morning. So I decided to have a quick experiment. I ran to the guest bathroom and grabbed my container of hydrated clay and then ran to the kitchen for a spoon. I plopped a big ole' spoonful of clay right on top of their food. My experiment was going to be whether or not they would eat it right up with no hesitations (like I had been reading from other folks' testimonies about their dogs and cats). You know, they sure did. They ate every bit of that clay and they actually licked the plate good and proper til there was nothing left. I guess it didn't hurt that they were eating left-over warmed up chicken tenders. Yummmm! H. Gage

Dog with Cancer and Fatty Cysts

I have a 50 pound golden doodle 7 years old and Duncan had a cancerous tumor.  We had taken him to the vet to have it remove and the vet told us they could not remove it all and it would possibly grow back.  Duncan had a few lumps on his body in different areas and this was of great concern to us.  Our doggy daycare told us about calcium Bentonite clay and gave us the website to go read some of the testimonials.  We fed Duncan a TBSP of hydrated clay morning and night in his food.  After a month and a half all the tumors and lumps had disappeared.  It has been more than a year now and nothing has returned and our boy is happy and healthy.  Now he won’t eat his food without the clay mixed in it. Love the clay! — Kevin N.

Dog with Ear Infection

Callie was a one year old Shepherd at the time and had been to the vet several times for a reoccurring ear infections. The infections were so bad she would not allow you to touch her head. Ear infections are less likely to happen in dogs that the ear stands up so this was very mysterious and was costing thousands of dollars at the vet. I started to feed Callie a tablespoon of hydrated clay in the morning and in the evening. After a month the ear infections disappeared, her coat filled in very nicely, she used to have an "old dog" smell that went away and she did not seem to scratch as much. I can now touch her head without her shying away. I was so happy to see my dog pain free and calm. I love the clay! —Cheryl D.

Dog with Groomer Razor Burn

My dog came back from the groomer with razor burn that she kept scratching till it made a sore, I placed a thin layer of clay on it several times throughout the day and it relieved her discomfort and scratching and it healed nicely. In the past, these have turned into hot spots needing vet treatment. Nice to avoid that cost! - Justine F.

Dog with Hot Spot-Limp

 Yukia a 6 year old Shepherd Husky cross was adopted from the pound.  He constantly chewed his feet and his back tearing the skin.  He also limped very bad in his back leg after exercise.  His owners had spent about $6000 at the vets in 4 months trying to bring relief to their beloved pet.  The vet said it was auto immune and nothing they could do about it and his leg was knee damage.  The dog was wearing a cone because he had chewed a 12 inch by 12 inch patch of hair, and skin off his back.  His muscles were showing.  Everyday for a month they applied hydrated clay to his back and he ate 1TBSP of hydrated clay on his food in the morning and at night.  His back healed in a month, he no longer limped on his leg and he used to have a funny odor and it was gone.  They continued to feed him the clay and in 60 days all the hair grew back.  It is 6 month later and he is still very healthy and living life like someone left the gate open!- Lindsay B. 

Dog with Lupus

My dog was diagnosed with LUPUS several months ago (Sept. 2009) and given no hope for recovery by vet.  Her tests were done through biopsy at the Vet. School here in Colorado. As soon as drugs were introduced into her treatment, which I fell prey to and knowing better being holistically oriented too, the dog was out of control 24x7 and was in a crazy spaced out zone on these toxic chemicals.  I can't believe I fell to the lies of the vet after I even told him I didn't do drugs.  I did however take the dog off the drugs on my own seeing her like a zombie and no signs of improvement after a short time she used it.  However the effects of these powerful drugs lasted in her system for months.

I did apply clay to her itchy irritated skin and got some help. The greatest contribution that clay is still showing me is that if the dog has a cut on her paw or she bites it she is uncomfortable walking.  I reach for my prepared stash that I made up, smear it on the area and overnight all better.  I would never travel with the dog without the clay for her paw as it has done so much for her paws and also in some areas of her skin big improvements in short time. 

Thanks for continued support about clay as I never heard or used it before, but now for the dog's paws it's a great investment that holds up and lasts a long time. - Carol G.

Doggie Clay Bath Tub

My back simply cannot withstand leaning over a bathtub to soak one, much less two dogs. I bought a large storage box with a lid on it. I mixed the clay water in the storage box and I just leave it in there - outside. I'm not dealing with a poison issue, just itching and likely detox. My mini-spa (storage box) is on a deck. I can stand the dogs in it and hopefully make them 'sit'. I continually stir up the clay from the bottom and douse the bottom 2/3 of their bodies with it. If I don't get their heads and shoulders wet, they'll cooperate. I use a small cup to gradually wet them moving upward. If I need to spot treat, I'm still not getting their heads/shoulders wet. This is NOTHING like getting a bath. I tell them what it would cost for them to go to a spa, etc. - blah, blah. Positive thinking! After getting them to sit in the clay-water as long as possible, I just set them in the yard - no rinsing, no toweling. They can run around, roll in the grass, whatever they want. I just brush or towel them off once they are dry - if necessary. Meanwhile, I assume the clay is doing its thing on their skin. I haven't had any skin dryness problems. Hair conditioner is a dirt magnet. I no longer use it and I don't want it put on my dogs. For squeeky clean hair, pet or human, use a vinegar rinse. It will remove any residue on your hair - soap, conditioner, or clay. - Paula

Dogs in Chemically Treated Yard

Last year after getting some work done in the yard I had to treat the lawn with a chemical pesticide which is something I usually never do. Having to go to an appointment I told my husband not to let the dogs out. Forgetting, he let them outside anyway. About four hours later I returned and saw them and learned they'd gone out almost immediately after I left and in a panic I wrote the aboutclay forum for advice. Perry said to put them in clay water and leave it on them for 20 minutes before rinsing it off and to give them clay water by mouth. I put a cup of dry clay in the laundry tub of water and dipped each dog into it and left it on them for the 20 minutes before rinsing it off and drying them. Each dog also got 6ccs of liquid clay per 10 - 12 pounds of body weight. Not a one of the 12 dogs got even slightly sick and they not only walked, sat and laid on the newly treated grass but playing and wrestling they rolled in it. I'm so grateful I had the clay and the forum where I could get advice. - Mary Lee S.

Dogs Prefer Drinking Clay Water

I'd asked earlier about giving clay to my 3 dogs in their water. At first, they didn't want to drink it. They changed their minds. I just found the water crock empty and all of the clay gone that had settled to the bottom. Yippee! They have many water sources so they never had to drink the clay water, much less eat the clay. - Paula

***Do not use clay in metal bowls.  Notice she uses Crock bowls.

Good Teeth Report on 13 y. old Pomeranian

I have a little 13 year old Pomeranian. They have notoriously bad teeth. Last year my vet said that we may have to think about having her teeth scaled/scraped this year. But that is a surgical procedure, which would be hard on an elderly dog. So I started giving her liquid clay with her dry food twice a day. I just pour some next to the food, same plate. She goes for the clay first, then the food! Anyway, we went back to vet this year and he was shocked to see how good her teeth looked! She acts like a puppy and is really healthy! - Marilyn A.

Hair, Teeth, Breath, Kidney Stones and Energy Improvements for 8 yr. old Dog

Yes, the clay is safe for puppies and effective... We have given Sassy daily clay (mix liquid in with her food) for almost 2 years now... yearly checkups- all ok.... although she is 8 now; she is very healthy, active and since clay I have noticed: increased energy... no limp during cold weather and/or after laying around too long... no more urinary tract problems or kidney stones problems; she had surgery (pre-clay) and they said it could come back, it hasn't... also noticed her teeth cleaner and breath better.... hair thicker....
Paul M.

Herbicide Poisoning

Wiley was diagnosed with plant poisoning by a communicator - vet was useless. The AC told me to give him a tsp. of medicinal clay via syringe every 15 minutes for an hour. He weighs 30#. I didn't pin her down on which clay. I use Living Clay and already had some 1:3 hydration made. I added extra water to that because he was drinking very little water and dehydration was a concern. I think the syringe is 3cc size. It was suggested that I also give him parsley tea to aid in detoxing his organs. I didn't quite follow these instructions.

Since Wiley was not pooping, I was concerned about blockage. I cut the clay to 2 doses am and pm. Instead of parsley tea, I made a thick tea of parsley and slippery elm bark. He got a 12cc syringe of that am and pm. STILL no poop and no food, so everything I was putting in him was staying there. I think the slippery elm sustained him nutritionally during what turned into a 9-10 day fast.

I did not expect Wiley to live. Two weeks later, he's 90% improved and is definitely out of the woods. I'm continuing the clay and the slippery elm/parsley 'tea'.

Wiley (dog) got sick first, then kitten Ziva, then cat Bertie, then a chicken. I lost Bertie and the chicken, probably because I didn't know they were sick. There was no delay treating Ziva. The first time she missed a meal, I started syringing her. She was fully recovered in 2 days. With Wiley, it was probably 2 days before I started treatment. It isn't at all unusual for a farm dog to skip a meal since they find 'goodies' to eat - aka carrion. Wiley was started on the clay the second day, so there wasn't much of a lag, but he had gone downhill very fast. Ordinarily with something that serious I would have had him to a vet and prayed for an accurate diagnosis - which almost never happens. I can always reach my communicator on a weekend and also a woman who owns an animal sanctuary. The AC said plant poisoning, use clay; the rescue woman sent specific directions about using clay. Neither of them knew that I had it or that I knew anything about it. I've tried to get both of them to join About Clay but neither of them has the time.

I had no idea whatsoever what I was treating until it was all over. I still don't know for sure and I didn't connect the dots about plant poisoning and herbicide. Duh! My husband had sprayed some poison ivy without my knowledge.

