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Nasopure - The Nicer Neti


Nasopure - The Nicer Neti


Product Description

Nasopure Nasal Wash - The Nicer Neti


For stuffy, sniffly, drippy, chronic noses, in need of healing sinuses

"I found Nasopure to be totally user friendly, simple to prepare and to keep on hand, plus I find it so much more effective than anything else we've tried!" Maraline 



 Hana R. Solomon, MD, a board certified pediatrician

Bernoulli's Law of Physics Principle & Sinus Issues

You will notice we strongly encourage new users to carefully read and follow the instructions on nasopure nasal washing. This is because we want you to have a satisfying experience. However, there is also a technique to using the Nasopure bottle, a technique backed by scientific principles. 

Some wash systems claim to wash out your sinuses, but the Nasopure system washes your nose, and in doing so, encourages your sinuses to drain naturally. This is called the “Nasopure Effect.” Successfully washing the nose — clearing the tiny cilia so they can move effectively again — and using a law of physics called Bernoulli’s Principle creates the best, the safest and the most complete daily wash possible. 

Have you ever noticed how a swiftly moving river draws slower streams into its flow? This is Bernoulli’s Principle in action. Bernoulli noticed that as fluid flows more quickly through narrow areas, the pressure within the fluid actually decreases. The faster the flow, the lower the pressure is within that flow. And other connecting areas of fluid are attracted to low-pressure areas. This is why we see small streams pulled into the swiftly moving flow of large rivers. 

Imagine your nose, with Nasopure flowing through, is the river you create each time you wash. Your sinuses are stagnant ponds with small outlets allowing them to drain into the nose. When the saline solution flows past these outlets it creates a low-pressure stream that draws out the contents of the sinus cavities; just like a swiftly moving river would drain a small pond. The best part of Nasopure is, YOU control the speed of flow. So, you control the pressure differential. When sinuses and ears are inflamed, you may want to squeeze gently on your Nasopure bottle so you don’t irritate tender tissues. Other times, you may want to create a rapidly moving stream of saline that is more aggressive in drawing out the sinuses’ contents, keeping them open and less likely to become infected. You have control. 

For Bernoulli’s Principle to work at cleaning out your nose and sinuses, you need to direct the flow of solution across the floor of the nasal cavity so it can flow past the sinus openings, creating the pressure differential that drains the sinus contents. If you shoot your solution up, instead of back, you may be aiming directly at the openings to the sinuses and the ears. This is like diverting your river directly into the pond’s outlet, a situation that not only blocks the outward flow, but also can cause transient discomfort as pressure is forced into tiny spaces. This is exactly why we have designed the Nasopure bottle to encourage flow in the most effective direction. 

We don’t expect everyone to know about Bernoulli and his principle, but we want you to benefit from the science that stands behind the unique design of the Nasopure bottle. So read the instructions, practice your technique, and visualize a swiftly moving river of pure saline flowing past the sinus ponds drawing out their contents and releasing them as the river flows along the floor of the nose. Finally, take a deep breath and enjoy the sensation of a clear nose and open sinuses. So good! 

Thank you Mr. Bernoulli.

Why Nasal Washing?

Saline nasal washings have been used for centuries to maintain clear nasal passages. The process can be referred to as rinsing, irrigation, douching or lavage, but we like to call it what it is: nasal washing. Nasopure is today's ideal nasal wash.

Allergists, family doctors, otolaryngologists, pediatricians and scientists have found this procedure safe and effective. Evidence shows when done correctly, nasal washing can remove irritants, particles and debris — keeping the passages clear while moisturizing and soothing irritated membranes.

We truly believe anyone can benefit from washing their nose every day.


The Nasopure Experience

ANYONE CAN DO NASOPURE - Effective, Simple, Results Driven  

Dr. Hana's Nasopure® System transforms the ancient technique of nasal irrigation into the most effective, convenient and inexpensive nasal washing system available today. It quickly and safely washes away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses AND MUCUS — the primary causes of nasal and sinus allergies, infection, and discomfort, leading to improved sinus health and prevention. Washing your nose has never been easier.


  nasopure nasopure nasopure nasopure


Neti Pot

Squeeze Bottle

Nasal Spray

Neck & head


Bend, flex and rotate

Bend and flex



Gentle pressure and gravity

Gravity controlled

Pressure controlled

Very limited


Full control from small squirts to flush

Dependant on head placement, elevation and position of Neti Pot



Nasopure Effect

Creates venturi effect — “draws” mucus and debris out




Child friendly

2 years old and above

Difficult for children




Extremely portable





#4 safe and durable plastic

Made of clay or opaque plastic


Single use

Shower friendly


Awkward, potential for breakage



Dishwasher safe



Straw — difficult to clean


Swish Stix™ 
salt packets


Pharmaceutical Grade, buffered 
3.75 gm. weight Swish Stix
(each makes 4 oz. of solution or 8 oz. of mild solution)

Must mix your own solution

39:1 ratio, approx 2 gm. weight

Isotonic with preservatives


Simple design full bottle can last up to 7 days; 10-15 weeks of daily use

Messy, outdated technology

Requires  full bottle for each use

Spray, mist

Benefits of nasal washing:

