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Stabilized Oxgen STAB-O2

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Oxygen molecules stabalized by chlorite molecules which are dervied from sodium chlorite at 32,000 ppm. This preparation is non-toxic when used as directed.

For best results, once opened, store in a cool dark place and shake well before each use. Consume within 90 days of opening.

Stabilized Oxygen drops are caustic (highly alkaline) DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO EYES OR SKIN. ALWAYS DILUTE IN WATER OR JUICE.

Serving size 10 drops in 8 oz purified water


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    We've Used This Product for 30 years

    Posted by LYNNE D SMITH on Jul 26th 2021

    Whether we are oxygenating our emergency 55-gallon water barrels or oxygenating our blood for high altitude living, we have depended on this marvelous product at 14,000Ft and below sea level. Works great; we wouldn't be without it.