It is Extremely important to me that I be able to treat 'whatever' immediately without a diagnosis - and do no harm. I am thrilled to have found clay to add to my arsenal. - Paula

Lumps, Bumps, Limping and Feet Licking

I have used Clay to help rid my 2 ole giant girls (Schnauzers) of large bumps on their bodies. I also mix clay with colloidal silver too! The bumps are almost gone! Great stuff! I also wanted to mention that Elli, the oldest, started limping so I applied living clay hydrated with colloidal silver wrapped her in glad wrap and after a few hours.  No limping she is off all pain meds as well. In addition, I also would like to say my 2 Schnauzers, Ellie & Twiggy, both lick their feet at times. I now do the clay & colloidal silver then mist it few times a day and no more licking. - Peaches (owned by 4 giant Schnauzer & 2 mini's all on the clay no more lumps or bumps! Yeah!)

Multiple Improvements

Yes, the clay is safe for puppies and effective... We have given Sassy daily clay (mix liquid in with her food) for almost 2 years now... yearly checkups - all ok.... although she is 8 now; she is very healthy, active and since clay I have noticed: increased energy... no limp during cold weather and/or after laying around too long... no more urinary tract problems or kidney stones problems; she had surgery (pre-clay) and they said it could come back... it hasn't... also noticed her teeth cleaner and breath better.... hair thicker.... Also I have friend with young puppy rescued from vet; very thin, bony, hip and leg operation.... Giving daily clay and amazing results in overall appearance and attitude.... gets around real good also. - Paul M.

Old Dog Can’t Get Around

My brother tries every home remedy and then sends me some.  He was raving about this clay and taking it internally.  I thought, “No way am I going to drink dirt!”  So I decided to try it on our 13 year old dog, Max, who can no longer get up the stairs or jump on furniture.  I mixed a teaspoon of the hydrated clay in his food for 3 days. The third day I came downstairs and couldn’t find him anywhere.  I thought, OH MY GOSH, I have killed our dog with that stupid clay and he has gone off somewhere to die.  A short time later I was carrying the laundry upstairs and I heard this ’thump, thump, thump’, coming from my daughter’s room.  I opened the door and there was Max on the bed and thumping his tail in delight.   I called my sister and told her to start taking the clay too that this time Bob was right about his natural remedy.  Now they whole family, critters and all take this clay. - Martha W.

Lab Recovers from Blood Parasite

My dog, Ryan (almost 11 yr old Lab) has been on clay (1 tablespoon per day mixed in his food.) for about 5 years and does remarkably well - never gets sick. For the last two years he has been slowing down and I attributed it to getting old (he is my hearing assistance dog which so he has a more active life than a pet). But in February all that changed. I had to take him to a vet - a first since moving to Lima, Peru over a year ago. He would not put any weight on one paw. Long story short - he had Erlichia which is a parasite that attaches to the red blood cells and causes severe anemia. His red cell blood count was down at 7 (normal is 12 - 17). After a session of acupuncture, a shot to the affected joint of an anti-inflammatory and a weekend of rest the vet couldn't believe how quickly he recovered. Erlichia causes joint problems and is very common in Peru. The vet was suspicious and asked to do blood work. Again when the results came back she was amazed that Ryan did as much as he did considering he was severely anemic. Now that the anemia is over he is a different dog - it's as if he lost five years of his life, friends are amazed at the change in him. He is also getting acupuncture treatments every two weeks. He is in his 9th year of working and shows no signs of slowing down. I know the clay plays a huge part in his general well being and kept him going during his bout with Erlichia (which I think started about two years ago). My cat is also on clay and doing extremely well (he just turned 11). So now I understand how the clay helped Ryan while he had the Erlichic! – Hilary R.

Pet Testimonial on  Itchy Skin

I give my dog and my cats a bath then after rinsing well, they soak in the outside tub that has calcium Bentonite clay, I mix 1 cup per 25 gallons of warm water and then dry them off, do not rinse after the clay bath! They do not scratch and it gets rid of fungus infections that they get from bug bites. - MM

Pet Wormer

My puppy was only been de-wormed once, before I got her.  I was suppose to de-worm her two more times but I decided to give her clay instead.  On our first visit to the vet her stool was checked for parasites, and guess parasites!  The doctor couldn't believe that she was only de-wormed once.  Hooray for the clay!!!!  I continue to mix clay in her food every morning.  Sometimes I give her a little extra when she sticks her nose in the duck poop! - Nancy F.

Pit Bull Allergic to Radiation

My female pitbull cannot tolerate the radiation from x-rays. (She's probably overloaded from the lovely mile-high tower down the road.) She tore her acl last month and the acupuncturist required x-rays before treatment. Immediately after returning home, Lizzy started puking. Everything she ate. For days. All of it. (gross) The injury happened 2 days prior to the x-rays, so I knew it wasn't injury-related. She had experienced excessive puking for many months at a time after previous x-rays. Knowing that living clay will absorb radiation, I put 1tsp of hydrated clay in some wet food. The puking stopped immediately and I saw noticeable improvement in her mobility, very shortly after the clay. Once she was holding food down, I went to every other day, so I could mix Chinese herbs recommended by her vet into her meals. Soon after the first dose of herbs, I detected an unpleasant aroma coming from her general direction. After a few hours of being slowly but steadily poisoned, I realized she was probably experiencing die off. I mixed some clay in the sauce from a can of food. Shortly thereafter, the stink went away. :-) She continued to reek after each dose of herbs, so I'm now mixing the clay and the herbs together, along with a little digestive enzymes. No more stink. Okay, not the great cancer-cure story. But kind of interesting. - Darla S.

Pup Now Thriving

My German Shepherd pup seems to have a problem where his large bowel will not reabsorb water.  As a result, his “poop” was constantly runny. It was so bad when he was young that he was hospitalized twice and he wasn’t gaining any weight.   When my vet told me that the basic ingredient in the older versions of anti-diarrheal medicines was clay, I went to the local Indian health food store and bought a jar of calcium bentonite clay.  My pup is now 8 months old and we give him 1 teaspoon with each meal (hydrated, of course).  It has made him a much happier, healthier boy and he has finally begun to gain weight and look like the gorgeous Sheppie he is supposed to be. - Deb K.

Puppy Parasite Free

I wanted to tell you that I got a new puppy and immediately started him on the clay twice a day. So he had been on four days of clay when I took him to the vet. He told me after checking his stool 'This is extremely rare!  I haven't seen this in a minimum 10 years . . . even puppies from breeders like yours. All puppies have parasites, but your puppy has none!  No parasites!'  As he shook his head in disbelief as he repeated it!  I told him I know why!  I give him clay! I give him the liquid clay: 10 parts water to 1 part clay. I have been giving him 1/4 tsp in his food. I put a little food in a bowl add 1/4 tsp liquid clay and 1/4 tsp amino acids, a little warm water and mix to make gravy. He laps it up. I give this twice a day. I also do this for my older dog. When I started giving it to the older dog I noticed she became more energetic and happy. The vet also commented on her. He asked how old she is, and I told him nine years old. He was amazed. He said she acts like a puppy. I attribute it to the combination of the clay and amino acids. However, for a while I was out of the amino acids and continued the clay. She continued to be friskier, and her coat fuller and beautiful. She weighs 11 lbs., and I give her 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. - Dorie

Rescue Pups with Parvo

I had taken in 3 rescue puppies from a littler of 6.  The other three went to another lady.  All the puppies got Parvo.  I treated mine with the recommended daily injection of Baytril from the veterinarian for 5 days plus I gave my pups 1 tablespoon of the premixed Liquid Living Clay three times a day by mouth.  My pups lived and the rest of the litter that were only treated with Baytril died.  The clay helped stop the diarrhea and the vomiting. - Cheryl P.

Skinny Dog Fatter and Frolicking

Yes, along the lines of giving clay to animals....I had to add that I have been giving clay to my family's dog. He was skinny and not getting as much food as the others, so I started feeding him separately from the others and adding a big Tbsp. of hydrated clay into his food. He has improved so much in just a few weeks. He is fatter and he has a spring in his step. In the mornings I see him frolicking and playing in the yard with the other dogs. So I can tell that he feels good and has lots of energy. Hallie G.

Tumor is gone!!! 

It took 2 ½ months of applying the clay morning and evening (leaving it on until the next application).  I have a sense it was more than just a non-malignant tumor having taken so long.  I, as well as Zoe, am a very happy camper!  Thanks for your help and support. The vet wrap used to keep it covered thinned her hair and also from her trying to scratch it, it is bald in a few places.  I know it will just take time to grow back out.  Feel free to share this with others, and I would be happy to answer any questions someone may have. - Janie D.


Horse with Ostrich Egg Sized Bladder Stone

Luke had an ostrich-egg size stone in his bladder that was interfering with his ability to urinate. She and I discussed trying the clay. Sharon used common sense treatment. Her first report was: The clay seems to be working.  Luke, the horse is no longer "leaking" constantly, seems to be more comfortable, is back working and actually tried to urinate on his own instead of letting urine just dribble out. This is extremely positive as it means there may be no bladder damages and he still remembers what to do!! We are excited.  He will be going in for an ultrasound in a couple weeks to see how much the ostrich egg sized stone in his bladder has shrunk.  If it has shrunk enough for ultrasound treatments to totally destroy it, that would be great and if not, as long as there is a visible shrinkage, we know we are on the right track. Perry, it was fated we meet, even if all I get to do is help out this one horse. Thanking you again, Sharon M.

Follow up with Sharon and report on Luke: The horse now belongs in our school horse program.  Have not had a recent ultrasound of the lump in his bladder, but on the last one, it had decreased from 4 inches in diameter to 3 inches.  I believe the lump to slowly be decreasing in size.  The horse is much happier and can be used again as he is no longer in chronic pain.  I think he has a long way to go still, however, he's been saved from surgery so far and does not look like he will have to be put down.

Final report on Luke: With the latest ultrasound, the vet was unable to find any stone. Another success for clay.

