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pH Balance Perspective: 

If you can shift your perspective of food and water from simply being fuel and hydration, and develop your understanding of "you are what you eat" meaning "maintenance and healing comes from what we ingest", you will begin to understand why we, as a world, have become too acidic. 

Our supplements are addressed in three primary roles, and in addition we have other support such as mini minerals and other high end alternative integrative health formulas. 

Foundational Health:

Support for the difference between what we eat and what our bodies require each day in terms of nutrition and hydration.

Health Concerns:

Support for health concerns or symptoms.

Cleanse & Detox:

Support for elimination of waste and toxicity.

Fortunately we can control our own environments, the key is to prioritize nutrition and hydration, know how to convert acid into acid busters, and simply make "Small Changes That Make The Biggest Differences" - that you like better, taste better, and are better for you. 

Our pH measurement is a health marker we have control over.

Testing your body fluid with pH test strips is a simple way to measure your internal fluids

pH Scale: (acid) 0  -  14 (alkaline)  

Optimal: Saliva 7.365 / Urine 6.8

pH balance or optimal health can be achieved when our blood and tissues are pH neutral, i.e., our bodies are nourished, hydrated and we are able to rid our bodies of waste and toxins.



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