  • Daily practice improves both nasal and sinus health.
  • Clears out sticky, thick mucus and helps reduce nasal congestion by thinning secretions.
  • Allows the sinus cavities to drain freely so allergens, irritants, bacteria, viruses and contaminants can be eliminated.
  • Helps prevent upper respiratory infections like the common cold.
  • Reduces dependency on medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, nasal steroids, decongestants and asthma medications.
  • Relieves nasal dryness.
  • Improves sense of smell.
  • Improves sense of taste.
  • Helps to treat sinusitis and rhinitis.
  • Reduces allergic rhinitis.
  • Reduces coughing and other symptoms of post-nasal drip.
  • May reduce snoring.
  • May reduce nose bleeds.
  • Clears airways affected by nose woes associated with pregnancy and maturity.
  • Helps alleviate breathing difficulties caused by medical conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis and many others.
  • Cleanses the nasal tissues stressed by radiation therapy to the head and sinus area.
  • Deeper, more relaxed breathing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the benefits of daily nasal washing?
A:  Daily washing refreshes, cleans and moisturizes the nasal membranes. When using Nasopure hypertonic salt mixture, it also makes the nasal and sinus environment difficult for bacterial or viral growth.

Q: Who can benefit from nasal washing?
A:  Nasal washing can benefit anyone who has nasal woes. For example, those with allergies, nasal congestion, a sinus infection, post nasal drip, sore throat, asthma or nasal discharge. Anyone exposed to irritants, such as people who live in polluted cities, firefighters, lawn keepers, carpenters, smokers would benefit from nasal hygiene. Folks over 40 develop thicker secretions and washing can clear these secretions. Anyone who wishes to use fewer medications for allergies, asthma or recurrent sinus infections can benefit from nasal washing. Singers tell me how nasal washing improves their voice quality.

Q: How does Nasopure different from its competitors? 
A: The Nasopure bottle is unique. It is the only one to offer an ideal washing while maintaining the head and neck in the neutral position. The Nasopure bottle allows the user complete control of the water pressure and flow which results in the Nasopure Effect. Nasopure is user friendly, simple, convenient for travel and adjustable for individual needs. The solution is pharmaceutical grade, has no additives and is safe for all ages.

Q: What are the active ingredients in Nasopure? 
A:  Pharmaceutical-grade, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (all natural, buffered, isotonic or hypertoninc).

Q: How do those ingredients work? 
A: The salt concentration works by osmosis to shrink swollen membranes, wash out debris and thin thick sticky secretions. The salty flush of water actually draws the sinus contents out of the body. The bicarbonate acts to buffer the solution, therefore making it easier to tolerate and soothes irritated membranes.

Q: What is the difference between hypertonic solution and isotonic solution? 
A: Isotonic means the solution has the same salt concentration as your body. Hypertonic solution is saltier than the body. An example of hypertonic solution is the ocean water. Learn more.

Q: What are the benefits of hypertonic nasal washes?
A: Scientific studies support that hypertonic solution does the following:

Hypertonic solution thins thick secretions most effectively. 
Hypertonic solution improves the filtering mechanisms of the nose by 17%. 
Hypertonic solution washes out 80% of the irritants that cause allergies. 
Hypertonic solution shrinks swollen membranes. 
Regular use of hypertonic solution reduces the need for antihistamines and antibiotics. 
Hypertonic solution is similar to ocean water and is SAFE. 
Hypertonic solution can improve both sense of smell and bad breath. 
Hypertonic solution is an adverse environment for viral and bacterial organisms to flourish.

Q: What if the solution burns or stings? 
A: The salt concentration should vary depending on your comfort level, experience and tolerance. If burning or stinging sensation is uncomfortable, dilute the salt concentration in the solution and then advance the salt concentration as tolerated for best results. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that hypertonic buffered saline with warm water is the most effective. Of course, some washing is better than no washing.

Q: How much solution should be used for each washing? 
A: The amount of solution per washing depends upon the user’s tolerance and comfort level as well as the particular nasal condition. An entire bottle may be used for a single washing when excessive and thickened mucus is present or if preferred. Typically, a few squirts through each nostril will maintain a healthy environment.

Q: What are your overall goals with regard to Nasopure? 
A: Our ultimate goal is to educate the public regarding nasal health maintenance, share the fact that if one has nasal woes, sinus complaints, allergies, or the like, washing your nose makes sense. We offer an alternative to medications and wish to make nasal washing as easy and simple as brushing one’s teeth. The nose is the body's filter; it protects us from disease. If we keep it clean, it will work well for us.

Q: Do you envision Nasopure becoming a necessary household item? 
A: Yes, for those folks who wish to reduce the number of medications they use, save money on prescription and over the counter drugs, reduce allergy symptoms, reduce sinus and nasal congestion, clean and refresh the nasal membranes and prevent future nasal woes.

Recommendation for prevention: 
Wash once per day or after exposure to irritants.

Recommendation for mild to moderate congestion or discharge: 
Wash twice per day. Hypertonic is most effective, but isotonic can also be used.

Recommendation for moderate to severe congestion, discharge or infection: 
Wash up to four times per day. Hypertonic is recommended for the most dramatic results, but isotonic can also be used.

Other Nasopure Use Notes:

Always allow to solution to drain freely, after washing, before a gentle blowing of the nose 
Never forcefully blow the nose 
Never force anyone else to do it 
Never block the open nostril while flushing 
Always wash in the upright position 
Always wash prior to using a nasal steroid 
Temporary ear popping is not uncommon and is NOT harmful 
Feel free to contact Dr. Hana with questions regarding your nasal washing experiences 
As always, contact your physician if your symptoms worsen, or fail to improve; or if you have a significant medical condition.


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