Here is the protocol; that Sharon used:  I gave him a wet meal, like soaked beet pulp, added the dry powder to it and mixed it in.  Started off with a cup a day and when we saw signs from the ultra-sound that the stone was shrinking, dropped it to a 1/2 cup per day and now that it is gone, down to a 1/4 cup as horses that get these stones are at a danger of re-occurrence.  Will likely, in about 6 months, drop him down to 1/4 cup every second day. Took about 5 months before the stone shrunk from 4 inches to 3 inches and then another 5 months until it was gone.  Granted, we were not doing an ultrasound every month, so it may have been sooner once the stone started dissolving than 5 months. Given the size of the stone, I was quite surprised that it was completely gone in just under a year.

Mustang with Respiratory and Discharge Complications

In October-07 we applied Clay lotion to the chest and shoulders of one of our large mustangs. Gentle Ben was presenting with respiratory complications and major discharge. I applied one-half tube of clayed based body Lotion. Within five minutes the toxic heat was gone and his jolly demeanor returned.  By next afternoon, the discharge was gone. - Daniel D.

Sick Horse

My story starts in April with my daughter's show horse Dolly.  She wasn't performing as she could.  We had the vet to check her, he ran some test and said she had a disease that would affect her for quite some time.  We were very distressed, since my daughter had high hopes of going to the Palomino World Show in July to compete.  She had been working hard nearly every day.  We had to let Dolly rest for almost a month, in this time we prayed over her and gave her the clay in her feed every day.  We had the vet check her in a month and he said we had a sound horse, so Haley went back to riding Dolly and we went to the Palomino World which Haley and Dolly won 3 World Championships and 2 Reserve World Championships.  They also won the prestigious award of Golden Horse 13 and under.  We still feed her the clay everyday in her feed.  Thanks for telling us about this miracle clay. - Rebecca H.


Bunny with Abscesses

I have a Holland Lop Elder Bun named Jax. He will be 10 in February. In the last 1-1/2 years he has had three facial abscesses that I have had to treat with antibiotic injections for a 3 week period of time each time. Needless to say, I don't enjoy it and Jax certainly doesn't either. I was grooming him the other day and noticed that an abscess was forming just below his left eye. I put Bentonite Clay on it for the last two days and it is resolving. I am thrilled.

-Melissa S.

Ferret with Enlarged Pancreas

I have a ferret who has had an enlarged pancreas. The vet said this sometimes happens to older ferrets and they become hyperglycemic. Well, I've been giving Rosie (my girl ferret) a half teaspoon of clay mixed in with her baby food and kitten replacement milk daily for the last month and would like to report her pancreas has gone from a hard knot on her belly the size of a silver dollar to the size of a penny! She acts more alert and has more energy. This is great news to me. I swear by this stuff these days! - Linda C.

Woodchuck with Broken Ankle

While trying to rescue a baby woodchuck from being run over by a car I inadvertently broke it's ankle.  It was squealing in pain and the foot just hung and flopped around. It being Friday night the vet was closed till Monday so I made a soupy mixture of calcium Bentonite clay somewhere between liquid and hydrated so it would coat the leg thickly without me having to rub the clay on and maybe damage it more and then stuck the woodchuck's entire leg down into it. He stopped crying almost immediately so you could tell the clay eased the pain. Then I placed him in a small cage in a dim room so he could sleep.  I noticed he licked some of the clay off his foot at that time so got some internally.  

The next  3 days I dipped his leg and foot into the clay mixture once in the morning and again in the evening and kept him in the small cage with food near enough that he didn't have to walk to get it.   I did not wrap the leg or set it in any way as I wasn't sure how to do it and didn't want to set it crookedly.   Day 5 had him up and walking around and unhappy with his small quarters.  As you can see from the 2 pictures following, 1 with him standing and the other with him climbing, both feet and legs are as good as new and he's almost ready to be released back into the wild.  Note: He likes the clay so much that I have to put a small amount of the hydrated on some of his food now or he tries eating dirt outside. - Mary Lee S.



100% Believer in the Clay Healing Acne

I am a 100% believer in the clay healing acne, as I have seen the results on myself. I am an adult who suffered from mild acne on face, shoulders, and upper back. I also suffered from oily skin and scalp. After a few months of drinking the clay daily and also putting it on my face regularly my acne cleared right up as well as the oiliness and I have been free of it since. I believe that it is very important to drink it as well when treating acne b/c it cleans from the inside out. It may take a few months. You need to be patient and stick with it.
I just can't express enough how happy I am of my improved skin. - Hallie G.

35 Years of Acne

I am new to clay usage and so far am amazed at the results I am getting. My primary reason for using the clay was to help clear up acne. In 35 years this is the only remedy I’ve found that actually works!  Thank you for educating us about the wonders of clay. - Cindy W.

Acne Boils

My oldest son suffers from acne boils. I put clay on it for an evening then he showers it off. We don't keep it damp as I want a strong pulling/drying action. The next day his face is almost husband is amazed! – Esther

Acne and Rosacea

I am so excited to have found something chemical-free that is helping my skin. I have been struggling with Acne and Rosacea for over 10 years and have tried so many prescription and over the counter products that were costly, chemical-laden, and irritated my skin. In the past few months, I began with making a clay mask, which definitely seemed to help, so I decided to try taking the clay internally. Once I started drinking clay, my skin showed even more noticeable improvement in under a week. I have my fiancé drinking it now as well, and his acne is clearing also!

I have used it on small scrapes and cuts that seemed a little infected and they have healed beautifully once I started putting clay on them. I also noticed that one spot on my gums that is usually inflamed has calmed since I have been drinking clay. I love that it is a natural product and is not tested on animals. - Phoebe G.

Acne - Daughter’s Battle

My daughter has fought with acne for two years.  We’d tried every over-the-counter remedy on the market, and nothing worked.  A friend told us about Calcium Bentonite Clay, and we decided to give it a try.  My daughter began applying the clay once a day, letting it dry, and then washing it off.  At first, she experienced some redness, but we were told to expect that, so she kept using it.  Within 1 week, her face was clear of pimples, and within two weeks, there weren’t even any red marks left!  I’ve never seen her so happy!  Thank you! -Martha B.

Acne Free

For 20 years I have struggled with mild adult acne.  Never could I say I was blemish or cyst free.  Within two days of using the clay, co-workers commented on the difference in my skin and after one week of use I'm happy to report no breakouts.  Now that's a record!!!!   I am truly loving these products.  My skin has never looked this good....thank you, thank you!!!! - Melody G., Esthetician at Botanical Indulgence

Acne - Off Proactiv on Clay

I have suffered from moderate acne for about ten years. Until Perry introduced me to the clay products, the only thing that has ever worked consistently has been Proactiv. I had used Proactiv for at least three years and, although it kept my acne under control for the most part, I still had breakouts right before my period. I was also becoming concerned with the long-term effects of using Proactiv and it's myriad ingredients and chemicals. I took a leap and switched to clay facial products, a face scrub,a rejuvenating face cream and the clay mask. My face has never looked better! Not only is my acne more under control than ever, my skin looks more vibrant and feels smoother. I am using less makeup than I did before, and what makeup I do use goes on more evenly. After a month of using clay and feeling confident that it was truly working, I cancelled my Proactiv membership. This is a big deal for me! I am always scared of how my skin will react to new products, but I have found something that works wonders AND, most importantly, I don't have to worry about the effects of using it long-term because it is pure and natural. –Alycia F.

Acne Scarring and Skin Care

For the past 24 years, I've had acne along with is so embarrassing and humiliating to be in your 40's and still break out.  And when I say I've tried everything, for the control of the acne as well as for scar removal, I have tried most of the truly legitimate products that have come on the market and NOTHING has given me the results that this clay has!

I have used everything from Retin-A to professional Dermabrasion and everything in between, and just cannot bring myself to doing a chemical peel or laser surgery.

I take the clay by liquid once daily and I use a  clay face & body scrub  to wash my face, then I apply a thin layer of it and use a clay wrinkle release cream on top of that and once a week I use the clay mask as a facial. 

My skin looks better than it has in years and though I still break out occasionally, it is not near with the severity as before and the scarring is beginning to minimize gently and I guess the best part is my skin is not blotchy or ruddy, I don't even wear make-up anymore because I have a natural glow!

I also have to say that I think it is the combination of taking the clay internally as well as using it externally the way I do that has brought such wonderful results.

To know that I am using a product that is so good for me and beneficial is an awesome feeling!  Lori H.

Athletic Teen with Acne

My 14 year old athletic son has been battling acne on his face and back for the past year.  Five weeks ago he started drinking 2 ounces of liquid clay in the morning and the evening.  His acne now appears to be under control on his face; and his back has cleared up by about 70 percent.  He has recently begun using the clay mask to augment the liquid regime and we are definitely seeing further results.  He is now on a maintenance dose and plans to continue to make liquid clay part of his daily routine. -Donna H.

Acne and Athlete’s Foot

My son (14) who is very athletic had a severe case of athlete’s foot and acne. I have tried everything for the athlete’s foot over the last 3 years and nothing helped. The acne just started this year but I tried every natural remedy without success.

We finally have both of them under control. The athlete’s foot is gone and now he has a pimple here and there but nothing major. I cleaned up his diet, removed ALL processed foods and dairy, started him on 2oz of liquid clay 3x’s day and applied clay topically to both his feet and his face once every other day. In eight weeks he cleared both problems. 
He continues to use the clay masks on his face 3x a week and drinks clay internally 2oz a day for maintenance.  –
Sharii H.


I just got my clay yesterday, and used it as a mask on my face.  IMMEDIATELY after rinsing it off, I noticed a HUGE reduction in my blackheads, which I have had problems with for years!  WOW!!! I could not believe it. I thought I’d have to use it for a few weeks to see results, but no – literally after the first use there was a huge improvement.

The mask felt great while it was on too. I swear I could feel it working. I am incredibly impressed with this product already, and I have already raved about it to a co-worker who has Rosacea. I am bringing her a sample tomorrow. I can guarantee you I will be a repeat customer. These products actually do what they say they will do. I am very, very impressed.  THANK YOU! -Kristian M. H.

Clay for Facials for 70 year old

First, I need to say I am 70.  So I don't expect skin of a 20 year old.  However, I it feels like I have skin of a 50 year old.  I have many brown spots on my face from sun damage.  I use cleansing clay mask.  When I shake the jar, it vibrates.  Feels like it is alive.  I use it several times a week.  I wash my face and put it on and leave it for half an hour.  I rinse it off and my face feels so smooth, tight and beautiful.  Notice I said it feels beautiful.  I don't wear as much makeup. It's not expensive and I am sure you would be pleased.  -Barbara M.

Clay Clears Dermabrasion Scarring

My wife also had a very good experience with using clay. She had dermabrasion on her face.  About year after that Wounds (scarring) arose on her face. The scarring was so ugly that she couldn't go out of the home because she felt uneasy to meet people who constantly asked about what happened to her. She began medical treatments including antibiotics and additional special pills to fight the wounds. It took two months of treatments until the wounds were cured. About a year later the wounds appeared again. Now being familiar with the clay power I suggested she use clay. She didn't believe that the clay would help but as she felt she must do something to heal the wounds she began the clay treatment. About a week after the start of using clay the wounds were healed. Now she does not miss any day to spread clay on her face, and she advocates using it to everybody!! -David G.

Clay Lightening Freckles

...I never had an age spot, but clay has definitely made my freckles invisible. I believe the gentle exfoliating nature of clay is what removes the pigment on the top layers of the skin. Good stuff! - Georgene F.

Clear Complexion

I do want to tell you that since I’ve been using this clay my friends think I have facials or microdermabrasion done all the time. They remark on how clear and smooth my skin looks and I can only attribute it to this wonder Bentonite clay. It’s easy and gets results. Thanks for such a wonderful, natural product.  -Denise H.

Clearer Skin and Bumps and Pimples Disappearing

 I received my clay and starting eating and apply it on my face on Dec 9th. It pulls like nobody’s business. The clay makes me feels really relaxed and sleepy.

 So, I have been using it for about a couple weeks now and I definitely notice a few things. Clearer skin, more even toned, almost zilch to no bumps/pimples, increase softness in my skin. I can’t say how it affecting the rest of my skin on my body but only time will tell. You best believe that I will not be without my clay! I will continued to eat and apply it on my body. I believe in the next few months I have will have that glowing, even toned beautiful skin that I have always dreamed of. -Melinda S.

Face Clear During PMS

About 6 weeks ago, someone recommended that I try Bentonite clay for an overall detox. When I ordered your clay, I noticed that it was supposed to help with acne but since I have tried many different products, with varying degrees of success, I didn't really expect anything remarkable.

When I first began eating the clay, I began to feel almost overwhelmingly exhausted everyday. This lasted for about 2 weeks, and I can only assume it was a detox effect. Soon after, however, my energy returned and, since that time, I have felt better than ever. What really impressed me though is that for the first time in 20 years, my face stayed perfectly clear during PMS. Other products have helped to control the acne for most of the month but before my period, forget it- nothing has ever worked before. I kept waiting for the breakouts and couldn't believe my eyes when my skin looked so great. Such a simple remedy and so inexpensive. You have a customer for life! Thank you! -Christina G.

Facial Scarring from Allergic Reaction Cleared with Clay

I began using a unique Calcium Bentonite Clay after I had a severe allergic reaction to a costume mask made with latex. My skin bled the first night and I had sores, bumps, and scars follow. Needing a facial regimen that was gentle and nourishing, I started using this special clay to heal my face without antibiotics. After about 5 months of consistent use, my skin is smooth, bright, and nearly completely clear of scarring.

My daily regimen consisted of drinking about 6oz of clay water, a twice-daily facial mask, a weekly facial scrub and foot bath, as well as the  a wrinkle cream and an amazing face cream applied twice-daily. This I paired with a healthy diet and exercise, and experienced wondrous results throughout my healing time. Here's to clay and not only a healthy face, but a healthier, more functional body!" -Chantal  A.

Reaction Before Clay                               Complexion After Clay                                        

My Skin Tells All

You know, over the last few years I've gone through lots of different "health" products, but the clay and psyllium husk powder are the only 2 that I have stuck with this long.....because I have seen the results and they are great.  I've been out in the sun a lot these past 2 weeks and I have not taken the time to apply sun screen on my face (which I need to be better about), but I have not had the first hint of sunburn on my face yet.  I do believe that it is because of the clay masks.  My face just does not feel as "sensitive" as it had been in the past.  Another thought that I have had about the clay face masks is that the circulation to my face has improved due to the drawing power of the clay as it dries on my face and pulls the blood up.  Whenever I wash off the clay my face is flushed red, which is the blood sitting right under the surface of the skin.  I believe this is improving my circulation, thus giving more oxygen to those areas, thus making a healthier face.  I was not blessed with good circulation. Hallie G.

Rosacea Testimonial

I have Rosacea, and while I won't say that clay will cure it, I WILL say that it does help a lot with the symptoms. My Rosacea has gotten much better since I started using clay internally - I take about 1 ounce twice a day of liquid clay. And I do facials as well. Sometimes, I even apply a light coating on my face and sleep with it on. It really helps tremendously with the outbreaks.

Other things I've found that help me personally are staying away from high carb foods (mainly anything white!) and not getting too hot. If I get hot and sweaty, I break out pretty badly. - Cheryl M.

Skin  Improvement

Thank you. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the clay. Just as my friend had told me, the clay is absolutely amazing. I used it for a facial and my skin texture improved visibly almost immediately. Aisha G.

Stopped Clay-Lost my Glow

I love taking clay, would rather miss a meal than miss taking my clay.  Stopped taking it for four days to do a gallbladder cleanse and my husband said, " Your face has lost its glow".   I looked in the mirror and his observation was spot on.  My glow returned after I restarted the drinking of the clay on the 5th day.   

Thank you for this product. -Linda R. 

Teenage Acne

When my son, Ryan, hit puberty his face erupted with acne.  The poor kid had it so bad that you could hardly see his face underneath all the zits.  I took him to a dermatologist who wanted to prescribe an oral medication.  Because I know the havoc taking medication can have on the body I was against that.  Next the doctor prescribed a topical ointment of Rentin A, this caused his sign to turn bright red and it became extremely painful in the sunshine.  Imagine an active teenage boy who loves to ski, play in the pool with his brothers and soccer with his friends, hiding inside all day because even to walk outside was too painful.  To occupy his time inside he spent a lot of time in front of the TV or the computer, this started to cause a little chubbiness around his middle.  Now not only was his face literally peeling off and bright red – it looks worse than just the acne, he was becoming an introverted couch potato.  Michael Morningstar introduced the Living Clay to us last year and after just a few weeks of using just the clay daily as a mask, Ryan’s acne has for the most part cleared up, he is back outside enjoying his life and we are not paying an arm and a leg for prescriptions. - Angie F.

White Heads, Cracked Finger Tips

I am so excited because I have had this white head on my forehead for years and you couldn't pop it or get to it because it was so deep under the skin. I decided to try the clay on it. Well it worked. I'm not sure how many applications it was because at first I was just doing a whole mask on my face and then after several applications I thought, I wonder if this would get rid of this white head so then I think I put 2 applications directly on the white head and left it on overnight. Now I don't have to go to the dermatologist. The clay also brought out another weird blemish on my lower eyelid so now I have clay on that. We'll see what happens. I'm going to try it on skin tags. It's fun to see what the clay can do.

Day 2: I just used the hydrated clay this morning again on that one little hard clear bump that came out on my lower eyelid and it's now gone, also while doing that, I was soaking my finger tips in the hydrated clay for 30 min. and it was weird. The clay opened the cracks up and now they don't hurt. Yea!!! In the 2 weeks that I've been using the Living Clay, I took off 3 pounds. So happy about that! Susan M.


Boil on Stomach

I am a practicing Electrologist in the San Antonio, Texas area. I just wanted to share with you that a client of mine had great success with clay on an infected area of her skin. She showed me a very large boil or cyst on her stomach. It presented itself from the rubbing of clothing at her waist band. She had it for several months before she finally consulted me about it. I recommended using calcium Bentonite clay. She applied a wet paste and left it on her stomach for about 15 minutes. Then she wiped it off with a wet wash cloth and went to sleep. When she took a shower the next morning she noticed the infection was gone. She showed me the area when she came in for her next appointment and I could hardly believe it was the same area. The boil was completely gone. You could see that the skin area was now healing. I have used the clay on skin problems before but I have never seen it work so well or so quickly. This is a true testament to its effectiveness. - Maryellen L.

83 year Old with Full Body Eczema

My mother is 83 years old.  She and my dad birthed nine children plus took in two foster children.  When growing up we thought my mother had the most beautiful skin, including a scarless stomach after naturally birthing all of us.  Mom would always talk about controlling her eczema.  We don’t know what she was doing but it must have been working back then because we never noticed. 

Then at age 15 I began to notice the eczema she always talked about.  It was on the back of her neck, and on the bend of her legs and arms.  Wow, it was really awful.  This was also the same time that I really paid attention and noticed that she was not just drinking coffee and beer but alcohol, plus smoking.  I am guessing that the drinking was the cause the major flare ups at this time;   it flared, she got it under control and then it flared.  This went on for a long time.  Somewhere between 55 and 65 she seemingly had it under control, but this was also when she for the first time took a job, all nine children were grown and gone.  Around 66 years old it got out of hand again but nothing like the out of control a little over a year ago.

I live in NC and she lives in DC.  The family refers to me as Dr.  North Carolina.  I don’t believe in pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, chemical treated foods, cosmetics, household cleaners, etc.  I research and find natural herbs, oils, food, cleaners, etc.  I used cosmetic clay on my face for years.  At my age of 56, I do not have wrinkles and am very healthy—no colds, flu for probably 30 years+.  Anyways, last year my sisters start telling me that my mom whom generally walks about 1-2 miles every day was not going out the door.  This was because her skin was so messed up with eczema.  What they described to me did not come close to what I saw when I got there to visit.  Thank God I was saddled with “Bentonite Clay”. I use to only used this living clay internally and bath and topical treatments with the another clay. (This has now changed)  The other got so it would not dissolve.

WOW!   My mom scared me.  She actually looked like an alligator from head to toe. Her skin, if you called it skin, was so crusty and brittle.  Her eyes were red and she was clearly scared to death.   I could have just fallen out in the floor.  But, I held it together.  My mom use to listen to all my remedies but would implement only a very few.  She was ready now for my home remedy, except she was kicking and screaming all the way.  I think this behavior would be called ambivalence.

Day 1 I made up a clay pomade and from head to toe I covered her and allowed her to sit for 15 minutes or so.  I put mom in a 6 foot bathtub of water as hot as she could stand it.  Well, as hot as I thought she could stand it.  She had drama going on all the way.  I put three full cups of clay in the tub and sat with her for 30 minutes constantly pouring the water over her neck and chest.  I had her drink cool water while sitting in the tub.  When she got out I patted her down and put “Nutiva” extra virgin organic coconut oil all over her, head to toe, wrapped her in a large towel and put her in the bed where she stayed for 2 hours. 

The next day we scheduled for me to come over to repeat this process.  When I got there she was looking better already.  The bed had scales from the eczema.  She was happy but unhappy.  She did not like the hot bath.  We repeated the process and this time I mixed a tiny bit of clay along with water into a dropper bottle and put a drop in each eye. 

Day 3:  When I got there she took forever to open the door.  What a hoot she is.  When I finally got in she looked even better and her eyes were clear—well as clear as they get for 83 years old, drinking and smoking; they were no longer red.  I soon discovered that she had had someone turn the temperature down on her hot water heater so that the water was luke warm.  HA, HA!  I fooled her!.  I ran some luke warm water and put her in.  Then, I put a huge pot of water on the stove and heated it, mixed the clay into the pot and slowly poured it in.  She was peeved!  My sister came in and all of a sudden my mom pretended that she fainted.  We went with her drama and took her out but she was in there for about 15-20 minutes.  Another coconut oiling down and back in bed.

On Day 4:  When I arrived, she quickly opened the door.  What a smile!  Here skin was smooth as a baby’s butt.  Oh my gosh.  The family and friends were all amazed.  She is so happy.  This was over a year ago and her skin is still smooth because she continues with her modified treatments.  She will not get in the tub alone—she lives alone.  What she does is mix the clay with purified water and puts it on her skin everywhere she can reach,  then rinses it off many hours later.  Sometimes she says she sleeps with it on areas that give her the most trouble, bend of arms and legs.  In addition, she has begun the drink clay water.  She started out with eight ounces per day and has since decreased to a few ounces per day (this is the reverse of what I asked her to do but it has worked for her).I wish I had before and after pictures. 

When my mother went to her dermatologist for her quarterly shot, that was not doing any good, he was amazed and wanted to know what she used.  My mother said she told him that her other doctor (Dr North Carolina) gave her a treatment.  He asked what and she refused to tell him because she says the dermatologist would begin to advocate against the clay since they do not make any money on it. She no longer is taking shots—that is, for the eczema.

This summer past my mother for the first time that I can remember attended the family reunion with a no-sleeve top!  She strutted and danced all day.  Oh how happy all of us are! Now my mother has my sisters and brothers using the clay.  Everyone has their own story.  It is amazing. -Brenda J.


My son has always had problems with eczema but over the past year it has gotten worse. He would go through the day at school itching and then come home itching. He has tried several steroid creams from the doctor as well as oatmeal baths, Benadryl, and even monitoring what he was eating. It is so mind boggling and hurtful not knowing how to help your child when they are in pain. I put him in the clay bath and he immediately began to tell me how great it felt on his body. I let him relax and lie down in it. He is usually itching by the time he gets out of the tub and will continue to itch the rest of the night. It had become a major distraction for him when he was trying to practice his singing at night. He couldn’t stand still and concentrate without having to stop and scratch. After he got out of the tub I noticed he wasn’t itching and I asked him how he felt and he said, ‘good.’ I told him that if he started itching later on that night to let me know. At bedtime, he still wasn’t itching. I asked him when he woke up the next morning if he was itching and again he said no. This has truly been a blessing to him. I thank God for this product.  I will continue to use the clay because it is so relieving to see him not itching and happy. That is something I haven’t seen in almost a year. - Cecelia L.

Eczema Improves 99% in 6 weeks

I  have eczema, the clay has helped this condition 99 % since March 5th (Now April 12th). Drinking 1 oz of clay twice a day helped my eczema, skin, hair and the dryness of the skin I love what the clay has done for my skin, hair and dryness of the skin has disappeared. I love the change in my body and I feel much better. Diane W.


I have been using clay for about a month now, in that month I have noticed an increase in my energy, I feel better. I also have noticed that all my Psoriasis has disappeared completely; I tried cortisone creams for years. My friends and husband have noticed a brighter appearance in my face. I am so thankful for your clay and plan on keep using it the rest of my life. I love taking clay, would rather miss a meal than miss taking and using my clay.  I have told many of my friends about this product. - Linda R.

Psoriasis No More 

About a year ago I developed psoriasis localized to my underarms (literally in the armpits.) I spent months treating it with steroid ointment. It would relieve the sting and seemed to allow it to heal. However, as soon as I stopped using the ointment, within a week the burning, itchy scaling would return. The ointment did not cure anything, only lessen/mask the symptoms.

I discovered Bentonite clay while I was researching making my own tooth powder. I then found the Clay Information site, read about some of the amazing things clay could do and ordered some along with the Clay deodorant.

I started listening to Perry A’s clay Q & A sessions and asked for her advice on using clay to treat my psoriasis. She recommended drinking clay, taking clay baths and using clay poultices. I followed a regimen of 2-3 clay baths per week and drank 4ozs of clay 3-4 times per day. This may be a bit of a high dose for some people to start with, but I approached this aggressively because I was so frustrated with the psoriasis and wanted it gone. I knew I could have a detox reaction, but I was okay with that.

I would get up in the morning, drink my clay and sip my coffee, then after about an hour or so I would drink plenty of water. I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day always leaving at least a 30 minute window before and after I drank my clay. I staggered my clay out for the remainder of the day with the last dose being right before bed. The only change to my diet that I made was to add green smoothies since I am on a program to lose weight this year. I drank at least one quart of green smoothie every day – sometimes two quarts. My thinking was that it would help with the detox & weightloss - plus, who couldn’t eat more vegetables, right? I rarely did the clay poultices as I found the Clay deodorant worked great as a topical soother and since it has clay in it, I used that in place of the poultices most of the time.  

Within a couple of days of following my regimen, I found that when I would sweat, I would have a pretty strong odor. I also felt that I ran a little bit hot, not uncomfortably hot, but I would readily sweat lightly even if I wasn’t doing strenuous activity. I believe this was my body detoxing. I think the green smoothies and a lot of water kept me from having any major detox symptoms.

Within one and a half months, my symptoms were completely gone and my skin was healed. That was over five months ago as of today 9/10/15. I have not had a single psoriasis break out since. I still take clay baths (because they are awesome!) and I do drink 3-4oz of clay every morning. I still drink my green smoothies because between those and the clay, I feel great. Overall I feel cleaner, my skin is brighter and softer. My hair also grows fast and is very healthy. Also, interestingly enough, now that I am detoxed, when I do sweat it hardly has an odor. I attribute that to the clay.

I am a firm believer in calcium Bentonite clay  - I love it and recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you Perry A for sharing all you know about this miracle from nature! -Kim E.

Psoriasis  Solution

I don't have acne but I did have psoriasis on my legs for 2 years. I had found nothing that would give me any relief. I had tried the steroid pills and creams and that helped very little, besides all the side effects can be worse than the original problem so finding an alternative was the only way to go for me. I tried other miracle cures on the internet that was a big waste of money and then I remembered reading a book about the benefits of clay. So I started reading all I could find on the internet about clay. My Psoriasis kept getting worse until I started using clay packs and taking it internally. I also took a probiotic capsule 2 to 3 times a day. Within 3 months the psoriasis has cleared up except that the skin is slightly darkened where they were. But these places should clear up with a little sunshine. If clay will heal psoriasis then I have every confidence that it will heal acne.

Since I found your website I haven't quit telling people how great clay is for your health. One unexpected benefit of drinking the clay that I wasn't expecting was that in the mornings when I would get out of bed, my joints weren't stiff anymore. I realized then, if the clay was taking the inflammation out of the Psoriasis it was working in the rest of my body. I've told everyone I know about clay and how wonderful it is. I'm so glad that I found the about clay website. -Bronwyn D.

Scleroderma and Dermatitis

I heard about this clay from a friend who takes it.  I have scleroderma, which is an autoimmune disorder.  My symptoms include painful lesions on my fingers, swelling of my face and fingers, and dermatitis on my face.  My rheumatologist told me there is nothing that can be done to fix the underlying problem because we don't really know what causes scleroderma.  I was prescribed medications to treat the symptoms and was told to "just be glad I am young and healthy".  Well, the meds I was prescribed did not fix the symptoms and the flare-ups seem to come and go on their own. 

About 5 weeks after I began drinking the clay my dermatitis went away.  I am 35 now and there has not been one day for 5 years that I could go out in public without my face completely covered with makeup. Now, not only are the redness and plaques associated with dermatitis gone, but my skin has a glow to it and my wrinkles are significantly less noticeable!

Drinking the clay has also helped to heal the lesion on my flared-up finger at a much faster rate than normal.  Even more noticeable than this though, was what happened when I applied the clay as a paste to the scab on the surface of the lesion.  After about 15 min, the clay cracked apart and a pussy fluid began draining from inside the lesion.  Wow.  I was blown away!

Seven people I know have already ordered this clay because they cannot believe the amazing transformation it has caused in my face.  I tell more and more people about the miracle of this clay every day. -Kristina S.

Seborrheic Keratoses & Milia

I would like to give 2 testimonials:

1. For removing stubborn Seborrheic Keratoses ( son's arm )

2. Clearing up the most stubborn case of Milia (daughter's forehead). Milia are small, white cysts commonly seen around the eyes and cheeks.

Several doctors and dermatologist's over the last 2 years could not correct either of these conditions using several treatments...they were told they would just have to live with them. Well, both are completely gone after using Bentonite clay topically. Not a trace left -- and we are amazed and cannot wait to show the doctors. Georgene F.

Skin Care and Pre-Skin Cancers  

Not only do I use it internally but I make clay masks and use them weekly. I am prone to having pre-skin cancers and when I see something, I immediately put clay on the spot for a few weeks each morning and it disappears! I now buy the cream as well and use it as my morning and evening moisturizer instead of the super expensive creams I had been using previously. People comment on how soft and wonderful my skin looks all the time. The face and body scrub is wonderfully refreshing as well. I would urge everyone to try will never be without it!! – Petey S.


Bicycle Rash Relief

It all started with me participating in The Hottest Day in Austin Bike Ride. It was a 15 mile bicycle ride around Austin, in the middle of August. I was wearing my swimming costume the whole day, and there was hardly a moment in the day when it wasn't at least damp. Needless to say, at the end of the day, my chode (or taint, if you will) was feeling the wear and tear I had placed upon it. The tops of my inner thighs were rubbing against my saddle during the ride, so they were singing the same song as my chode. 

The next morning found me wincing when I sat, and waddling around like a penguin. Taking off my underwear revealed a red, inflamed mess — and not the fun kind. I needed relief, as did my friends who went on the ride. 

I looked to the cay for my swollen, throbbing taint. I figured if I used it for a few days I would be in the clear. So I made a mud out of the powder, and gingerly applied it to myself, and I was soothed with IMMEDIATE RELIEF. I went from waddling around to walking/sitting normally. Hell, I was even back on my bicycle the next day!

I've been raving about the stuff ever since, and thought you would enjoy my story. - Dan G.

Clay Heals Underarm Sore and is a Deodorant

I wanted to share another use of clay that I have found to be of a great benefit for me.  I had a sore under my right arm pit from scratching too hard, and made my pit raw the size of the sore was 2x2 inch... after I showered and dried myself, I put some of the dry clay powder into both of my arm pits. ( it felt so good under the pit with the sore - I wanted to put some under both)  The clay healed my sore in two days.. I now use the clay for deodorant.  The clay keeps me dry all day long.. It does not leave any clay on my clothes under the pit area. I apply about 1/8 teaspoon under both arms.  I now have a new deodorant. The clay feels so smooth under the pit.  I am loving this clay.   Diane W.

Hand Rash

It was my sister's birthday so I bought her some Bentonite clay.  When I brought her present to her I had also given her a small sample of the clay which had already been prepared.  Just a day prior to my visit, my sister broke out with tiny pus-like pimples all over both of her hands.  Not only did her hand look "diseased" but she complained terribly about the itch.  I was so happy I had provided her with a prepared sample along with her present.  I urged her to immediately apply the clay to her hands and within a half hour the itching had subsided.  I told her to use it as often as possible and she told me within a couple of days the rash had disappeared. We don't know exactly what caused this skin outbreak but apparently it was an allergic reaction to something.  The calcium Bentonite clay eradicated the problem.  Imagine, no waiting in the doctor's office and no harmful drugs with side effects.  This product is wonderful!! -Gail P.

Itchy Bumps under Arms

I just personally witnessed another miracle with this clay. I had a client that I had been working on for 2 ½ years (ear coning and colonics). Under her arms were these red bumps that itched. The skin would peel from this area. She said she’d had this for as long as she could remember. She had never gone to a doctor. Just before moving from Los Angeles, I worked on her several times-ear coning and colonics. Then, I moved to Charlotte, NC with my arms full of red itchy bumps. At night they seemed to get overwhelmingly itchy. One time I scratched so hard I drew blood.

I use tea tree oil as a deodorant and I could no longer use it because it now stung. I first covered my underarms topically with the clay mask and it felt so cool and soothing. It would stop the itching temporarily. After doing this a couple of times I noticed the areas under my arms had begun clearing up. That night I took drank 2 ozs. of liquid clay. I was also bathing in the Clay powder.

That night I went through something emotional. I awoke the next morning and noticed my underarms had cleared up even more over night. The next day, drank 2 ozs. of the liquid twice a day. The horrific rash of bumps was almost completely gone! Incredible! Still some slight itching. The 3rd day I continued drinking the clay and took a clay bath. I have also been using your soap and brushing my teeth with the clay.

My underarms are free of bumps and itching and the horrible uncomfortable madness is gone.  That is one thing I could identify that energetically got passed from my client to me! I wonder how many other things I am holding that my clients have released that I’m not aware of.

I think this clay is excellent protection for practitioners that work in others energy. Amazing. I feel soooo much better. Clay… God’s gift to mankind. - Moonlite

Multiple Uses – Monstrous Skin Rash


We use this liquid clay in our green smoothies EVERY morning...  in the tub for a nice, soothing, detoxifying soak weekly and I use it to brush my teeth... the gum disease is going away and my teeth are revitalizing! It's also getting rid of bacteria in my mouth and internal parasites as well. I was absolutely plagued for nearly 3 years by an monstrous skin rash all over my body... This clay has been a VITAL part of my detoxification and rejuvenation program! - Jan J.

Plant encounter no match for clay

Yet another win for clay. I was out trimming this morning and encountered a delicate plant in my flower bed, I pulled it up like normal and then a burning started occurring on one wrist and the other forearm. It was sort of icky and kept burning. I went inside slathered clay paste all over the areas and within ten minutes the sting was gone and all the redness disappeared. No sign that anything ever happened! Gotta love it! - Justine F.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak


Yesterday, I was introduced to this clay to help a severe case of poison oak.  I applied a small amount of the clay mask directly on the poison oak and in 24 hours it was dried up and was almost gone.  It did not take long to see the healing results.  I feel so much better! - Michael F.

Poison Oak

My husband was searching for his golf ball in the "bushes" and came home with his entire neck swollen, itchy, and painful. He looked deformed in the neck area. The poison oak was so bad that I really did not think clay would help much. I made up a huge batch and slathered him all around his neck, ears, and lower face. He griped and complained that "mud was not going to help". Oh, how I wish I had taken before and after pictures of him! He had even called his work to tell them that he was not sure if he was going to make it there in the morning. He took a cool shower and washed the clay off. I could hardly tell that he had been playing in poison oak! There were a few lumps but not red and he said it did not itch any longer. He did go to work and the other employees did not believe that he was covered in poison oak welts the night before. There were absolutely no sign of the poisonous plants effects except a small area on his upper chest that I did not see when I applied the clay! – Charla L.

Poison Sumac

I just had to tell you what happened to me this week. On Saturday, I got into some poison sumac. It was one of the worst cases my doctor had seen. It was all over my face, neck, arms and stomach. I was embarrassed to go out in public and of course, it was itching like crazy. After trying calamine lotion, witch hazel, oatmeal baths, etc. for 2 days, it only looked worse, not better!  I thought, hey, I wonder if the clay will help? So, I decided to try it. I made it into a paste like I do for my facials, and applied a very thin layer to the spots on my face, which I left on overnight. In the morning, I was like a different person. All the redness and swelling was gone. The blisters were dried up! Some of the marks are still on my face, but they are faded and you can hardly see them at all. WOW!! Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing product with so many awesome uses. - Morgan S.

Rash Gone Over Night

This clay is so great! I've had a rash on my face for a few days and decided to use the clay on it last night. And cleared it right up! I'm so happy!!!!! Love this clay!!! Thank you so much! - Susan M.

Red Rash & Severe Exhaustion & Fatigue

One of my important customers Keisha, from Salts and Scents (Boston, MA) recommended your products to me and I recently made a purchase for the Detox Clay Powder.  I just had to send an email to let you know what happened.

I had an unusual rash/red discoloring on various parts of my body, was suffering from severe exhaustion/fatigue.Keisha suggested that it was from a buildup of toxins in my system and suggested to try your product to "detox" my system and see what would happen.

It has been 1 week since using your products.  I made a liquid version where I took 1 part to 4 parts water and blended it and drank it internally, took a bath with it, and used the clay mask.  I started off drinking 1oz a day and worked up to 2/3 times per day.  In the beginning I got a surge of energy, but then I took a turn for the worse - nauseous, lethargic - just felt horrific.  *(Editors note notice she took a 1 to 4 ratio.  Very concentrated. The correct blend is 1 to 8. This speeded the detoxing and it was bringing up the toxins faster than they could be carried out of the body thus the Detox reactions. In a case like this slow down on the amount but do not stop. It is working.)

Today - one week later - I feel better than I ever have.  The rash is GONE, I have energy and feel great.  I was tempted a few days ago to call and yell at Keisha.  I thought she poisoned me - but now that the worse has passed - I want to give her a big hug.  It must have been my body detoxing and going through what it needed to do to get rid of the buildup.  My skin looks so much better and people have noticed.

I hope I do not go through what I did again, it was awful.  I am now a huge fan and plan on continuing to use your wonderful products. - Sherri Wilson  

Shingles - No Pain

Last month I woke up one morning and thought I had a spider bite on my waist. It was bubbly like a new cold sore. I have been drinking clay (6oz) daily for 5 years now, and both my husband and I have not had the flu or a cold sore outbreak which we are both prone to.

I began applying wet clay to the area and in two days the rash spread so I went to the doctor and he said it was shingles. He wanted to know how I was dealing with the pain. I said "what pain?" He gave me a very expensive prescription (a seven day course) and he told me he would call me in a prescription for when the pain started. I told him about clay, but he kinda just rolled his eyes, and said to expect the shingles to get worse, before better, and it would take 4 weeks or more for the shingles to run their course. I kept drinking the clay and I took the prescription, applying it topically at night before I went to bed and in the morning, and in the afternoon. I also used the clay mask. I put a lot on topically, morning, noon and night. I put plastic wrap on top and wore snug shorts to keep it in place. The pain never came. However it wasn't without discomfort as the clay did its job drawing, and drawing the virus out. I could feel it. The shingles immediately stop spreading, and were dried up and gone in two weeks to the day. All that was left of the shingles was a reddish tinge to the skin. They didn't even itch, which shingles painfully do.

The virus is aggressive and I suspect if I hadn't been drinking clay, it would have been much worse. Long Live Clay. – Stacey B. 


Your service and products are incredible and I am telling everyone especially with any shingles outbreak. There is no doubt your clay naturally deals with pain relief while my protocol shortens duration to a week with sleep and minor functioning instead of total incapacity. With reoccurring shingles, the clay stops the pain in its tracks. I consider it vital to have the clay mask and dry clay on hand and not having either product is a big no-no for me!

Life support and massive drug use took its toll (more than a decade) and just over a year ago I was hospitalized for respiratory distress for the eighth time in 6 months. With my arms full of IVs AGAIN I saw my first full body shingles outbreak and I got my diagnosis but I found medications not only ineffective but deadly. Creating my protocol released me with my full recovery in just over 48 hours. 

My two outbreaks since require no hospital or respiratory care. I am empowered at home and I have found your products offer the maximum comfort. I have had a multitude of conditions because I was dragged under a moving pickup. Where therapy is still addressing scar tissue I discovered the virus is released in the damaged tissue. I am finally seeing a recovery level beyond my expectations when a case of it exited my left eye and required less than a week to take its course. I packed clay mask on and washed it off without distress of any kind. I saw a full recovery and did not need any of the specialists at my disposal. Again, thank you! Best regards, Donna M. Austin, TX

Shingles - Advanced

A friend of mine put clay at an advanced stage onto shingles, she was very skeptical and they disappeared, the pain went away rapidly. Corrine M.

Shingles - Dried Up in Three Days

Grandson is a wrestler, he came here one Friday and he showed me what his Dr. said was Shingles. I remembered reading that clay would be good for this. I covered his shoulder with the clay poultice, put a clay soaked gauze on it and the taped the cling wrap over it all, His Mom called me when he got home and asked why I did that, I said leave it on overnight and look at it in the morning, well, she called me in the morning and said all the redness was gone and it had shrunk to 1/2 the size. I told her to do the same thing I had done with the clay I had sent home with him, in 3 days the whole thing was healed, the Dr. had told them it would be 2 to 3 weeks to heal. He went back to Dr on Wednesday and the thing was totally gone, the doctor’s mouth gapped and said he could not believe it cleared up that fast. I had told him to not take the antibiotic that Dr. had given him, so we know it was the clay, I had also given him a gallon of the clay water and had him drink 3 X 6 ozs a day. - Margie N. 

Skin Problems Clearing with Clay

My skin problems have been healed on almost 80% on my right leg. I have been applied the clay poultice on infected area and upper arm for almost six weeks one time per day and night. Also, my back pain is gone too! - Sue W.

Sweets Syndrome

I have a skin disorder called Sweets Syndrome. When I went to see my massage therapist, I thought I was on the verge of a breakout (which usually means 1+ month or more on prednisone and another strong medication called Dapsone). She had recently bought some green calcium Bentonite clay. We made a poultice of this clay and she gave me a little to take home with me. With 1 more poultice and 1 clay bath I was able to completely heal my skin and prevent a breakout – without resorting to major medication! - Sunny M.


Age Spots

I have had significant lightening of age spots since I started using the clay. The cleaning of one's liver is a major action of the clay and the spots lighten as a by-product of liver cleaning. And I'm going for the number two spot! Drink the clay it will help much more than simply placing it on the skin. I've even had friends and family remark on how much my hands have changed as a result of the lightening. - Justine F.

Liver Spot Gone and Complexion Radiant

I started taking one teaspoon of clay with purified water first thing in the morning and before bed.  I continued this regimen for about the next nine months, until one day this summer, I went to the beach with my husband and several of our friends for a diving adventure.  After diving, we girls went into the ladies room to change and wash the salt and sand off.  And as we were washing and chatting in front of the mirrors, one of the ladies looked at me, her eyes with the look of amazement, and she said to me "you have the best skin I've ever seen!"  I didn't know what to say except, "thanks, what a kind thing to say".  Then I looked in the mirror and noticed that a liver spot I‘d had on my left cheek since my last pregnancy which was in 1989, about the size of a quarter, which had started to raise at one point, was completely gone!  My complexion really was even-toned and radiant!  I hadn’t even noticed until that lovely comment was made! -Donna D.

Malignant Melanoma Confined

I had a Malignant Melanoma on my cheek.  I thought it was an age spot. Before surgery I started using the clay poultice on the area.  The doctors were amazed when they did the surgery that it has not spread. I didn’t tell them the clay pulled it to the point of origin. They would not have believed me. - Jean N.

Pregnancy Mask

I had twins about 4 years ago...and because of extra hormones....I got what doctors call a pregnancy mask.  It’s like dark patchy discolored areas on your face.  It can be on your nose, cheeks and for head.  Fortunately mine was just on my forehead...but it was very dark and I was totally embarrassed by it.  I would never even think about leaving the house without my makeup on.  Well I started using clay products...and oh my should see my forehead.  I have been using it for about a month now....just a little in the morning and at night....and you can barely see anything.  My skin is all even and it just looks wonderful.  I have tried everything this past four years to get rid of the problem and doctors just pretty much had told me to get use to it.  Thank you so much. - Melissa H.

Raised Age Spot

I want to share, what I consider, a clay miracle! I have a dry, raised age spot over my left breast that was the size of an oval dime. When I first became introduced to the clay and poultices, I began covering the spot and letting it dry and not really washing it off for 24 hours at a time. I did this a couple of times a week. Well I want you to know that the spot is now one-half the size and where part of it has dried and scabbed off is new pink skin. I must say I am amazed and happy about this! - Susan S.

Skin spots and Liver Spots

My skin spots & liver spots have been vanishing with just regular clay packs on them. – Jill S.


Black Wart

Oh, I had a black wart appear on the side of my temple about a year ago....darn thing was driving me crazy, as it made me look like I had a longer eye brow on one side...LOL. Doctor couldn't get rid of it at all, I tried every OTC wart remedy available. Well, I think you know where I'm going with's almost gone from applying the clay a few times day. It's so faint now that I expect it will be invisible in the next few days. I will also show this to the doctor. - Georgene F.

Facial Warts

I used apple cider vinegar and clay to remove facial warts. I had 4 pretty good sized ones and now they are gone. This took work, but now my face is completely smooth and free of growths. – Linda W.

Flat Warts Removed with Clay.

I am pleased to say I had wonderful success in warts disappearing. First of all I did the two weeks detox. After the detox I just went on maintenance, sometimes morning and night sometimes just morning.

I was hoping to see warts go quickly but it did take some time, maybe three months. I had dozens of small warts on my hands and one large unsightly one. I did apply clay externally and oil of oregano but this burnt. Back to just taking the clay and one day I looked at my cluster of warts on one hand and they were changing. A few days later I noticed they had gone altogether. I then just needed to tackle the big monster. After trying duct tape for a while I gave up but then suddenly noticed the monster was changing and a few days later it too disappeared. Wonder of wonders.

I have no warts now after having maybe the cluster of small warts plus about 6 flat warts on one hand and the monster plus four flat ones on the other. I am more than pleased.

I believe warts are caused by an internal virus so will take time for the body to cleanse itself. Good luck but be patient – the clay is doing you good anyway. Bernadette B.

Side note – It is recommended to apply the clay mud topically also for faster results.

Plantars Warts

Plantar warts:  I've been using clay on bandages on my feet and taking clay baths and foot baths, they are almost gone. I've got 3 of them that have been so severe that they were altering my gait and causing other foot problems (hammer toe).  – Linda W.

Skin Mole

Just a note about skin moles. I had read the info from Phil who used the clay for a wart under his eye with great success. So, I tried putting the clay on a skin mole I have had for 15+ years on my jaw line. Guess what? Hooray, the mole is almost gone. I work 7 days a week and can't wear it during the day. But every night for the last week I have been putting it on before bed and now since it works, I am trying it on other moles. Gotta love the clay!!  - Joann F.

Warts, Moles & Yellow Toe Nails

I’ve known about and used calcium Bentonite clay for several years. I haven’t been consistent, and yet I’ve experienced amazing results.

Recently, I decided to begin a consistent program using clay, consisting of  2 ounces of liquid clay taken internally twice a day, and at least one clay bath a week. My main objective was to gain and maintain a balanced, healthy body, and to work on ridding myself of warts and moles in particular.

The other problem I knew I wanted to work on was the yellow fungus on my toes. Both my big toes had a yellow tint to the nail bed, and the toenails were rough and uneven.

About a week ago, just before my clay bath, I decided I would start taking care of the fungus by soaking my feet in a concentrated clay mixture. I poured the clay into a plastic container large enough to get one foot at a time in and had everything ready.

I don’t really examine my feet that often, so I was very surprised to see that instead of the dingy, yellow discoloration I’d noticed weeks before, the nails were nice and smooth, the nail bed was a rosy pink and my toes looked healthier than they ever had! This, just from using the clay consistently! This stuff just keeps producing amazing results, and my body keeps getting better and better and better! Thank you Mother Earth, for this wonderful substance. - Phillip M.

Warts – Hands Covered

I am writing to let you know how amazed I am at the healing powers of the clay. Just over a year ago I started developing warts on both my hands. They became larger and very unsightly. I went to two dermatologists, both shaking their heads and saying that getting rid of them would take drastic measures. I tried several treatments advertised on TV and elsewhere. I tried using chemicals recommended by the local druggist. Over a period of approximately 10 months, I went through several ways to help cure the warts, with absolutely zero results. The only option left was to have them burnt off, which I

knew would be expensive, leave unsightly scars and no guarantee that they would not return. There were 17 warts at this time. I was devastated, I felt like the elephant man. I kept my hands hidden from view. 

Then, my wife, who was using the clay products for her skin and finding it fabulous, told me to try it. I'm not a big believer of natural cures, but I had nothing to lose. So in May of this year I started applying the clay to each wart and used duct tape to cover it. Every morning I got up and removed the duct tape and washed the areas. Within a couple of weeks, I could see a difference in size; a couple of the warts were really large. Now it is October and I have not one single wart on my hands!!!!!!!!!! I showed my hands to the druggist and he was totally amazed. I spoke to both doctors who were also quite impressed. Course now I wash my hair with it, drink it and tell everybody I meet about it. - George B.

Warts-Too Many to Count

For almost two years I've had a succession of warts, too many to count, running from my high cheekbone and hairline down the neck and into the chin.  I've had three aestheticians look at them and one medical doctor.  I was told it would take a minimum of four trips to have them burned off with perhaps some scarring occurring. In addition, I counted every wart I could see on my inner left wrist. There were 26. In April 2009 I started drinking two ounces a.m. and p.m. of liquid clay.  The beginning of June I upped the intake to three ounces twice a day.  Within four days of increasing the ounces, all the warts on my face vanished.  Presently I have nine warts left on my left wrist. There's absolutely no scarring....not even an indication through red or white marks that warts ever even existed. I'm now a believer and life-long user of the clay.  - L.D. York

Wart Removed

For years, I had a small wart on the underside of my right breast.  It never cause me any pain or discomfort, but it always bothered me that it was there.  So, a few weeks ago, I decided I'd had enough of it!  I covered the wart with this clay twice a day, and bandaged it to keep the clay in place.  In just 6 days, the wart was GONE.  I'm a happy camper!  - Cheryl M.


Brags on Wife’s Weight Loss and New Energy

First thing I would like to say is "THANK YOU” for making your Living Clay available to the world...!!!  As you know, over a year ago Linda got fed up with mainstream medicine continuously feeding her drugs, drugs, and more drugs in what was an attempt to control (not CURE) her Fibromyalgia.  After hearing you speak on the Power Hour she decided to take charge of her own life by giving up ALL her meds over night (cold turkey) and turn to the living clay.  Knowing how things work (or don't work) when it comes to the FDA, you could only say it might help.  What an under statement...!!!  Today, Linda has lost almost 60 pounds (without exercising) and for the past month or so has been mowing our lawn (as well as my mothers) and is basically a new person.  I am not saying she is cured but the truth is, I haven't seen her this physical in 15 plus years...she even went out and bought a bicycle to ride...thank you both again for giving me my wife back!!! Dan R.

Clay Fast

I went on a clay fast for 3 days, I took 3 oz. of liquid clay 3x's a day, and LOTS of water. I lost 8 lbs and I had a ton of energy. Didn't have any detox symptoms because I had been drinking clay for over 6 mos. I liked it, felt great! -Susan M.

Lost Weight and Sugar Craving with Clay and Good Eating

I have noticed from me taking the clay, that I no longer crave, sugar - plus I have lost 7 pounds, in such a short period of time.  I started the clay on March 5th and lost the 7 lbs by the 15th.  I have never lost that much weight in that short of a time. I am so happy about that. I am hypothyroid. I did sprinkle a bit on clay on my tooth brush with my organic tooth paste. I love the feeling on my teeth, afterwards.

I am taking two oz of clay 2 times a day. I will be going down to 2 oz of clay a day on the 19th.  I only drink 4 oz of water with the clay so it stays with me. I am not eating any white flour, or dairy, I am eating fruit for breakfast, 2 days in a row then eat 2 hard boiled eggs the 3rd day, then back to fruit again. On my fruit day I do take my banana with 8 oz of unsweetened almond chocolate nut milk with a handful of ice and blend a nice smoothie. It makes me feel like I am not so restricted. Lunch - I do 4 oz of protein, chicken, fish, or bison, beef with 2 raw veggies or mix it up with a salad with the raw veggies, or cook the veggies.  My snack is a fruit or some veggies, nuts, or a protein bar with no more than 8 grams of sugar.  Dinner 4 oz of grilled protein, not the same that I had for lunch, salmon or tilapia, chicken. I only eat beef once a week - I try to eat it for lunch. I do have homemade popcorn once a week on Sundays.  I try to walk every day, and I'm not talking 3 miles, just long enough to get 30 minutes in. I dance to my music and lift my 6 lb medicine ball.  I also have a gazelle. I like to dance and ride bike the most.  Keep a journal. Drink lots of water or green tea. I do not drink pop or coffee at all. If I want to give my water a nice flavor I will put 3 oz of organic juice in it. Every once in a while, not daily, I also drink hot water with a twist of a lemon. Sunday, I did want a dessert with my meal so I took a small cookie like dessert that was 1x1 inch, just to have the dessert. I did not feel I really wanted any more than that. I was a sweet eater person, before the clay, so this is huge for me.  I eventually want to be sugar free. Once I reach my goal weight I will add some whole wheat pasta in, with my bread, multi grain and organic cereal. 

I never eat white bread, nor buns - anything that says enriched flour I do not eat.  I do not eat any high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated vegetable oil either. I don't eat anything with MSG in it. I do not ever eat any lunch meat unless it is Dilusso deli meat with no added junk. I stay away from sodium nitrate. I eat most organic foods.  I do not do dairy because I am allergic too dairy.  I sub that with rice dream original or almond breeze nut milk. These are both non dairy and are kept on the shelf. You do refrigerator after you open them of course, it truly is all about the calories in and the activities. Read.... read... labels... know what you are putting into your holy temple. It is a lot of work to stay healthy. -Diane W.

Weight Loss & More

CB Clay has been an awesome tool for this physical body.  It took me 3 months to get off Prilosec for acid reflux by "swigging" 8/1 clay whenever (10+/day) I felt acid forming.  I know clay has balanced my pH because I don't get infections any more.  Taking clay for 1 year, a big 'ol serving spoon full, at least 3 times /day has helped me improve my health as well as shed 50 lbs.  Random clay poultices held in place with Glad Press 'n' Seal suck all the toxic lymph fluid out of the tissues, take away the "needles stabbing my body" feeling and leave the skin smooth and soft.  One day I looked in the mirror and sighted a "waddle" under my chin.  Happy to say clay poultices have reduced that area because the fluid weighing down the area is gone.  Clay is my toothpaste, and gum healer when I pack dry clay at night (around teeth).  Swollen joints, sore muscles, cuts or sunburn. first response is CLAY.  I can testify to surprising results in all the above applications having used it myself. I passed along the clay info and results to friends who now swear by the Magic of the Clay.   Kudos to you answering every question as if it were the first time you read it giving knowledge and empathy to every inquiry.  It is my deepest intention that all the cells in my body remember when they were new and manifest newness, NOW!--You, Perry are part of my newness—Jacq P.  

Weight Loss 3X to Size 14

I am doing a clay facial once in a while.  And once in a while I do a clay soak bath. I have not done a wrap with this product, but Dan did buy from TV a long time ago a product and soaked and wrapped me in terry strips and saran wrap.  It was really nice to get his attention but it had no effect.  He was highly disappointed with the tape measured results.  I am very loyal about drinking it twice a day and taking plenty of water as my only beverage other than Darjeeling and various green teas. When I began drinking clay at the end of January 2005. Perry had insisted that plenty of water be drank during the day along with the clay. This I did.  I don't sleep all night so had a cafe of water handy and each and every time I woke up I drank water.  I am not that loyal to doing it lately since I sleep more soundly and wake up fewer times. Consequently, I have not been dropping as fast the additional weight.  So there is a clue here. Drink plenty of water.  

By Easter at the end of March I realized I was not eating the foil covered eggs I had purchased for my husband :-). The clay has just honed down my binges and moderates my desire to eat and over eat. I am satisfied with better food and much smaller portions.  The candy section and the bakery section hold NO temptation for me now. I do not feel like I have to be putting drink or food into my system all the time as I did before drinking the clay, water being the only exception. I always have a bottle of water at the ready. My shape change came about without effort.  I did not exercise, I do feel now like I could. I have fibromyalgia and related health problems so exercising was not for me.  At first my shape change was subtle.  I noticed my cloths getting comfortable, that was a surprise since my washer and dryer (Maytag) has always shrunk my clothes. Then they just didn't stay on my hips.  My arms and shoulders no longer fit the shirts and blouses and the shoulder pads I once tossed out would be needed to continue to wear them.  My guess is that I am not being controlled by the parasites who had been supported by the chemicals and other trash in what I had been consuming. The clay did its job and cleaned them out. 

The only other changes I made after hearing about clay for the first time was getting a mercury filling taken out and dropping all medications.  Both had long been on my mind to do and you had just given me the vehicle to carry away the residue/toxins that my "habits" or poor judgment had left behind.  Those changes could not have been so very successful if Perry A (in a long phone conversation) had not assured me of the amazing results this clay and only this clay can bring about.  The truth at last, this clay is effective and harmless at the same time.  Will I never stop drinking it twice a day? After going from 3x and 2x to size 14 (for now) I will always drink clay. - Linda R.

Weight Loss Success 

I made a couple of lifestyle changes to lose the weight. Gave up soda (especially caffeinated) because they trigger cravings and stopped eating minimum 2 - 3 hours before bed. I was drinking 2oz. liquid clay 3x a day (on an empty stomach). I still allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. The difference is I wasn’t wanting as much. I do believe the clay gives you the edge.

I was mixing the dry clay powder with 10oz. of water- 1oz clay to 10oz.H20. I was putting it in a plastic water bottle and shaking it really good. Actually, I read that Perry recommends 1oz. clay to 2oz. H20. When I get up I drink 2oz clay water and 8oz. H20 chaser. I was doing that in the afternoon before lunch and at night before bed. Try waiting at least 1-2 hours before eating anything. (Except at night, I don't eat before going to bed.) I haven't tried eating the clay pudding. But, I wouldn't object to it either. Weight loss is easy sometimes it is maintaining that is sooooo hard. But, I am 50++++++ and decided this year I was going to get on the stick and get in better health as well as lose weight. The 18lbs I lost initially is still off and this time I believe I have the secret for keeping it off.

Good luck on your clay journey as well.  Joann F.